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Floyd Mayweather took part in a conference call on Wednesday afternoon, to help hype his May 3 showdown with Argentine banger/brawler Marcos Maidana, at the MGM in Las Vegas, and on pay-per-view.

The 37-year-old hitter, the most well-paid athlete on the planet, said he watched Pacman fight Bradley, and he hadn't done that since Manny fought Miguel Cotto.

He said Bradley needs to make changes, because he's “lifting too many weights” and he fought his heart out, but looked amateurish, and got fatigued too quickly.

“Both fighters like amateurs,” he said. “I wasn't pleased with his performance at all,” he said of Pacman.

Floyd repeated that Manny is with Bob Arum and not with Mayweather Promotions, so, it's probably immaterial to talk of a Floyd-Manny fight.

Mayweather said he was thankful for being voted BWAA Fighter of the Year. 

He was asked if he gets deserved credit, because he makes great fighters look ordinary. He agreed. That comes from pushing very, very hard in training, he said.

Mayweather was asked about his hardest fight. He said Emanuel Burton was one of his toughest foes. He thinks he won the first Jose Luis Castillo fight, deep in his heart, and said he had to battle Larry Merchant that night, as well as Castillo.

Asked about a Pacquiao-Canelo fight, he said he doesn't think it will occur. He'd pick Canelo to beat Pacman.

He said he couldn't really say how he'd fight himself. I was born to be a fighter, he said, and refused to give a hint on what holes he might find against himself.

What about him versus Bernard Hopkins? He said everyone wants a piece of him. He watched the first two rounds of BHop's last fight, but wanted to watch Peter Quillin more. He said he thought Hopkins was losing the first couple rounds, and then picked it up. He's a legend, Floyd said, but didn't really weigh in on a Floyd-Hopkins fight.

I asked if Floyd agrees with those thinking that Maidana could well be the hardest hitter he's been in with. “I can't really say, I haven't been hit by him yet,” he said. “I may be the hardest hitter he's ever fought, we just have to see.”

I recall him getting buzzed by Shane Mosley, but not really anyone else. I asked Floyd who had buzzed him. “I'm not really sure…but any true champion gotta shake it off, keep going.”

He never thinks about losing before about, but he thinks about winning in life.

I see a Hail Mary home run shot being Maidana's only shot, but Floyd told me he respects MM's boxing ability and noted he outboxed Adrien Broner. Floyd said he respects Maidanas' whole game and doesn't expect it to be an easy fight. “People are thinking he's going to be a pushover, I don't think so,” he said.

He said he's been the chessmaster in some fights, but this foe is really rugged, so he will have to deal with it differently.

Floyd referenced the story which had Freddie Roach accusing Alex Ariza of giving Manny a mystery drink, and said that he's noted Pacman's power has slipped. He made the same insinuation, and said Floyd's power has dipped of late, though he said he thinks Ariza is an OK guy.

He started out by thanking much of the planet, and saying that Maidana will bring his best on May 3.

He couldn't touch on one fight that cemented his legacy, and said both legacy, and making smart business moves are important to him.

He was asked if Devon Alexander laid down a blueprint to beat Maidana. MM maybe wasn't used to fighting southpaws, and that was on Devon's turf. He's probably more confident now, too, Floyd said.

He said he will take his time, and take whatever opening is there. Will he stay in the pocket? He said he will be the bigger guy, though he walks around at no more than 150 pounds, because he's used to this weight. So yes, he can see himself spending time in the pocket.

Floyd was asked about being able to anticipate seeing shots. He explained that he can feel a shot coming, before it gets launched. He can sense what's coming just from positioning.

Floyd, now calling himself TBE, the best ever, said that MM usually comes straight ahead, and he also noted that he seems stronger with Ariza in the corner. He punches hard, and that's likely his best attribute.

He was joined on the call by his right hand man Leonard Ellerbe, publicist Kelly Swanson and Showtime boxing boss Stephen Espinoza.

Ellerbe said that the card from top to bottom is “stacked,” and it's all for the fans.

Floyd was asked about what Ellerbe brings to the table. He said Ellerbe used to spend his own money to fly to bouts, and he did security work for Mayweather, and then he kept stepping up, and is now a vital cog, and is a “multi millionaire.” He said he will “always love Leonard Ellerbe.”

Espinoza said that this undercard is the most expensive in PPV history, and all credit goes to Floyd and Leonard.

Floyd hopped off the call, eschewing a wrapup, saying he had to jet to the gym.


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