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Pacquao-vs-Bradley2 4ddf6

“Polished and mature” is the best way to put it, to describe how Manny Pacquiao downed Timothy Bradley in Las Vegas on April 12.

Manny's revenge was the consummate dish best served cold, as after almost two years, the Congressman showed one and all that he has a skill edge on Bradley, and yep, that was the case when they tangled in 2012, and once again in 2014.

Check out some highlights from Pacman breaking down Shane Mosley, and then eating canvas against Juan Manuel Marquez. Then, note how Bradley's tactics contributed to his demise. He flung right hands, time and again, which were errant bombs.

OK, enough text…get into this video analysis, and enjoy some slo-mo dissection, so you can better appreciate all that Manny brings to the table.



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