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Pacquiao-Beats-Bradley1 9581d

No doubt about this one, as Manny Pacquiao, yes, still in possession of his aggression, showed Timothy Bradley that he's still master of the ring domain, still has stamina and energy and fire and reflexes..and way too much for Bradley, who had some moments, but generally looked not like the man who dazzled Juan Manuel Marquez last year.

We held our breathe until we heard 116-112, 116-112, 118-110, for Pacman. “The new WBO welterweight champion of the world,” said Michael Buffer of the Congressman.

Manny went 198-563 to 141-627 for the Bradley, according to CompuBox.

Congressman Pacquiao (55-5-2; age 35; from Philippines) was 145 at the weigh in, 151 on fightnight, while Bradley (31-0; age 30; living in Cali) was 145.5 and 152 tonight. Manny came to the ring first, of course looking serene. He grinned, waved to fans, looked fully in his element. Bradley, in camo robe, walked to the ring looking less serene than Pacman. He looked down, not inclined to take in the aura.

I had Manny winning, 8-4.

In the first, Bradley's right landed a few times and his movement confounded Manny. He was master of distance.

In the second, the action accelerated, like it was the fifth. They rumbled in the middle of the round and Manny's left found a home a couple times. Bradley got buckled a tiny bit.

In the third, Bradley followed Manny, tried to make the older man work too hard. Pacman's accuracy and movement were on message, though. Bradley loaded up on shots and wanted to aim to the body to sap the Congressman.

In the fourth, Bradley's power spoke. A right hurt Manny a bit, and the Cali boxer was in a groove in this round. Joel Diaz told Bradley he buckled him twice. “Catch him on the way in,” he told Bradley. Replay showed Manny was knocked off both feet with the right.

In the fifth, Bradley looked to lure Pacman coming in, but his ring generalship, and his two hard rights took the round. In the sixth, Manny was busier. Volume gave him the round.

In the sixth, Manny teed off on Bradley, who was waving him on, getting macho, and stupid. A flurry on the ropes at the 40 second mark had the crowd buzzing

.In the seventh, Manny had Bradley backing up. Was Bradley trying to lure Manny into making a mistake? I didn't like these tactics.

In the eighth, Manny had his most controlling round. Bradley's balance was off, and he stumbled twice. In the ninth, Bradley looked clumsy, and Pacman's combos were spot on. Tim was fighting like he had too many tequilas. “The fight is real close right now,” Diaz told Bradley.

In the tenth, Manny kept pressing, Bradley looked to land wild bombs. For much of the round, Bradley was busier. Freddie Roach told Manny not to follow Bradley, after the round. In the 12th, the Manny left was sharp. Yep, the aggression was still there, wasn't it? Manny's defense, underrated, help up. A butt cut Manny, with 12 seconds left. We went to the cards..


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