Judges Like Vargas Over Allahkverdiev

In the light welter tussle, Khabib Allahkverdiev (19-0 with 9 KOs; from Dagestan), took on Jessie Vargas (23-0 with 9 KOs; living in Vegas). It was a tight scrap, and the judges had the last word, which, as we all know by know, is often not a good thing: they saw it 115-113, 115-113, 117-111, for Vargas.

I don’t agree, I saw Allah, the more aggressive boxer, as the victor by a couple points.

Allah went 243-698, to 226-682 for the winner.

The crowd didn’t seem enthused.

Both men worked the jab early. Vargas feinted too much, and ate leads. He got backed up into the ropes, but did some nice work off of there in the fifth, after Allah accumulated 26 power punches landed. Vargas’ volume dropped off from the early to the middle rounds. A mouse under his left eye was a target for Allah.

Through six, Allah was up 99 to 97 in punches landed. Harold Lederman had it 4-2 for Vargas, even though he was circling to his right, into the power handed of the Russian. Allah’s left wasn’t active enough, but we saw it more in the eighth. The left uppercut by Vargas answered that. The ref halted the bout to have the doc check a cut on Allah’s eye, and it was signed off on, after the ref said it was from a butt. Allah landed about ten more power shots in the round and you had to figure the judges would like that.

Vargas didn’t target a right eye slice like he could have, you could’ve argued in round nine. The doc again looked at the Allah cut at 1:14 of the round. Both of his brows were puffy, and he needed to make the finish line before his face fell apart. Lederman had it 5-4 Vargas to this point.

Allah was the presser in the tenth, and was doing some of his best sitting down on his shots. In the 11th, Allah’s volume sent the judges the message he wanted to win more, this while his face looked like a Hollywood horror flick makeup guy worked on it while he was passed out while partying. Allah had Vargas backing up, once again being the more aggressive hitter, in the 12th. Allah won 115-113, on the Lederman card, for the record.




-amayseng :

I dont see it. i do not see anything special in Vargas. He is boring, fights down to his competition, or maybe it is up as I see him as mediocre in every way.

-Skibbz :

I had this one 7-5 for Khabib. Vargas was okay in spots, he was good early on but man did Allakh come on strong toward the end, was a very nice fight to watch. But seriously.. 18 months on that plastic step-up belt and he was still defending it. You use that belt as a step up for bigger fights and real titles, you don't defend it like it's the real thing. Now he's going to be thrown a hard scrap and have to work his way up again. I think Vargas has got himself a big fight after that showing. He most certainly earned many new fans, but does Vargas have enough to compete effectively at the top? I think it remains to be seen personally, anyone have good knowledge on the kid?