Roach Looks To Mess With Bradley's Head Before April 12 Tangle

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Freddie Roach collects Trainer of the Year honors at a stunning pace, and you know what? The man is no slouch in the trash talking department, either. His ace client Manny Pacquiao shall we say this…challenged in the trash-talking department…so Dedham Freddie often steps into the breach, and stirs the pot, and gives a boost to the activity at the ticket-selling window, with his wordplay, which sometimes has a bit of a “Masshole” edge to it. (We are fans of such banter, in case you can't tell.)

Roach, we hear, had a box full of dozens of socks delivered to Timothy Bradley at his LA media workout on Thursday.

He attached a note, but Bradley's team wouldn't show the note to the press.

We came in possession of the letter. Here it is:

Mr. Timothy Bradley, Jr.                                  April 3, 2014
WBO Welterweight Champion
c/o Fortune Gym
7574B Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90046

Dear Tim:

Welcome to Los Angeles and Fortune Gym. I hope you have a very enjoyable Media Workout. I have been reading your recent interviews with great interest, especially your explanation on how your feet were injured during your first fight with Manny Pacquiao. Is it really your feetal position that these injuries occurred because you did not wear socks? Though many members of the media think this excuse sounds like a hose job, I for one do believe you. To me, you are boxing’s No. 1 sox symbol. Please think of me not as your arch nemesis but as your sole supporter. I hope the enclosed gift helps with the heeling process.


Freddie Roach


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-Carmine Cas :

Bradley should start his own undergarment line

-Radam G :

YUP! And he can call the line: "The Stank-Bytch Thongs." Wow! Poor Tim! Since he doesn't wash his smelly arse for seven day before the fight, I wonder if he just changes his clothes daily and soil them up by putting them on his filthy arse. Dude oughta' QUIT! Just as he has come out with excuses for his supersize barking doggs going bad in Bout I; in Bout II, he will claim that fungus on his filthy body, mug and dome caused him an infections and boils a couple days before the dance, and he kept it a secret, and he couldn't get down. OMFG! Dude is a clown. A pathetic, delusional bozo. After Da Manny whup his arse, Big Foot may just be so heartbroken that he becomes a hobo. Hehehehe! Holla!