Pacquiao Kills on Kimmel

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Death, taxes, and Pacman on Kimmel. All are givens.

The Congressman made his usual pilgramage to the funnyman's show on ABC, and he and the quipster hit it off well, as usual.

Kimmel cracked up his fans with a skit featuring Manny as March Madness office pool debt collector. He punched his hand through a wall, glared angrily, and tossed a welsher around the office in his role as the collection agent.

“If your friends owe you money, I will punch them on the face,” the hitter intoned, gravely, in a mockumercial advertising his services as a collection agent.

Jim-Kim's sitdown with Manny, which came after the comedian chatted with ex Prez William Jefferson Clinton, featured talk about the April 12 rematch with Tim Bradley. Manny, as always, cracked up when Kimmel cracked wise. The fighter said he isn't looking ahead to possibly being leader of his Phillipines. He mentioned that his wife is also involved in politics, and, Kimmel wondered,  would she run the nation?

“That's a long way to go,” he said.

And their fifth child will be forthcoming; does he have a named picked out?

“Israel,” he said, promising that “Jimmy” will be the name for kid eight. Jinkee is due the last week of April, so in theory, she could drop on fightnight…but the show would go on, Manny said.

As for the first fight, Manny says he thinks Bradley knows he lost the first tangle. As for this one, Manny said he isn't gunning for the kayo, that he wants to be more aggressive, busier, than last time. “I want to prove my killer instinct is always there,” he told Jim-Kim.

The talker mentioned lots of Bradley's incendiary trash talk. That doesn't hurt his feelings, Manny said, but it fires him up. “The last time I became too nice to him in the ring,” he said. This time, more nasty, less nice, he said.

Our fly on the wall source said that Team Pacman got to the show at around 4:45 PM, and the ex President's chief of staff, a huge Manny fan, met the fighter, and took some pics. The producers showed him a cut of the collection agent commercial, which was shot on Tuesday, after training. At about 5:30, Manny was invited to Mr. Clinton's green room, and they shot the bull for a spell.

Manny invited Mr. Clinton to the rematch, and the former leader of the free world said he'd check his sched, as he'd love to attend. Mr. Clinton lauded Manny during his hit with Jim-Kim, and said he'd be a great leader of the Filipino people. Manny's grin was mile-wide at those bon mots, we hear.


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