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kovalev 07c09

Sergey Kovalev possesses some filthy-powerful hands, and proved that to the willing and not untalented Cedric Agnew in the main event at the ballroom at Boardwalk Hall in AC on Saturday night. The end came at 58 seconds elapsed in round seven. He retained the WBO light heavy crown after scoring a knockdown in round seven, which took the breathe and willingness to continue out of Agnew, who did better than mmost folks suspected he would.

Kovalev had to work hard, and was cut on both eyes, on this night. Agnew showed that he was an experienced soul, and though he wasn't all that busy, his swift counters had Kovalev respecting him. But that power…Kovalev had him down in the second, sixth and then for good in the seventh, and he was no match for that sort of firepower. Postfight, Kovalev said he “found the key to the body.” He saw that opening, to the body with his left, early on, and stored that knowledge away. Max Kellerman asked him about Adonis Stevenson, of whom he said, “I don't want to speak about Adonis Stevenson, Adonis Stevenson a piece of shit…Oh, sorry for my English,” he said, breaking into a huge grin. He said he's ready for anyone and wants another crown.

Kovalev went 107-402 to 31-109 for the loser.

Kovalev (23-0 with 21 KOs entering; age 30; born in Russia, lives in Florida) was, while Agnew (age 27; 26-0 with 13 Kos entering; born in Chicago, trains in Houston) made the light heavy weight limit on his second try. K was 183, Agnew 187 at the fightnight weigh in.

In the first, the lefty Agnew kept a high guard, with a peekaboo look. He backed up, as Kova looked to land his bombs. Agnew wanted to land a counter right, but he did land a low blow, and Kovalev went to the canvas briefly. He took a quick break.

In the second, Kovalev looked like he respected the possibility of a swift counter. Then he opened up, three, four at a time, and Agnew tried to stand tall. A left hook sent Agnew down, at the end of the round. It was the first one of his career.

In the third, Agnew came out winging. Then he was eating. Left hooks to the body, well placed rights were tagging Agnew. Agnew went down, but it wasn't a knockdown, at 25 seconds to go.

In the fourth, Kovalev had to be cautious, with Agnew's hand speed countering. He was cut, on his right eye, from a butt. Trainer John David Jackson told Kovalev to be patient in finding his shots.

In the fifth, Agnew was still standing tall. He wasn't backing down, sliding back, giving off a whiff of fear. He did get warned, for the third time, for going low.

In the sixth,a left hook scored Kovalev a knockdown. His knee touched the canvas, the ref might have thought, but he took an eight count, after crouching. He stood tall, hung in, and was looking to counter later in the round.

In the seventh, Agnew went down, and stayed on a knee. Fight over. The finishing blow was a left jab/hook to the body, after feinting and freezing with a right.


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