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Thomas Dulorme has an above average jab, and he could use it excessively and win rounds more easily than he did against Karim Mayfield tin the first TV fight on HBO's Boxing After Dark presentation, from the small room at Boardwalk Hall in AC. But Dulorme, who has backers who really hope his stature grows in the boxing crazed native landed of Puerto Rico, landed enough of those jabs, and enough sharp lefts to get the nod. The judges saw 98-92, 97-94, 96-93, for Dulorme, who showed enough skills and promise that his contender card won't be revoked.

Mayfield's? Well, he didn't drape himself in glory with his showing. His trainer asked for more after nearly every round, and generally, he didn't show himself to be able to solve a style difference.

Main Events, headed by Kathy Duva, promoted the fight and the card.

The fighters got feisty at the weigh-in, when Mayfield (33; 18-0-1; from San Fran) put his mouth near the 24-year-old Dulorme's chest, and shoving ensured. Mayfield is trained by Virgil Hunter and sparred with Amir Khan ahead of this scrap. His manager was snagged a few days ago and charged with conspiracy to commit murder, so we'd have to see if that weighed on his mind.

Dulorme (from Puerto Rico) is working with Robert Garcia, the trainer for Marcos Maidana and Brandon Rios and Mikey Garcia. he was TKO'd by Luis Carlos Abregu, and came in with a small cloud hanging over his head still.

In the first round of the junior welter tangle, Dulorme landed a hard left hook. He landed another off a jab, and that one stung too. In the second, Mayfield again waited too much. He looked like he didn't know how to get inside the man with the longer reach.

In the third, Mayfield got busier. His right hand was finding a home, and Dulorme held, hard, a couple times.

In the fourth, Dulorme's jab helped him dictate the tone. Mayfield was making it an uglier fight. Hunter chided him after the round, told him to stop smothering himself. In the fifth, D landed another left hook, and another. He landed it as a lead and Mayfield showed a good chin, with those eight ounce gloves.

In round six, Mayfield got still closer, though he'd square up, and indeed, smother himself, too often. “Take it to another level,” Hunter said post-round.

In the seventh, the Mayfield right was working. Dulorme didn't look comfy working inside, where Mayfield liked to do his thing. Blood trickled from a slice on Dulorme'sscalp midway through the round. Ref Steve Smoger said it was from a butt.

In the eighth, Dulorme's above average jab was working. So did a low blow…and then another. Mayfield got a little break. A point wasn't taken, for the record. Hunter told Mayfield he needed to win the last two.

In the ninth, Dulorme was able to dictate distance and won the round. Garcia told him not to jump in with punches, and basically told him he was winning, and not to be stupid. Hunter said he was OK with Mayfield getting dropped if he was in heated pursuit of the win.

In the tenth, Mayfield landed a hard shot at the end, and Dulorme held to finish. We went to the cards.


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