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MayweatherMaidanaLVPrePC Hogan7 72efcFreddie Roach has a full plate to deal with in the coming months, with his biggie clients Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto gloving up in April and June, respectively. But the Hall of Fame trainer told me he will try to sneak in a look at the next fight booked for Floyd Mayweather, the sort-of rival to Pacman who tackles Marcos Maidana May 3, in Las Vegas.

I asked Freddie if he thinks the 30-year-old Argentine banger, coming off a career-best win over Mayweather Lite aka Adrien Broner (now 27-1), has a chance to get the better of “Money.”

“Maidana is a great puncher, he has a punchers' chance, but he's going up against a superb boxer, who's going to be very careful, jab a lot…this fight very definitely might put us to sleep, be a little bit boring,” he said.

Freddie guesstimates Maidana (35-3 with 31 KOs) has about a 3% chance of winning against the 45-0 master craftsman. “He's the smaller guy, a good puncher at lower weights. I don't think he's in the same league as Floyd,” he said.

There you have it, friends. Weigh in, in our Forum and share YOUR guesstimate at what sort of chance Maidana has to upset the “Money” train. 3%? 5%? More? You think he's more of a live dog than Canelo was? Talk to us!

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