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MayweatherMaidanaLVPrePC Hogan1 f2b82Keith Sullivan is a lawyer, but he's also one of the most standup guys I know. The Queens-based barrister is a boxing guy, who donates ample time to the Boxing Writers Association, and Ring 8, the NY-based veteran's boxers association, and the Theodore Atlas Foundation, and also can be seen quite often on the Fox News Channel.

I checked in with Sullivan and asked his take on the Floyd Mayweather “jewelry assault story,” which broke on TMZ, the gossip website, on early Wednesday morning.

The sourcing, the specifics, or lack thereof, are rail thin, in my view. Still, one has to consider matter, as it pertains to the topmost driving influencer in the sport, and the most richly compensated athlete in any sport.

So, Attorney Sullivan, give your assessment of the story, such as it, and weigh in with your take on some of the reading between the line elements.

“If this is true, it reminds us of the incident that put OJ Simpson away,” said Sullivan, referencing the 2007 arrest of the notorious ex footballer Simpson for armed robbery and kidnapping, for which he was found guilty, in 2008, and sentenced to 33 years in the pokey, with a 9 year minimum.

“As a defense lawyer, though, I have my doubts,” continued the counselor, who also serves on the New York State Athletic Commission. “They hired lawyers to pursue civil claims and pitched it to the media before an arrest has even been made. That alone makes me wonder what the real motive here is. They can't seem to prove that they filed a police report or that any law enforcement agency is actually investigating this.”

Indeed. One would think if such a violent act occurred, Mayweather wouldn't be a free man as you read this, right?

“The truth will come out in the end, but if Floyd in fact did this, he sealed his fate in history as one of the greatest boxers and the dumbest human being alive. I hope for all involved this did not occur. It would have tragic consequences for Floyd and this is not how someone in a civilized society handles people they suspect stole from them, especially people who may very well be completely innocent.”

So there you go. This lawyer is looking at the “story” with the same skeptical set of eyes I am.

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