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Canelo-Alvarez-and-Alfredo-Angulo e4a31In the final presser ahead of the Saturday clash between Canelo Alvarez and Alfredo Angulo, at the Hollywood Theater at the MGM, we heard…

Angulo's trainer Virgil Hunter spoke. He said that he senses it will be a “remarkable night.” He anticipates a “savage” war between canelo and Fredo. “I'm kind of asking the officials just let him go,” he said. if they get knocked down, just let them get back up and go.

Angulo's advisor Mike Miller thanked Golden Boy for backing his guy. Canelo-Angulo is a recipe for a trilogy, he said. “Canelo had the courage to step up and face another Mexican…thank you for not ducking us,” he said.

Richard Schaefer took to the mic first, and said the Saturday card is one of the best Golden Boy has put on. He listed the bouts, and thanked his sponsors for their fierceness in activations. He said the scraps are almost sold out, and you can also watch the fights in select movie theaters.

Schaefer said he will miss Nevada Commission helmer Keith Kizer, who he said did a good job. He also brought up Showtime boss Stephen Espinoza, who said Schaefer is the best promoter in the biz. He said Showtime is offering more and better features than their competitor, and that making competitive fights is the biggest key to Sho's success.

Schaefer talked up the Ricardo Alvarez-SergioThompson bout, as well as the Nihito Arakawa-Jorge Linares bout.

Schaefer spoke about the Carlos Molina situation. He might fight Jermall Charlo, but might not, as he was detained, released, and then detained again. He had an warrant out for his arrest and then was taken in for an immigration issue, Schaefer said. Charlo would like to snag that IBF 154 pound crown. He said he's been on weight for a month, and is hoping that scrap occurs.

Schaefer said the Leo Santa Cruz-Christian Mijares bout should be a fan fave. Mijares is 14-1 in his last 15 bout. The boxer said his scrap would be “a war.” Santa Cruz thanked Al Haymon profusely. “They should give him an award for manager of all-time, or manager of the year,” he said. He neglected to talk about his fight and was reminded to do so. He said he will try to have the fight of the night. Then, Schaefer lauded Haymon, and joked that LSC should give Haymon his BWAA Manager of the Year Award at the upcoming BWAA dinner. I doubt Haymon will attend, though, as he shies away from appearances.Promoter Schaefer spoke to presser host Brian Custer, and said that that the whole card is strong, which is the way Golden Boy likes to do it. He said if you go to a restaurant, and the appetizer stinks, you likely won't go back. This was a slap at Top Rank…The promoter referenced the Carlos Molina 22-5-2 situation. The fighter was detained on warrants, jailed, bailed out, and then re-detained, on an immigration issue. He may or may not fight Jermall Charlo on the PPV, Schaefer said. Promoter Leon Margules told Schaefer that the IBF junior middle champ Molina was a go, the Golden Boy chief said.

Showtime boxing boss Espinoza spoke to Custer. He said he likes loaded PPvs, because it helps grow the sport, longterm. Espinoza said that Golden Boy knows the network won't abandon a fighter if he loses, and that makes for better matchmaking. He said he likes to build up cards with themes, usually around power, and that helps sell the event.


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