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mayweathe 8565e 3f578This one would be, or maybe would have been a doozy, fight fans.

A source told me that Showtime was planning to put together a dual city show in Las Vegas and New York for Floyd Mayweather’s next fight on May 3rd. The original plan was to have four championship fights sold on pay per view in two cities, with two PPV fights in New York and two in Las Vegas.

Mayweather was to headline Las Vegas in a fight against Amir Khan and a Marcos Maidana vs. Adrien Broner rematch was supposed to be the main attraction on the card in New York.

Golden Boy Promotions has done many events at Barclays in Brooklyn in the last two years, and Barclays has been pitching Team Mayweather heavily on fighting in Brooklyn, so it could be a safe bet that Broner-Maidana would be in BK. Or would have been…

The source, who incidentally is someone with knowledge of planning for the May 3 date, but is not a member of the Khan camp,  tells me the two-city event fell through. Apparently the two-site extravaganza came apart at the end of January.

Now, signs point to Mayweather fighting Maidana in Las Vegas on May 3. Maidana is with Al Haymon, who also works with Floyd Mayweather. And Maidana’s manager Sebastian Contursi told Ring Magazine that he met with Al Haymon yesterday.

Contursi told Ring, “We are scheduled to talk to Al Haymon this afternoon, in a few hours, and then, we'll see how things are going. We'll have to talk.”

From my understanding, there are no planned meetings between the respective camps of Mayweather and Khan.

We reached out to Showtime for comment on Tuesday early evening. A spokesman responded, “We have no comment on an event that is still being put together. We are looking forward to Floyd Mayweathers' decision.” We also reached out to Golden Boy's day to day chief Richard Schaefer, and informed a Golden Boy rep that we had information about a two-site plan for May 3, and that it fell through. The rep informed Schaefer, who chose not to comment on our information.

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