Sweet Violence: The Genius of Sugar Ray Robinson

Dear Readers and Viewers of TSS and the Boxing Channel:

Over the last few months, degenerate boxing addict–in a good way!–Lee Wylie has been learning and working toward mastering The Wylie Method of dissecting fight video, in order to best convey what the sports’ most skilled ring generals are doing technically in the ring to bring them to the finishing line with the W.

Wylie, moving forward, will be gracing us with these videos, crafted with his now trademark obsessiveness–in a good way!–and expertise.

Please enjoy this effort, which helps convey what a majestic ring technician the original Sugar Ray was.

—Editor Mike


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-Radam G :

OMG! TSS Scribe L-Wy has the "Eyes of The Eagle." He is seeing, not just looking. With straight-up legit KNOWLEDGE, every reader with a brain and without biases, he be hooking. And that says it ALL. For more of this grandmaster pugilist masterpieces I CALL! Dude is no doubt like the game -- "The theatre of the unexpected." Nobody expected that above grand masterpiece. And if you say you did, you're lying. Again, GREAT, GREAT forensic super work, Pugilistic Grandmaster Forensic Scribe L-Wy. You DA MAN! You got my SALUTE! Holla!


Brilliant analysis Lee Wylie,very enjoyable.

-Radam G :

Matter of fact, a Thousand and One hand SALUTES to you and a thousand-gun salutes. D@mn! You SHOOK UP da Universe! WOW! I'm so impressed with that grand masterpiece of yours. And I cannot watch and say it enough. Holla!

-teaser :

beautiful analysis ...gleaning out the sweetest of Sugar

-leon30001 :

What a magnificent left hook! I thought of Jones-Griffin 2 when I saw that, albeit this one had more economy of effort (but was equally devastating). Greata video by the way!

-DaveB :

Totally awesome. Sugar and the Sweet Science. It doesn't get better than that.

-JaketheSnake :

Mr. Wylie is BACK! I've missed these breakdowns. They made the site one of the best out there and elevated it from the usual Floyd vs. Pac debate sites. That left hook against Fullmer was sure thrown with a lot of finesse. It's not a power hook at all.

-Carmine Cas :

Excellent work Lee Wylie, great breakdown of one of the greatest!

-brownsugar :

Impressive analysis of one of my favorite all time fighters.