California Commission Suspends and Fines Trainer for Illegal Boxing Gloves

LOS ANGELES-A Southern California boxing trainer with ties to several prospects was further suspended and fined by the California State Athletic Commission for using illegal boxing gloves on Monday.

Rodrigo Mosquera, who trains Gary Russell Jr. and Francisco Vargas among several others, was suspended until September and fined $2,500 by CSAC. Professional boxer Ricardo Rodriguez, who wore the illegal gloves, was not fined but was ruled active to fight again. The hearing took place at the Ronald Reagan State Building.

The case of the tampered gloves began on a September 20 boxing card held by All Star Boxing in Montebello. Mexico’s Rodriguez was making his first appearance in the U.S. While entering the boxing ring the boxing gloves were inspected by referee Lou Moret, who immediately sent the boxer out of the ring. The Reyes boxing gloves were confiscated and looked to be unusual with signs of tampering. Though the knuckle portion was largely intact, the portion where the fingers are placed was void of cushion. It was as if there was an attempt at skinning the gloves.

After several months of discussion, the CSAC suspended both Mosquera and Rodriguez retroactive to September 20. But a CSAC letter sent to Mosquera’s residence to inform him of the suspension was not received and he appeared at a recent boxing card at Fantasy Springs Casino with one of his fighters. He was told that he was suspended.

During the meeting on Monday, Mosquera was represented by an attorney who argued that CSAC never proved that any tampering was committed by his charge and that the fighter Rodriguez had no knowledge that his Reyes boxing gloves were illegal.

Mosquera and his wife told the Commission that the gloves were bought new and still in the package when presented to the inspector assigned to Rodriguez during the wrapping procedure in the dressing room. The assigned inspector could not recall if he had actually seen the Reyes gloves taken out of the packaging. When the gloves were put on Rodriguez the inspector also failed to notice the lack of padding in the gloves.

The actual discovery of the illegal boxing glove took place when the boxer Rodriguez entered the boxing ring and was examined by referee Moret.

“I’m just thankful Lou Moret caught it,” said Commissioner John Frierson. “We had this problem three-four years ago and I was very disappointed we didn’t find it.”

Frierson was talking about the Antonio Margarito case when illegal hand wrapping was discovered by Shane Mosley’s trainer Nazeem Richardson in 2009 before their fight at the Staples Center.

On Monday, several of the Commission members wanted to impose a stiffer fine on Mosquera but the rules do not call for more than a $2500 fine. Two Commissioners opposed the ruling but only to impose a stiffer penalty.

The black Reyes gloves were inspected carefully by the Commission.

“I’m not sure where the advantage is with these gloves but certainly there was negligence,” said Andy Foster the CSAC Executive Officer.


The recent deaths of two Mexican prizefighters in the past six months is a good enough reason for thorough inspection of all boxing gloves used by prizefighters. Though tampering was never proved, the evidence did show that the Reyes gloves were not proper and should have been tossed out.



-BFF :

does the CSAC even take this offense seriously? $2500 fine, WTF. this dude should be banned from the whole sweet science. Tampered gloves IMO should have a more severe penalty than a tiny fine.

-amayseng :

That is an embarrassing punishment, using tampered gloves could be life threatening.