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amir-khan Slide 06f62So I had my “It's Khan” story pre-written, ready to post ASAP if Floyd Mayweather Tweeted out his next, his foe for the May 3 bout for the boxer just named the 2013 Boxing Writers Association Fighter of the Year, during the Super Bowl halfime. But Floyd, as is his way, threw a curveball, and instead Tweeted out a choice. The Michigan-born boxer, who makes Vegas his home and boasts a 45-0 record, and the standing of the most well paid athlete in all of sports, Tweeted his Instagram post, “I'm going to let the fans vote. Who should I fight next. Khan or Maidana?” after the cruddy blowout football contest ended.

Now, you'll notice that the post didn't contain much specificity there. He said he's going to “let the fans vote.” He didn't say he's going to let the fans CHOOSE. So if you answer his Instagram post, it looks to me like you're simply engaging in some market research.

Looks to me, furthermore, that many people are going with Option C, ie Manny Pacquiao, so I'm not certain that this isn't a mini-blowback scenario for “Money.”

But anyways, relevancy is his stated aim, and that was pretty well achieved, with his poll, and the shooting down of the $10 million dollar bet on the Broncos, which the boxer refuted, while professing complete bewilderment how such a rumor ever got started. How indeed, Mr Mayweather, lol…

Fans and readers, would you rather Floyd glove up against Khan, whose handspeed is top tier but whose chin is third tier, and could lead to something of a rarity for the stellar pugilist with average power, Mayweather…a stoppage win?

Or would you rather see a man with more primitive basic skills, but a caveman quality which insures he will, I think, look to press Mayweather in a more fevered manner than many previous foes have, Maidana? He has a nice level of buzz clinging to him, after downing the ersatz Floyd, Adrian Broner, on Dec. 14, so there will be a paying public willing to convince themselves that his brand of pressure could allow him to do better than Canelo or Guerrero did. Not me…I see neither of those boxers being of the caliber to bother Floyd at all, though I say that with complete respect.

I don't see anyone other than a Andre Ward at 160, or maybe a skilled Cuban cutie like an Erislandy Lara, who is at least in the same hemisphere as Floyd in regards to ring generalship, as having the chops to so much as win three rounds of 12 against the superior technician of his age.

I don't know, could an ascendent Keith Thurman catch lightning in a bottle and bother Floyd?

Tim Bradley has truly come into his own, that's a compelling bout, if the political winds ever shift enough to make it possible.

Some folks think the patient predator Gennady Golovkin has the goods to test and beat Floyd, do you?

Leave your suggestions for Floyd, in our Forum, friends.


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