Chavez Jr. Promises No Scale Fails, Vows To Beat Vera in Rematch

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Bryan Vera faced off once again, today in Texas, for a presser to hype their March 1 rematch at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

Many folks thought Junior lost on Sept. 28 the first tangle with Vera, a clubfighter-type who used constant pressure and a solid reservoir of stamina to do good work against an undermotivated and overweight Junior. But the judges in Cali, sadly weighed in, and gave Junior the UD10.

Oftentime, in such a situation, the “name” guy will move on, take the tainted W and loom ahead, but to his credit, and to the credit of the dealmakers, Chavez decided to give thumbs up to a clarifying scrap.

Top Rank will promote the bout and card, and HBO will televise. The first tangle was the top rated TV fight in the year 2013, so, actually, booking a re-do is something of a no brainer.

Junior took the mic, after Moretti said he didn’t think weight will be an issue this time around, as it was back in September, when the agreed-upon max (173 pounds) wasn’t hashed out until two days before fightnight.

In Spanish, Junior thanked all for coming. He said he is happy to have a rematch, acknowledged controversy in the first one, and said a rematch will remove doubts. “Thank you Texas, it’s my home too,” he said, to close, in English.

Tix for the 11-fight card, Moretti said, go from $200-25, and are on sale starting tomorrow (Friday).

Vera, while at the mic, said that he stayed in shape between the first bout and this one, and that his galpal being a runner helps in that department. Keeping it brief, he said, “Expect to see my hand get raised.”

Top Rank’s Carl Moretti presided, and introed George Foreman, who’ll help promote the event, with his sons. The ex champ said that this one will likely be fight of the year. He called Junior and Vera the two best in the middleweight division, and said he’d sign autographs and eat burgers and ice cream.

George Foreman Jr. also spoke, and said the undercard will rock, as well. “It’s going to be a great event,” he said.

Moretti, who said he turned Juan Diaz pro at age 17, presented Diaz to the mic. He sells Baby Bull coffee, but still gloves up; he will be fighting March 1, and he said he will give non-stop action on fightnight.

Vera’s promoter Artie Pelullo spoke, and said he thought his guy won the first won. He stated 53 of 59 reporters ringside for the first fight gave Vera the nod. “This is where it belongs, in Texas,” he said of the sequel. Moretti cracked that the only counting and tallying that will need to be done will be by the ref, counting to ten, signifying a countout win for Junior.

Readers, I truly expect a better Chavez on this night, with increased volume on his part getting him the nod, legit-style. What say youse?