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Broner vs Maidadana maidana-wins-over-broner 21a79Welter titlist Adrien Broner looked to get closer to the Floyd Mayweather fight he says he doesn't want, with a tussle against Argentine bomber Marcos Maidana at the Alamodome in San Antonio. Right quick, on Saturday night he realized he needed to dig down deep, stay composed, after being knocked down in round two, and looking panicked. Broner went down yet again, in the eighth, and the crowd, not caring for some of his antics, prayed that Maidana would finish the job. He didn't, but the judges did the right thing, and scored it for the underdog, via scores of 115-110, 116-109, 117-109. The room exploded when Broner, not shy about proclaiming his superiority, was declared the loser.

Broner went 149-400 to 269-964 for Maidana (seen above in Rachel McCarson photo).

In the first, Broner aka The Problem, got knocked into the ropes. A hook-right combo worked, and the legs were tangled. Broner looked to clinch, a couple times, in the first minute. Maidana was in rumble mode from the get go. Broner was booed for getting chippy late.

In the second, down went Broner. It was big left hook, meant to look like a body shot. Maidana stalked, but Broner stayed aloft, and even countered late.

In the third, Broner got settled. He was slipping better, and his jab to the body started working. Broner was the man moving forward more by four, smart move considering how he looked when Maidana was backing him up. But a left hook landed flush-ish on Broner, and it was a tight round.

In the fifth, Broner got some combos going. But Maidana was maybe busier, if cruder. The jab was becoming more of a ket for the Ohioan. In the sixth, Broner looked in a rhythm. He was speedier, and was barking as he threw. But he ate a left hook late, as Maidana was backing up.

In the seventh, Maidana looked somewhat gassed. In the eighth, Broner went down again, after a left hook, body blow and left hook. Maidana then butted him while Broner clinched, Broner milked it, and the ref took a point.

A left hook buzzed Broner in the ninth and again he had to hold. Body blows clanged on Broner, and he had to be down on the cards. A long right landed on Broner at 2:10 in the tenth. Broner came forward more and yet again pushed off to get space. After the round, trainer Mike Stafford told AB he needed a KO.

In the 11th, Broner got busy like he needed to earlier on. Then Maidana landed a right, and hooks and had Broner on the ropes. Broner landed after the bell and the crowd hooted. In the 12th, Broner was precise to start. Broner got warned but no point was taken. Rights stung Maidana and then he buckled Broner. We went to the cards.




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