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Broner vs Maidadana 2 05d8eBroner vs Maidadana - 8 4f9e9Broner vs Maidadana 654 f5159Double fisted banger Keith Thurman, a believer in the power of the power punch, looked to keep his momentum flowing, taking on journeyman turned contender Jesus Soto Karass on Showtime, in San Antonio. Thurman entered with the WBA interim welter belt around his waist, and left with the same, a TKO victor at 2:21 of the ninth.

SK was born in Mexico and lives in Cali; he entered at 28-8-1, 1 ND, coming off wins to Selcuk Aydin and Andre Berto. Thurman lives in Florida; he entered at 21-0. One Time went 260-586 to 148-688 for the loser.

After, Thurman spoke to Barry Tompkins. Thurman said that he always wants the KO.

In the first, Thurman got buzzed. An overhand right did it. He got his senses and got to bombing. His left hook told SK that Thurman wasn't hurting. Thurman's jab was popping and he added a couple hellacious body blows. Three hard rights landed clean for One Time late. Thurman used his legs better in the second. JSK was warned for straying low late, for good reason. Thurman looked so confident, in his body language, and for good reason in the third. Both hands found JSK's noggin again and again, in the fourth.

He went down in the fifth, off a left uppercut. Could he last? In the sixth, JSK went low with a right to start. The Mexican knew he needed to switch the momentum. Thurman's movement, though, was constant and unpredictable, and the Floridian didn't let JSK get going. Thurman ripped a left to the body to kick off the seventh. His confidence didn't dim as he knew his legs, movement, ability to dictate range, were too much for the Mexican.

JSK plowed forward, but without enough athleticism or imagination in the eighth. In the ninth, Thurman looked to close. JSK loaded up with too-long rights. But he ate clean shots and the ref interceded as Thurman looked to unload.

A left hook started it, and four more power shots landed before ref Jon Schorle hopped in between, as JSK was going to the floor. A left hookercut was the final telling blow.





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