Arum Says Provodnikov Open To Fighting Pacquiao April 12 in Vegas

Pacquiao Macau arrival 131118 003a e015dMost everyone liked what they saw from Manny Pacquiao on Nov. 23, and it is clear that the Filipino is far from shot. His fans, the Manny-iacs, want to know when he'll glove up next, and against who. I asked his promoter Bob Arum for that intel today, in NYC, at the presser to hype the Top Rank AC show this Saturday.

“Pacquiao's fighting April 12 at the MGM, in Vegas,” he said. “Assuming that the Mayweather thing doesn't come together, the three guys we're looking at now, and it's not exclusive of others, are Marquez, Bradley and Provodnikov.”

I told Arum that maybe that Provodnikov fight might be the most appealing of the three options, but wait, didn't I hear that Ruslan would be opposed to that scrap, because he so respects Pacquiao? Yes, Arum said, the Siberian Rocky did say that publicly…but he indicated otherwise privately to Arum.

“I know what Provodnikov said to me, and it could be him saying he's not interested is a way to jack up the money,” the promoter said. “He told me that he wants that fight, and his managers want him to take that fight.” Provodnikov is co-promoted by Arthur Pelullo, for the record. Some folks think that Ruslan would turn down the fight and that trainer Freddie Roach would back him because Roach trains both Pacman and Provodnikov, so there's that…

Arum said that Marquez doesn't want to fight Manny a fifth time, in his opinion. I think Arum might not disagree with me that the moving and grooving Bradley we saw against Manny and in his last bout, against Marquez, isn't the fans choice for Manny's next.

Fights fans, who do you want for Manny's next?

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-the Roast :

Manny looked good against Rios. I'd much rather see Pac's next fight be against Provodnikov than been there done that JMM and Bradley. Provodnikov will bring it hard at Manny cuz thats the only way he goes. That could make Manny look very good or..... the Siberian Rocky could put Manny on the shelf for good.

-Radam G :

Hahahaha! What a dream, the Roast. The Russian Rocky is Da Manny's sparringmate. And Da Manny will give him a good payday and beat the blanka-d-blank outta him. Before a lot of us were born, Da Bobfather did the same type of matching with GOAT Ali, the late GTOAT Angie Dundee and the GOAT Ali's sparringmate Jimmy Ellis. Angie was the trainer of both fighters, similar to what the Top-Notch-Trainer Freddie "The no-joke coach" Roach is to Da Manny and TSR. I'm with you for Da Manny not fighting zombie-arse Hulkquez/Marquez or delusional-arse Big Foot Bradley. Holla!

-Radam G :

Don't be surprised if there is a change of plans about Da Manny dancing in Sin City. Tentatively, he may fight in Vegas in April. An open date for that time is not a definite day. Holla!

-Carmine Cas :

This would be a good fight, but TR has the same old fighters. I'd like to see Manny fight more of a boxer too though

-Carmine Cas :

This would be a good fight, but TR has the same old fighters. I'd like to see Manny fight more of a boxer too though

-Spinach Chin :

@Radam - LMAO at Hulkquez, classic and dead on the money. Hard to imagine Provo doing any better than Rios, and I picked Rios to win. Manny showed some new stuff under the hood.

-amayseng :

bradley is boring and jmm is old and slow. Pac needs some new blood.

-brownsugar :

bradley is boring and jmm is old and slow. Pac needs some new blood.
I looks like everybody is on board for Provodnikov vs Manny. Even though Provodnikov went on record to express his unwillingness to fight Manny .....outside of a sparring session...and doing so with a convincing speech on camera and in the press (with heartwarming conviction) The entire world could see through Provodnikov's pretense....he probably meant well but show me a Russian who will turn down money and I'll show you a fighter who refuses to fight at a catch-weight even for an obscene amount of money. I guarantee you if they ever do fight...Paq will be landing harder punches against Provonikov than he was against Rios. And the fight would be worth every penny of your PPV dollar ( unfortunately )

-amayseng :

Manny vs. Prod will be an explosive fight and kudos to the Russian he deserves a good payday after beating the brakes off of Bradley and robbed of a clear win. Bradley and Jmm have no one else interesting to face but each other, and I find neither interesting....

-ultimoshogun :

I like this matchup, the Russian brings it every time...he only has one gear. Anything can happen when you have a bomber like him in there, this will be a great one if it happens.

-The Shadow :

Editor Mike made a great point. This dude will spar him and get beat up for weeks for a few grand but won't fight him for one night for $5m??? GTFOH! While Provo seems like a stand-up guy, it's a business. $5m > $5K.