Pacquiao – Rios, After the Weigh – In: Final Odds

TRIUMPH OR TRAIN WRECK? – Whatever fight countdown foolishness may have recently flared on the sidelines, overall the training camps of Manny Pacquiao, 145, and Brandon Rios, 146.5, are highly competent, professional operations.

Each principal hit the scales looking robust, ready to make weight optimal and easily.

Competent and professional.

A primary question regarding the battle’s result involves whether or not minds and matters shall remain competent and professional. Might the heat of Macao battle, unanticipated frustration or personal pressure cause one fighter or both to lose psychological control, then strategic or physical restraint?

Each man understands they have fortunes to be gained or denied by the result and that sticking to a game plan matters, but fouls, freak-outs, or even an unlikely fold up could be in the Venetian casino cards.

It’s safe to predict that both boxing fans and casual observers will be rehashing the bout Monday morning. They’ll also, of course, be talking about Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Here then, are the final, fight day odds for Pacquiao – Rios.

Fight of the Year : 1 to 4 (25% chance)

Round of the Year : 2 to 1 (decent possibility)

Event of the Year : probably

Fighter of the Year award for winner : 100 to 1 (almost impossible)

Tragedy of the Year : Sadly, Pacquiao may be heading home to it

Controversial conclusion : 50 – 50 chance

Fighter’s camps to engage in post fight squabble : far too likely

Performance enhancement by either boxer : Let’s hope it’s always 0.00 per cent

Performance enhancement by Top Rank Girls : a sucker bet

Percentage of TSS Universe who looked at boxers first when checking weigh in photos in which fighters are flanked by TR Girls : a more likely 0.00 per cent

Percentage of readers who didn’t even look at fighters : clues available in previous comments sections.

Knockdowns : 2

Rios down : 2 to 1 likelihood

Pacquiao down : 3 to 1 against

Arum down if and when Pacquiao down : if so, Arum gets right back up

Point deduction: 50-50 chance

Disqualification : 10 to 1 against

Rios’ stock to rise after fight : 50-50 chance

Pacquiao stock to rise after result : 10 to 1 likelihood

Rematch : 10 to 1 against

From as much as one may be able to tell from video feeds, both fighters appear in excellent condition, well – psyched for a contest that does not shape up as a cautious display of tactical technique.

Beside all the volatile personalities involved in this bout, there’s a wild card, and it’s not Fred Roach’s LA gym where Pacquiao trains. The left-hand factor compliments the anything goes theory, and if anything goes, then anyone can go.

Winner : Pacquiao

Result : Pacquiao TKO 8

Photo courtesy Chris Farina-Top Rank