PREDICTION PAGE: Who Do Ya Like? Golovkin or Stevens?

“Anything can happen,” Curtis Stevens’ promoter, Kathy Duva, told me on Wednesday, at Madison Square Garden, three days before her guy, an 11-to-1 or so underdog, was slated to challenge WBA 160 pound champ Gennady Golovkin, the destructive hitter with the deceptively gentle and youthful face. Well said by Ms. Duva, who’s spent enough decades in the game to have seen this adage play out, in shocking and scintillating fashion, time and again.

Me, I’m liking Golovkin to get the nod in this one, but listen to and respect Duva when she tells me that Stevens has matured, understands the gravity of the opportunity, and will react accordingly. “Upsets happen,” she reiterated.

On Saturday night? Let’s see what you think, TSS Universe. Could Stevens’ quickness catch GGG with something he doesn’t see, and give him a taste of his own bitter medicine? That’s a tall order, as GGG tells us he’s never been off his feet, not in a fight, not in sparring, not in the streets, EVER. Tell us what you think is going to go down, or who is going to go down, at MSG Theater, and on HBO, in our Forum.


The power of Gennady Golovkin is, some people say, one of those things that must be experienced first hand to be properly understood. It’s sort of like having kids; it can be explained to you, and you can try and wrap your brain around it, but until that ball of wailing helplessness/package of unconditional loveablness is plopped into your lap, you really can’t conceive of the true reality of your predicament/blessing.

I have to assume there will be nothing resembling a feeling of being bestowed with a “blessing” felt by Brownsville, Brooklyn’s Curtis Stevens on Saturday night at The Theater at Madison Square Garden when he eats the first couple Golovkin tosses. Matthew Macklin’s demeanor early on in round one in Golovkins’ last tussle shifted from the confidence that one acquires and gives off when one knows that they have been in with some of the best pugilists and hung tight, to mild, and then more severe panic. Many folks are assuming that Stevens too will do the shift in mood when he tastes Golovkin leather.

But what of Stevens’ power? He’s been on a nice run, sure. But his people will tell you the kid cracks nasty. Like, real nasty. His run of early stops attests to that, but maybe you want something more quantifiable than that. Maybe I got that for you…

HBO has been testing technology which measures power, and speed and accuracy, via chips embedded in boxing gloves. It is a work in progress, and I hear that they need to get to a point where they are fully comfortable with the technology, and the accuracy of the readings, before they roll the technology out publicly.

In a recent fight, I’m told, Golovkins’ and Stevens’ stats were measured, and Stevens’ promoter Kathy Duva told me that the Brooklyner scored quite nicely. “Curtis punches faster than Golovkin, I’m positive of that,” she said. “HBO’s punch machine scored Curtis higher than any heavyweight. They feared he broke the machine. They had him do it again,” she said, to confirm the high readings. “The machine wasn’t broken.”

Duva said that stats had Golovkin punching harder with his right hand than Stevens, but Stevens punched harder than Golovkin with his left hand. “Effectively, they are equal,” Duva told me.

I took this intel over to Tom Loeffler, director of K2, Golovkins’ promoter. “I’d agree with that, they have similar power,” he said.

So, I’m not sure if that changes how you see this fight, or even if it should at all. But at the least, this does give you some more food for thought as we count down to fight night, and a tussle between two middleweights who punch like heavyweights. On the brightest of sides, I do believe we are not in danger of seeing any judging idiocy in this main event, as there is a better-than-good chance that we don’t see the distance. Let the chips fall where they may.

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-brownsugar :

Definitely my kind facts....and to a lesser degree a bit of science fiction. First let's analyze the facts Curtis is indeed quick and can apply considerable torque to his tight economically efficient left hook. He is always dangerous in the early part of a fight. While GGG can loop and " bend" his Punches on the fly and still land concussive blows. Now let's look at the fiction. The possibility of Stevens landing a lucky shot somewhere down the road will not happen. Check out Stevens against the ultra muscular Daryl Findley a few months ago. Findley who flows at about the same speed of cold Molasses barely got touched by Stevens and by the Sixth round Stevens resorted to throwing shoe shine punches and holding, along with camping on the ropes and moving in the opposite direction of his opponent.....totally incapable of prying open the busier Findley who walked Steven down for much of the entire 8 long unexciting rounds. Hope this will put things into perspective for what you can expect tomorrow night. And you can be sure that GGG is somewhat better than Daryl Findley who has served as one of GGG's sparring partners for this fight. The report from Findley is " no comparison "

-Spinach Chin :

Ggg ko 1.

-amayseng :

Chin you may be correct, if Stevens Mans up and tries himself to trade with or get GGG out of there he may be put to sleep very early. Stevens may want to prove he is tougher and gets caught clean and early.

-DaveB :

I don't know too much about Stevens so I will have to go with Golovkin but I still have questions about Golovkin too. The jury is still out on GGG. I want to see what happens when he finally does get his chin checked. From what I saw of Stevens he does have better boxing skills than I first thought. I don't expect it to be the trading war that people think but I do think both fighters will have their moments, especially being they are punchers. Like I said I don't know much about Stevens so I don't know how he will face adversity, although I have the same thoughts about Golovkin. I don't think this one will last the distance. I will not be surprised what ever happens. Also I don't think these guys punch harder than heavyweights. No way.

-Spinach Chin :

Yep amayseng - they both steamroll guys, difference is GGG steamrolls B/B+ guys, Stevens rolls c-level guys. Can't see a guy who lost to Brinkley beating the Kazahk kid

-The Shadow :

Triple G is a stalker. The way he fights these guys, it's like molestation. He should be on Dateline NBC or something, confronted by Chris Hansen & Co. rather than these poor overmatched foes running around the middleweight division. The way he overwhelms world-class opposition makes him a hall-of-famer already, in my book. Why? Because it is not what he does -- which is won -- it is HOW he does it. He has the highest (sweet) kayo percentage already. And it's just going to get higher. As for the fight, he will walk him down, use his superior technique to overwhelm Stevens physically and mentally at the same damn time. I like to call Triple G The Tornado -- his nice-guy demeanor is the quiet before the storm; however, once that bell rings, the tornado unleashes itself upon the helpless earth, wreaking havoc upon it using the sheer force of only its being to do so -- no more, no less. He's as close to textbook boxing perfection as you will find nowadays -- or in the past 25 years, for that matter. His footwork isn't flashy but is infinitely more effective than those flashy guys you see Ali-sidesteppin', wicked Willie Peppin', James Toney swag-steppin', and Sweet Pete dippin' all over the ring. And that is just one of the many facets of Trips' game. The you have his debilitating punches, his combination prowess, his precision, his accuracy and his calm, serene manner in the ring. If he gains weight, this dude can challenge cruiserweights and probably stop one of the titleholders in devastating fashion. I would even give him a shot vs. David Haye. I honestly fear for the safety of some of the opponents. I have this eery feeling that the social media funeral Stevens did is a scary omen -- if he hits his ribs, his lung could collapse and Trips may be instrumental in the fatality of a fellow human being. And that ain't gon' be pretty. This guy is the truth and Shadow don't tell no lies.

-The Shadow :

Stream please!!!!!

-The Shadow :

This dude will be the guy who sends Andre Ward to No. 1 P4P. He looks like another Diego Corrales to me.

-The Shadow :

Or a Felix Trinidad.