PREDICTION PAGE: Who Do Ya Like? Hopkins or Murat?

The weigh-in for the Saturday AC card topped by Bernard Hopkins, defending his IBF 175 pound crown against Iraq-born German resident Karo Murat unfolded on Friday afternoon in AC, and the main eventers both made weight.

Hopkins, who turns 49 in January, was 172 1/2 pounds, while Murat weighed 174. They jawed some at each other during a poseoff, ahead of the Golden Boy promotion.

Readers, who do you like to win the contest? Murat’s skills seem to be decent, but could “decent” EVER beat Hopkins, even at age 48, 49, 50, etc? As Hopkins himself has said, Murat has to hope the ageless wonder lost something in between his last fight and now, and got a visit from Father Time, and has deteriorated. We doubt that…Do you? Could Murat pull off a massive upset? Fire your prediction, including whether you think Hopkins will 1) actually gun for the KO he promised or 2) achieve his first stoppage since 2004.

Hopkins chatted with Steve Farhood after he stepped on the scale. The man calling himself “The Alien” chuckled that Murat made a throat-slash gesture, referencing his old “Executioner” nom de guerre.

Did he see anything in Murat’s eyes? He said he saw fear, but “Murat is coming to fight.” He said coming in light was a “statement,” and yelled to Adrien Broner to take note.

On Saturday, he said, he will end his KO drought. He last stopped a foe in 2004, when he dropped and stopped Oscar De La Hoya.

WBO 160 pound champ Peter Quillin of NY was 159 1/4 pounds, while challenger Gabriel Rosado of Philly was 160 on the dot. They did a staredown and Quillin barked hard at him. Farhood talked to Rosado first after the scale session. Rosado didn’t want to divulge what Quillin was saying, and said he’s used to it, and he will talk in the ring. He said he’s comfy at 160 now, in his third middleweight fight. “I’m going to take the title back to Philly,” and said the fight wouldn’t go the distance. “He gonna be on his ass.”

Then, Quillin talked to Farhood. He said he’d get arrested for beating up a “sucker” in the street but he will be able to beat Gabe up and not get incarcerated. He too said he looks for a KO win.

Alabaman Deontay Wilder was 224 pounds, while foe Nicolai Firtha of Akron, Ohio was 252 1/2. That fight is scheduled for ten rounds or less, emphasis on “less.” Wilder chatted with Farhood, and was asked about him chowing on the scale. He said he likes to be an entertainer, and a “silly guy.” It was strawberry shortcake, for the record. The 29-0 with 29 KOs Wilder said he’s excited and feels no pressure.

Danny Garcia chatted with Farhood before the weigh in, and again after. The 140 pound champ said he was looking forward to a great night of fights. Next for him? “I’m just resting,” he said. He’s training kids, he said, and owns a barbershop. He looks to fight in the first quarter of the year, he said. No possible foes were mentioned. He will Tweet on fight night, which kicks off on Showtime at 9 PM ET.




-amayseng :

Murat is coming to fight, and yes he will be coming forward, walking into right hands and left hooks. Murat gave hopkins the throat slashing sign, careful what you ask for. Hopkins may get him out of there as a statement. Appreciate this ATG while he is here. I will be watching and taking notes while this master professor breaks down another boxing lesson.

-Buzz Murdock :

I'm on a one fight winning streak, and am ancient enough to remember the night Sugar Ray Robinson became old , his reflexes were shot, and is apt to happen an upset occurred a l5 to 1 underdog fireman from Boston beat him--not once, but twice....Hopkins doesn't need the money, and that's always weird, but I got a feelin he might go through that transformation which signifies irreversible athletic decay....

-ultimoshogun :

"The Alien" Haha, it's so ridiculous it's awesome! The way Smoger kept pushing Murat around I was waiting for HIM to start taking swings at Murat too. That was the most entertaining B-Hop fight I've watched in a long time.

-Domenic :

I thought so too. The last several years the only guy Hopkins KO's is his audience - puts me to sleep usually. This one was entertaining and he was letting his hands go a little. The other "Alien" is Richard "The Alien" Grant who got KO'd by James "The Hammer" Butler after beating him shortly after 9/11 on firefighter appreciation night. The ALien went to hug him and Butler coldcocked him with knuckles. The Hammer was a pure psychopath.

-Radam G :

That pure psychopath is locked up for life. May he rot in his cell and then go straight to H€LL. And BURN, babaeee, BURN!!! And then satan can flush dat Harlem Hammer BYYTCCCH's ashes down a big commode. Holla!

-brownsugar :

I thought it was too early to take a point from Murat. Smoger spent the night shoving him around like he was a hard case. Which encouraged Bhop to do a bit more clowning than usual. Otherwise Bhop went "Buck wild " on offence....although the Iranian was durable and hungry. It didn't matter how good Murat really was. Or who he was(a complete no-name) Bhop had the entire partisan crowd shrieking howling and squealing with glee for the entire 12 ruonds I though it was interesting that When Bhop got hit low twice on the blind side he never complained. Maybe because he new he was winning. This fight was an entertaining romp...even for a non Bhop fan like myself. 23 title defenses is no joke...but can he beat a live 175 pounder with the punching power of a middle weight?. I wanted to see Rosario win simply because he's an interesting fighter. But it appears he still would have received the shaft had he not suffered a cut. What a shame...l had the fight even at the time of the stoppage. Wilder did well against a bigger guy showing good pacing, movement and evasive skills. Wilder showed he can even counter while moving and pivoting in reverse. Breland has taught the string bean how to use his reach and his feet while knowing where to duck if he misses a heavy punch Far from perfect....but its good to see an enthusiastic prospect growing in confidence fight after fight. In another fight or two against stiff opposition I'd like to see him against Tony Thompson.