Did Bradley Do Enough Versus Marquez To Get Mayweather's Attention?

Bradley Marquez 131012 007a 512b3It wasn't very pretty, nor was it terribly exciting, but it was effective enough to merit WBO welterweight title holder Timothy Bradley 31-0 (12) a split decision victory over former four division champ Juan Manuel Marquez 55-7-1 (40) this past weekend.

The fight plan that Bradley executed versus Marquez was based on two undeniable premises: 1) it's well known that Marquez isn't at his best when he has to fight as the aggressor and force the tempo and combat and: 2) Bradley possessed the faster hands and feet. And if you want to add a third factor into the equation you could also assume that Bradley knew there was virtually no chance in the world that he was going to stop Marquez, based on Marquez never being stopped in 63 pro bouts and Bradley only winning inside the distance 12 times in 31 pro bouts. Therefore it was easy for Bradley to realize that moving and boxing Marquez was the way to go.

So in essence, Bradley figured if he could utilize the only clear advantage he held while at the same time inducing Marquez to fight a style in which he's the least effective and proficient, the fight would most likely go his way. I scored it 6-5-1 (and that's after giving Marquez both the 11th and 12th rounds) Bradley, and if forced to score the even round for one fighter I'd lean towards Bradley based on him being busier. Granted, activity alone isn't enough to favor the round for one fighter over the other, but Marquez just wasn't doing enough and Bradley was doing more of what he wanted than the opposite. And yes, I scored the 12th round for Marquez. He won 95% of it and I couldn't swing it to Bradley based on one left hook with seconds remaining in the round. No way in my mind did that single hook offset what Marquez did throughout the round up until that point.

For the better part of 12 rounds Bradley moved, jabbed, flurried and boxed without a single lapse in concentration. And just when Marquez thought Timothy was laying back and looking to get away, Bradley stood his ground and traded with Marquez. Sometimes he got the better of it and other times Marquez's power advantage swayed the exchange in his favor. The point is Bradley mixed it up more and every time it appeared that Marquez was ready to get off, Bradley used his legs and forced Marquez to have to work his way back into position. That said, Marquez did have his moments and rounds. It was a tough fight to score and I suppose if you give Marquez the benefit of the doubt in every close round, it could've been scored a draw. However, Bradley's hand and foot speed along with his activity slightly offset Marquez's power and sometimes effective aggression.

Now that Bradley has eliminated Marquez, he's in line with about five or six other upper-tier fighters and title-holders to get the next shot at Floyd Mayweather and earn the biggest purse of their career. The problem with Bradley is the fact that he doesn't make for an exciting fight at all. In reality he didn't do or show the fans anything to suggest that he could be competitive with Mayweather. In his last three fights against Manny Pacquiao, Ruslan Provodnikov and Juan Manuel Marquez, Bradley has scored decision victories. Yet there's probably a significant number of observers that believe he's 0-3 or at best 1-2. Therein lies the problem. If he can't conclusively beat Pacquiao, Provodnikov or Marquez in the public's eye over 36 rounds of fighting, how could anyone make a case for him giving Mayweather a good scare, let alone upset him?

Oh, but we are talking about the best fight hyper and promoter in boxing, Floyd Mayweather. Remember, Floyd loves fighting undefeated fighters and being first to spot their perfect record. In his defense Bradley has put together a pretty good resume having scored high profile victories over the then undefeated up and comers Lamont Peterson and Devon Alexander in addition to winning high profile bouts over Pacquiao, Provodnikov and Marquez in consecutive fights.

Don't be surprised if Bradley's name begins to be mentioned a lot in the next couple months as Mayweather's next opponent. Unfortunately, Bradley doesn't do one single thing as a fighter that would trouble Mayweather, not to mention he's the smaller man. Bradley is a good boxer but he's not spectacular and he isn't a big puncher, so there's no chance in the world he could force Floyd to do one thing he didn't want to. His hands are pretty quick, but Floyd is quicker and more accurate.

Bradley's showing against Marquez wasn't all that impressive or memorable, but he did win and got the job done. He no doubt longs for that lottery payday that all contenders and title-holders long for. Mayweather is the fighter he needs to fight in order to make that dream a reality, and he just may have done enough against Marquez to have gotten Floyd's attention.

In fact, I'm sure he did.

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-brownsugar :

Nope .... Barely won...but he did win fairly. Only an exceptional result like a whitewash or a TKO would have warranted interest in the mainstream. Even the hardcore don't want to pay for it.

-Radam G :

Ditto, B-sug! Bradley is simply a likable spoiler who's been in the right at the right time. He got a-drunk-on-religion Manny, who had worn out the "Ugly American('s)" tolerance for a boxing-dominating hated Filipino. Da Manny coming in the ring 40 minutes late to warn up after watching a Pinoy-coached B-ball team win the NBA championships was the last straw. So the shaft was put on Da Manny, and Bradley was used as a T-baby and given a gift. Bradley fought the Siberian Rocky on the Cali Cranium Crusher's home court and was given a lift. Lastly, Bradley fought a Marquez in the form of Hulkquez, who was already shot from the beating that he got in his last bout with Da Manny. Marquez didn't do syet, but knocked Da Manny down and out with two punches. Other than that, Da Manny had broken Hulkquez's nose, knocked hair plugs out of his dome and torch that arse. Marquez was and is shot. And Bradley won an easy rift. Holla!

-jzzy :

Bradley who has struggled against puffed up lightweights is no match for Mayweather. Besides, he has no fan base to generate PPV revenue.

-amayseng :

agree with all the above, even though i had Tim beating jmm, it was in no way impressive or even a good showing. he is quoted after the bout in saying he gave jmm a "boxing lesson".....gtfoh, no leason was given, bradley did what he should have and what was expected, he stayed away and scored enough to win a fight which had a lot of close rounds. Tim has no fan base nor is he exciting. in his last fight with the russian the only thing exciting was seeing the russian Tee off on him while he swung away half dazed and concussed, what was exciting was the anticipation of bradley getting knocked out. Instead bradley feels he is the exciting fighter, he doesnt even get that the excitement was at his expense..... I like the fact Tim is a good family man and spends time helping kids, but as far as a fighter he doesnt really know his place.

-The Shadow :

-The Shadow :

-The Shadow :

-Radam G :

Hehehe! That is coldhearted, The Shadow. Hulkquez couldn't step on Big-Foot Bradley's doggs and pop him with ur [sic] one-shot outta-da-ballpark swing. Hahaha! Big Foot Bradley was the Big Foot not captured. And he didn't have to use his big-arse cranium on the zombie-footed Hulkquez, who's now saying that he will probably retire because he keep getting robbed. What a whining, delusional Aztec War-less now. Hahaha! Holla!

-Hop :


-Spinach Chin :

Desert Storm did more than Amir Kahn (who is rumored to get the fight with Floyd in May) that's for dog-gone sure. He'd still be a 10-1 dog against the former Pretty Boy.

-amayseng :

I think the best fight for floyd is to have Garcia move up. Garcia can box, punch and most importantly adapt. I still see floyd beating him quite convincingly but other than Garcia I feel imho that for floyd a move up to mw to fight an on the way out and aging Sergio Martinez for the mw title would be intriguing and would sell ppv wise. Other than that I dont see who is there lucrative enough for Floyd. Papa Garcias crazy *** and antics will def sell that fight...

-DaveB :

Top Rank vs Golden Boy, HBO vs Showtime. Ain't happening.

-Radam G :

Ditto, DaveB! Holla!

-stormcentre :

Wow you guys are a little harsh on poor old TB. I think he did alright and wouldn’t be surprised to see Mayweather fight him because he is undefeated, beatable, has beaten Pacman and represents a pretty good opponent. After all, Guerrero was no better known or talented than TB, and Floyd hyped that and fought him. Perhaps they can let Bradley fight another big name opponent and build him up, before fighting Mayweather.

-amayseng :

good point Storm but I think that is the problem, the Ghost fight did not sell well and they learned their lesson from it that is why Canelo had to be made. For floyd to make what he wants money wise he needs a well known and ppv selling opponent. and tim bradley is not a ppv worthy opponent A cotto rematch would be lucrative, however he is back with the bobfather and we all know how that ends

-Carmine Cas :

First Bradley would have to not resign with TR then maybe fight on the undercard of Floyd's next fight. His recent victories give him some claim to fight Floyd but as long as he's with the crooked arse bob father it ain't going to happen. Cotto-Mayweather II is possible because Cotto is signed with Top Rank on a fight by fight basis, there is no long term commitment.

-Radam G :

He cannot resign with TR. It doesn't work that way. He is tied in a valid contract. But he could pay his way out, as Money May did years ago. Cotto is not fighting Money May next. Holla at Amir Khan. He is the front runner. And is easy, BIG-PRiZEFighting moolah. Holla!

-The Shadow :

OK, time to bust some myths: 1) "Cotto is tied to TR." No, he isn't. He can do as he pleases. With Top Rank, he can get Martinez. Win or lose, Canelo will still be there. If he fights Canelo and loses, he has nothing. If he loses in June, he's fighting Canelo. If he wins, Mayweather is next (with Martinez II being a sleeper). That simple. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Myth 2) "Floyd needs a name opponent to get the type of money he wants." No, he doesn't. CBS and Moonves do. When Money signed that deal with Showtime, that problem now became SHO's -- no longer Money's. He's guaranteed $30m + regardless of opponent b/c they front the guarantee via GBP. Myth 3) "Tim Bradley won't sell on PPV." It'll do over 1m buys. Guaranteed. Timmy's turning heel. People want to see him lose. Myth 4) "Bradley is in the running for a Mayweather fight." No, he's not. Not even close. Promotional and television conflicts. Word on the street is the ONLY scenario under which that fight would happen in the near future is if: a) Similar to their offer for Donaire, GBP "leases" Bradley for one fight for around $3-4m (I personally think $2.5), which will include TR's cut b) .... plus GBP gets two options on Bradley vs. GBP fighters c) He somehow becomes a free agent (highly unlikely) Think Bob Arum will accept that? Doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. Myth 5) "Mayweather's May 5 opponent is up in the air." No, it's not. You guys already know and you were the first to know. It's 85% settled. Only thing that could, hypothetically, change plans is December or the highly unlikely scenario above. The only thing up in the air is venue, time zone, local time and ring size.

-The Shadow :

Just to clarify, two names who could, in theory, get in the way of current plans, but not likely: Victor Ortiz (should he get the IBF strap; no mandatory due and under IBF rules, unification supersedes mandatories anyway) Marcos Maidana (should he obliterate Broner; doubt it) Even if they become options, they probably fight each other in May on the undercard with the winner being a Plan B to fight Floyd in September.

-Carmine Cas :

I know Khan is May's next proposed opponent and Bradley is in a contract lol. My question is when does his contract expire? When you think about it, Bradley has gained attention inadvertently from the Pacquiao fight, people dislike him for something he was not in control of. But now his cockiness will probably work for him even more as people will pay to see him lose

-amayseng :

After the pac fight in the ring before the cards were read it is on video of tim saying to his trainers and even bob arum that pac was too good, he couldnt beat him and that pac will even beat mayweather because he just keeps coming.... then weeks after the decision he is going on and on about how he feels he convincingly beat pac, then the russian beats him, well the ref didnt rule 3 knockdowns so mathematically tim gets the win, but in reality tim loses yet another fight and yet gets another gift decision... now these decisions are not tims fault as he has no control of them but what he does have control of is the way he conducts himself and he talks like he is given boxing lessons all over town when really he should have had two losses and in the russian fight he looked terrible getting staggered, dazed and knocked all over the ring for 12 rounds.... tims problem is that he is cocky and arrogant to the point of ridiculousness. people can not stand his personality.... all he had to do was say the pac fight was close and that is it.....instead he talks like he whooped and really beat pac and at this point he guy is an insult to every fans intelligence.... i had him beating jmm this past weekend in a close fight, not impressively just doing enough to win... then he starts running his mouth again in the post press conference say he gave jmm a "boxing lesson" what BS tim is a solid fighter, but he doesnt know how to conduct himself, he looks and sounds like a clown.

-Radam G :

The bout was a shotfest. Hulkquez is 80 percent shot. And Big Foot is 40 percent shot. Holla!

-The Shadow :

LOL "looks and sound like a clown..." he sure does! If he fights PAC again, he will get a bloody red nose and the look will be complete. CC, wasn't talking to you or anyone directly, just addressing some common discussion points. Tim Bradley is not likable. I want to see KTFO. Not because I wish him or anyone ill. I just want to see him lose spectacularly so he stops his nonsense. Unfortunately in boxing, that includes getting FLATTENED. I'd like to see him against Ghost Guerrero or Broner. Those are interesting fights. That little Top Rank welterweight bracket is garbage.