Marquez S&C Coach Angel Heredia Threatens Legal Action against Timothy Bradley

Juan Manuel Marquez’s strength and conditioning coach, Angel “Memo” Heredia, is threatening legal action against Timothy Bradley for alleged “defamatory and inflammatory remarks” made by Bradley during the taping of HBO’s Bradley-Marquez 24/7 promotional television series.

The 2-episode television program chronicled both boxers’ preparations for their October 12th bout at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bradley defeated Marquez by split decision in the fight, 113-115, 115-113 and 115-112. The fight was aired on HBO PPV.

Speaking through attorney Jason R. Mosley, Heredia formally asked Bradley for “an immediate and public retraction” of his statements which aired on the program, such as “Marquez hired a cheater” and “bring the needle.”

According to the letter, which was hand delivered to Bradley today in Las Vegas, Heredia’s legal team will “begin immediate action to enjoin [him] from further such statements and to seek damages” if he does not comply with the request.

Heredia told TSS he believes he’s being unjustly singled out by Bradley.

“We have decided to put a stop to defamatory statements made by people without facts or evidence,” said Heredia. “My lawyer, Jason R. Mosley, and my advisor, Phyllis Shalor, have agreed to help me stop these accusations and bias.”

The letter advises Bradley his remarks “were designed to attack [Marquez] and his conditioning coach’s credibility…such public statements have both the purpose and actual effect of interfering with Mr. Heredia’s ongoing business relationships with his clients…[he] is suffering economic damages as a direct result…”.

Heredia is an admitted former PEDs dealer who turned federal witness in the 2006 Trevor Graham doping case. He now works as a strength and conditioning coach for boxers and says he has changed his ways.

“Everything is legal and legit,” said Heredia.

The PED testing issue between the Bradley and Marquez camps was a hot topic right from the start. The bout was previously considered in jeopardy due to preferences in both camps for different anti-doping programs.

Marquez reportedly preferred using the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) program, which also administers tests for U.S. Olympic athletes, while Bradley preferred using the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) program.

As a compromise, advanced PED testing for the bout was paid for by Bob Arum’s Top Rank Promotions and handled through the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC). The tests were handled by a WADA-accredited lab “utilizing The Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory (SMRTL) in Salt Lake City, Utah, to collect the samples and perform the testing.”

NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer would not relate any more specifics about the advanced testing program being administered through the NSAC other than to say “any and all tests” were possible.

“Obviously, I’m not going to give any details while the testing is on-going,” said Kizer back in August. “I’ll be happy to discuss in detail after October 12.”

Kizer does not believe PED testing programs should be discussed in detail until after they have ended.

“It is not uncommon to not talk too specifically about on-going testing,” Kizer answered. “It could affect the efficiency of the testing, and it is not fair to the athletes being tested.”

TSS has requested further details from Kizer now that the program is complete.

In addition to being tested by the NSAC, Bradley also re-enrolled in a VADA program through October 12.

Information provided by the Marquez camp confirmed any discussions with USADA about a similar standalone testing program for their fighter ended the moment Bradley signed up with VADA. This was also confirmed by USADA.

“USADA only conducts an anti-doping program when both fighters agree to the rules and requirements to be included in the USADA program,” said Annie Skinner, USADA Media Relations Manager.

“USADA will not conduct a testing program while another organization (other than the boxing commission who collects a fight night sample) is testing one or both fighters, as the other organization may not hold the fighters to the same standards as USADA, the athletes may be confused by differing protocols, and because the USADA program is required to remain consistent with the WADA Code and International Standards.”

Timothy Bradley did not return a request for comment.



-Radam G :

The "Fallen" Angel Heredia is √ust venting and huffing and puffing because his weak √ive wasn't able to increase Hulkquez's turtle-feet speed. He would've had better results with snake oil, a rabbit foot and √umping beans in his left shoe. And eagle syet, rhea urine and some catfish's guts in the right shoe. Hehehe! Holla!

-kidcanvas :

it was ok to do it to pacquiao though .... moron

-Carmine Cas :

Lol Heredia is trying to get the last laugh, and yeah Pacquiao did it too

-TotoyBato :

Poor Marquez. Cleaned up and they didn't even test. That extra edge would have knocked Bradley out with those few solid effective shots that he landed. Marquez has great skill he only needed a body that could implement what his brain formulates. No fast twitch muscles to fire as soon as his brain commands. They should have sent him a memo, he did not need to cut down on the PED. No PED no Power. Everything is legal and legit as long as they pass the testing protocol. Easy to do by Heredia, he BEAT Olympic testing. Heredia is a known cheater and Bradley did not make defamatory statements. Bradley was only stating the fact that Marquez hired a cheater.

-urone2 :

Heredia doesn't have a leg to stand on all Bradley has done is repeated what Heredia has done in the past. I just want to add I will pick Bradley in a Pacquioa, Provodnikov, or Rios fight. The only one I would give a chance is Pacquioa, but Pacquioa has shown he is not as spectacular when his opponent is not weight drained.

-brownsugar :

Heredia is not dumb enough to try to wheel and deal under the intense scrutiny of the attention he's been getting while trying to transition away from the dirty dealings of his past. There will always be scoffers and accusers. He just needs to accept it and stop grandstanding because no one is sympathetic to his cause or the uphill and neverending battle he will have repairing his rep...its like a man trying to gain acceptance after being a convicted pedephile.

-Radam G :

Sorry, B-Sug! But the "Fallen" Angel Heredia is a con artist addict, as a lot of users and peddlers of dat syet are. Heredia is no different from Iron Mike Tyson, the addict to all types of drug taking. The fallen angel is an addict to peddling as much as the Iron One, like ex-footballer great Lawrence Taylor, is addict to his poison. There are U.S. track-and-field stars on suspension right now for the fallen angel's services. Heredia is good, but not perfect. I will bet my house on the mainland USA, and eat some imaginary dogs -- that a hater claims Asians eat -- that if weak-arse testing WADA and NSAC turn over Hulkquez's testing to VADA that traces of roids and PEDs matching banded one would be found in his blood, feces and urine. The fallen angel oughta quit. He is luvin' being front-page sports' news. OMFG! The con men never quit it, because they are still hit it. Holla!

-Carmine Cas :

Heredia doesn't have a leg to stand on all Bradley has done is repeated what Heredia has done in the past. I just want to add I will pick Bradley in a Pacquioa, Provodnikov, or Rios fight. The only one I would give a chance is Pacquioa, but Pacquioa has shown he is not as spectacular when his opponent is not weight drained.
C'mon Urone2, weight draining has "always" been a part of bosking LOL