Smart Boxing Tim Bradley Beats Juan Manuel Marquez, Via SD

Bradley wins over MarquezThey almost gave us a heart attack, the judges, after the main event at the Thomas and Mack Center, in Las Vegas, on Saturday night.

Timothy Bradley boxed Juan Manuel Marquez' head off, using smart movement and an educated jab to win handily on my card, but we all know that we can expect judging lunacy in boxing, the theater of the unexpected.

Bradley took a split decision over Marquez, with judge Feldman having it 115-113 for Marquez, Hoyle seeing it 115-113 for Bradley and Morse Jarman deeming it 116-112 for Bradley.

Yes, Glen Feldman liked Marquez' work, and there will be howls of protest in some quarters at his card. I saw it 7-4-1, or 8-3-1, or even 9-3 Bradley. But Bradley perhaps moved more than Feldman liked, and often judges like the guy who presses the action for more minutes of a round. It is debateable whether this win brings Bradley the pound for pound love he seeks, but it really should.

HBO PPV showed the scrap, which had the WBO welter crown up for grabs. Bradley entered a complicated sort. He received death threats after beating Manny Pacquiao, and then was concussed and compromised for months after his last bout, against Ruslan Provodnikov, on March 16. Bradley (30-0 entering) didn't win fans hand over fist with his complaints that he'd been given the controversial decision; some interpreted his statements as akin to the complaints of a megabucks lottery winner.

Marquez (55-6-1) entered still on high from his December triumph, his drop and stop special against Pacman. His affiliation with the controversial conditioning coach Memo Heredia hung a cloud over him in some eyes, with some wondering how he'd transformed his physique so radically after so many years without resorting to illiicits.

In the first, the 40-year-old Marquez looked sharp with his left hand. His hooks landed clean a few times on Bradley, who looked to move laterally, and not get into a tradefest. In the second, the 30-year-old Bradley went low with a left early. His quick feet helped him, in that Marquez had a hard time getting a bead on him. Bradley landed a sharp right at the bell, with JMM on the ropes. In the third, it was a tight round. Neither man wanted to open up, leave himself open to being countered.

In the fourth, Bradley finished the round feeling groovy, his legs helping him to frustrate the Mexican. He went in and out more than side to side, mostly.

In the fifth, Bradley's jab kept Marquez at bay, and he'd move in with a power punch, and then scoot. Bradley looked tres confident by now.

In the sixth, the Bradley right stayed sharp. His movement confounded the Mexican. In the seventh, Bradley's movement made Marquez unable to catch him. In the eighth, Bradley's jab landed sharp and often. The right worked for JMM a few times, but then Bradley scored with his peppy jab. He even used a left hook which landed clean. In the ninth, the right landed a few times for Marquez, as he seemed to know that he needed to step it up. Bradley's jab was maybe his best punch. A Bradley right at 1:50 was the best of the night in the tenth. But he stayed smart, didn't get lured into a rumble after that. A sneaky left hook tagged JMM advancing at 50 seconds to go.

In the 11th, Bradley, in superb condition, kept moving and grooving. His jab kept JMM from exploding on him. But he wasn't busy and maybe lost the round.

In the 12th, Bradley kept on moving, moving, jabbing. But a sharp right by JMM had the crowd buzzing. Then Bradley landed a left hook, a nasty bit of business, with five seconds left, and had him on weak legs. We went to the card, with rightfully baited breath.

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-brownsugar :

I said if Bradley boxed he could win easily....Marquez reached to far...should never fight over 140... Marquez has 1 more upset left in his future...he's still an amazing fighter.

-DaveB :

Great boxing by Bradley. No question that he won the fight. Marquez will complain but to no avail as most fans will see him losing the match. Bradley brought the fight to him and initiated the action with his jab. Marquez couldn't get set and something kept him from charging forward. I think it was the punishment Bradley put on him seeing as how redden Marquez's face was post fight. Bradley would probably win more fans if he acted a little more humble but hey, who am I to tell him what to do.

-Radam G :

Hulkquez redden up because he was full of dat syet. Bambi Bradley literally torched his arse just as I said. And Marquez jumped outta Hulkquez and started whining and bytch crying that he won the fight. And it was the sixth time that he was jobbed. OMG! Give me a break! Bradley almost put his arse down in round 12. Wow, and as I said, one judge would job Bradley. Now Marquez will want to step back in front of Bradley and fight Da Manny. Jive Marquez! I hope Da Manny ignore this whining crybaby. Ignore Big Foot Bambi too. He beat leftovers. Hulkquez will never find another lotto punch. His arse should fade to darkness. RETIRE! Holla!

-amayseng :

Good call on the prediction Radam you were spot on. Me, I was way wrong I thought for sure Bradley was damaged goods and jmm had enough to carch him. Glad to see he is not and is healthy. Jmm no longer has the agility or foot speed to keep up with the top dogs. Although he did fight a decent fight tonight Tim remained very disciplined and boxed smart and pulled it out. Tims down fall is he has no power and worse, he is too cocky it doesn't vibe well with the fans. Confidence is huge and I dig it , to strive to be the best in anything you have to feel you are but Tim just comes off as arrogant when he got gifts his last two fights. Be humble tim and the fans will come around. Floyd has more fans today than two years ago because he acts appreciative despite some of his antics. So who's next for Tim?

-brownbomber :

Ur right, Marquez way too much crying.

-TotoyBato :

Marquez forgot to take his PEDs.

-SouthPawFlo :

I had Bradley winning 115-113, that last round could've swung it to a draw in my opinion.... Bradley fought a good fight, and I like that he's willing to trade sometimes, him saying he's top 3 P4P, I don't think people would rank him top 3 in his division. Marquez was just a step to slow even though he coulda pulled the fight out if he woulda done a little more in the middle rounds. I'm not a big Bradley fan, so can someone tell me a fight when he looked "impressive" I've seen his last 4 fights and they didn't look like the 3rd best fighter in the world.

-amayseng :

I'm with ya SPF. It's Bradley's dillusianal ego that turns fans off. No way is he a top 15 lb4lber Let alone in the top 3. It's an insult to the fans and superior fighters.

-Grimm :

Maybe blind, but I had Marquez by 115-113. And maybe a fight is perceived different when you sit alone in the dark, in the middle of the night, with hardly any sound on because of a sleeping missy. Controversial it was not, though. Anyways, a fight isn't won on just being busier, more mobile, or winging shots with a punch efficiency that would make beginners look like solid pros. I give Bradley this: form a technical standpoint, he's got good footwork. He's just ain't using it right. The opposite goes for Marquez, who wasn't as sharp as he can be - but sharp enough to tag Bradley with the punches that both count and hurts. Bradleys face didn't look too bad afterwards. That doesn't mean he didn't get hit. The man is obviously hard to meet and beat, a difficult nut to crack, but he spends too much time posing instead of punching, playing for the cameras and the judges, and loses his cool when under pressure. Take a good look at him swinging without adress when guns go blazing: this guy is a knockout in the making. Posing toughness isn't toughness. Toe-to-toe-wars to show toughness isn't toughness if you obviously can't handle it. Yeah, Bradley could be good, but he has yet to find his own style - and time is running out.

-teaser :

good call Radman...marquez was outslicked and left without a foot to stand on his mind he never fought a fight that he lost ...

-Radam G :

Thank you guys for the kudos. You also called it righteously, B-Sug. Holla!

-riverside :

I never saw that coming, Bradley is some red bull energetic amateurish machine, did enough to score points and win!!

-Hop :

Have only seen the grainy streaming highlights from the fight available on YT (no way I was going to fork out PPV for this one), but here were my impressions: - Bradley seemed to outpoint him, but close. JMM tagged him once or twice. I was wrong re. the winner. Was even more wrong in thinking it might be interesting. - Underwhelming fight, and I'm usually not as hard to please as some (last three rounds finally picked it up some). If those were the highlights, I'm glad I watched hockey instead. - Can't imagine paying to see either fighter, even if against May or Pac. ([U]"maybe"[/U] JMM-Pac V, but I'd have to think)

-Radam G :

Well, now Marquez will want a Pacquiao-Marquez V. But interest is gone . Hulkquez moved like one of the zoombie from "The Living Dead" flick. Holla!

-Carmine Cas :

Marquez lost, plain and simple he did not have the right to complain. Good call RG