Juan Manuel Marquez Stands In Way of Tim Bradley’s Dream Match

It’s not speed chess, but it might be pretty close to it when Southern California’s Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley meets Mexico’s legendary Juan Manuel Marquez.

Speedy WBO welterweight titlist Bradley (30-0, 12 Kos) defends against the scientific wizardry of Marquez (55-6-1, 40 Kos; seen searching into each others’ soul on Wednesday, in Chris Farina-Top Rank photo) on Saturday, Oct. 12, at Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas. HBO will televise the Top Rank card.

Whenever two elite technicians step into the ring against each other fans seem hesitant to laud the fight as must-see fare. But that’s always the case with Marquez, a scientific counter-puncher who in the past several fights has increased the artillery.

Mexico City’s Marquez with his pencil thin Cantinflas-like mustache and beady eyes zeroes in on opponents’ flaws like a laser-guided missile. Once he detects flaws or weaknesses the electrons in his brain kick into overdrive and uppercuts or devastating right cross bombs find their mark. Remember the Juan Diaz or Manny Pacquiao fights?

“Gotta watch out for those uppercuts,” said Bradley, who readily admits watching tons of footage on the fighter known as “Dinamita.” “He can catch you with that at any time.”

Bradley with his dark bronze domed head and ready smile blinds opponents with his speedy combinations and dazzling footwork. And if an opponent tries to walk through his punches they end up on the seat of their pants looking up. Remember Junior Witter or Devon Alexander?

“He’s very fast,” says Marquez, who had trouble with speedy fighters in the past such as Floyd Mayweather and Chris John. “This is a big moment for me. I can become the first Mexican fighter to win five world titles in five weight classes.”


One added dimension is that both prizefighters are considered among the top Pound for Pound boxers in the world. It doesn’t happen very often when elite pugilists match up. Marquez and Pacquiao were probably the last to clash in the ring.

Bradley’s undefeated record is at risk but there’s more to gain from defeating someone as highly considered as Marquez.

“I’ve always been a fan of Juan Manuel Marquez. I knew some day down the road we would be meeting,” said Bradley, 30. “I study his tapes like a madman. I watch them over and over.”

Despite beating Pacquiao and Ruslan Provodnikov, there still are critics of Bradley’s abilities. He knows a victory over Marquez would boost his own credibility a long way.

“It’s the type of fight I’ve been waiting for,” said Bradley, who spurned fights with Mike Alvarado and Pacquiao. “If I win this, who knows? Maybe Floyd Mayweather?

Bradley laid out the boxing landscape and asked who else is out there for Mayweather after he defeated Robert Guerrero and Saul Alvarez?

“It’s still too early to talk Mayweather, but after I beat Marquez, why not?” said Bradley. “The big fights are out there if I beat Marquez.”



-Radam G :

Wow! So what that Bambi Bradley beats turtle-footed Hulkquez? It is just a bunch of inattention blindness that this shot-fest will be exciting. Bradley hasn't looked good in three years, got a gift decision against Mindanao Manny and a lift one against Siberian Rocky. Hulkquez was getting his arse torched, got his nose broke and his face smashed and cut until he landed a lotto punch after stepping on Da Manny's foot. Hulkquez -- transformed from the urine-drinking Marquez -- is not going to look impressive. He's just being hyped up because he lotto-ed kayoed Da Manny with one shot. Plus he also knocked Da Manny down with one shot. But other than that in the Marquez-Pacquiao IV, Hulkquez was getting his roids-and-PEDs @as handed to him in a beat down. Later for this optical illusion! Anyone who claim that Hulkquez fought a smart, scientific fight should seek employment as a clown. Or in stupidity, yourself just go and drown. Hulkquez was good in the trick-of-the-trade stepping on toes and getting off two great one shots. I'm from the actuality and reality of real, raw pugilism. And I'm reminded of the old-school lyrics of Janet Jackson: "What have you done for me lately?" Marquez hasn't done syet, but got on dat syet from the "Fallen" Angel Heredia. And it ain't gonna help him find "Big Foot" Bradley in dat squared jungle. And then, as always, Marquez/Hulkquez will bytch whine. Wow! He is not standing in the way of any of Bradley's dream matches IMHO! Bradley has been given victories of mirages and is concussed with make believe. Money May will never give him a match. Barely anybody will be interested, and virtually nobody will attend -- like this bout. How many are going to it? And how many will pay PPV charges to see it? In the P-Islands, we will see it for free. Hehehe! Then, again, all PPV bouts from the mainland USA are free. We pick up the American Forces Television Channels in Asia. Thank-you, Yankee G.I. Joes and G.I. Janes G.I. civil-service workers. I ain't got nuffin,' but luv for ya!' Holla!

-The Shadow :

It's hard to say, brother Radam. It'll come down to a decision; that much we do know. Will they or won't they? Meaning will the judges get it right? Bradley will move and box on his MJ-sized Nikes. Marquez will only catch him in a few rare exchanges or countering Bradley's counters. I doubt Bradley will lead much. I wouldn't be shocked if this fight turns out to be a stinker. In that case, they will both be begging to rematch MP whose star will shine bright once more after his demolition job on poor Brandon Rios. Too bad they will be left in the dark in favor of Alvorado, who will get crushed in Macao or Singapore as well. And Bob Arum will jive on like OJ, "Mayweather is not keen on fighting Manny. It will be a one-sided massacre. That is a two-round fight. You see, Mayweather has brittle hands. That means his chin likely is brittle, too. Manny will test his chin. And his chin will fail." And the beat goes on...