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Golovkin10-4-2013 0374dWe are two weeks past Floyd Mayweathers' exemplary showing against Canelo Alvarez, and “Money” is still sucking air from the room. Yesterday, the rumor mill was humming with Floyd-will-fight-Khan talk, which was quickly shot down by all the supposed principals. On Monday night, Danny Garcia fielded press queries about the possibility that he'll go to 147 and face off with Floyd.

Another name that tantalizes the boxing heads is Gennady Golovkin. Lots of folks said they'd like to see Floyd go to 160 to fight Sergio Martinez and just as many, on social media, said they'd be keen to see if the Bieber-faced bomber could drop some of that heavy-handed mayhem on Floyd. Gennady Golovkin vs Floyd Mayweather. Sounds like fun, even if at present day it would take some Hatfields and McCoys kissing and making up in the name of making money…

Sounds like fun to me, anyway…

What about Golovkin? Does the 31-year-old WBA middleweight champion, who has a date set with Curtis Stevens on Nov. 2 at the Madison Square Garden Theater, and on HBO, like the idea of a fight against Mayweather?

“Yes, of course,” Golovkin told me on the phone Thursday, shortly before he was to begin a workout with trainer Abel Sanchez in Cali.

I told him that folks seem to like a Mayweather-Martinez bout, but he said he heard Martinez is healing up and looking to dance with Miguel Cotto next spring. As for Garcia, Golovkin said he thinks highly of his skills, but he would not have a “serious chance” to beat Floyd.

And you Gennady? Would you have a good chance to beat Floyd? Would you have the best chance of any of the possibles to beat Mayweather?

“Right,” he said. “Sure. Absolutely.”

There you go. Have at it, fight fans. Start your debate engines.

“It would be a great fight for everybody, for TV, for the fans,” Golovkin said.

And he hasn't been beaten…You sure you can do it? One hundred percent sure?

He paused, and pondered. “Ninety nine percent,” Golovkin told me.

Curtis Stevens (seen with Golovkin in Will Hart/K2 photo) is talking a great game ahead of the NYC clash. It wouldn't be prudent to assume he gets the wrecking ball treatment on Nov. 2. But we're in a place where we are allowing our minds to wander, possibly because we haven't fallen in love with a wrecking ball in awhile and our top dogs are graying some around their muzzles, and we we know we'll be needing new blood to keep our perpetually dying sport from asphyxiating. Readers, could the warring parties come together to make a Mayweather-Golovkin fight happen in 2014 or 2015, and if it did, does Golovkin have the sort of power to bother Floyd…and the ability to track him down and touch him? Weigh in, in our Forum.

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