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GarciaJudahPC 10-1-2013 08130If it were determined that he was the man next in line, if Danny Garcia were told that Floyd Mayweather would like to step in the ring with the Philadelphia-based 140 pound champion, would the 25-year-old take the leap to 147 pounds, and see if he can prolong his streak as boxing's king of all underdogs?

I asked Danny's trainer-father Angel Garcia Monday night in Brooklyn, and Angel told me that yes, Team Garcia would take the fight in half a heartbeat.

The boxer convinced some stubborn holdouts that he is something much more than a paper champ, someone who has feasted on past-their-prime and chinny victims with a UD12 win over Lucas Matthysse on the Floyd Mayweather-Canelo Alvarez undercard in Las Vegas on Sept. 14.

Would the masses of fight fans like Garcia to dethrone Mayweather, the 45-0 wizard of the ring who has looked as good in his last two fights as he has ever? No. Unless Mayweather were to take his game to 160 pounds or 168, there is nobody at or near his weight class who would be given much of a chance to win more than a couple rounds from him, let alone beat him. But no surprise from folks who have heard Angel Garcia talk about what a rock star his son is for the last few years, Angel told me Danny would beat Floyd.

If it were offered for May 3rd, Floyd’s next date, would they grab it? “Yeah we’d do it, “ Angel said to me before a Golden Boy card kicked off at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Monday night. “We’d have to see, we don’t want to jinx it but the champ (Danny) fights the best in the world and Floyd is one of the best. That would be a good fight, you know why? It’s two holy fighters fighting each other, I’ll call it the Holy War. My boy has to win. How? We have to get the fight first, then start planning,” he said. “If they give the fight to someone else, then we plan for no reason. I’m not going to talk about Floyd bad, (the fight hasn’t been made).”

And with the rumor mill suggesting that Amir Khan could have the inside track on the next Floyd fight…was Angel irked at hearing that, considering Danny kayoed Amir in round four when they faced off in July 2012?

“I got a little upset, yeah, like everybody, I was like, ‘Why Khan?’ He aint got no chin,” the father said.

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