RINGSIDE Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Gets Gift Decision Over Brian Vera

CARSON, CALIF.-Julio Cesar Chavez was seemingly out-punched, out-conditioned and out-smarted but was given a very controversial unanimous decision against Bryan Vera after 10 rounds in a light heavyweight fight that was supposed to be a super middleweight fight on Saturday.

Chavez (47-1-1, 32 Kos) seemed to be out-worked by Vera (23-7, 14 Kos) in a fight that took place in the light heavyweight division instead of the originally contracted super middleweight. But more than 5,000 mostly Chavez fans saw a strange unanimous decision go toward the popular Mexican fighter.

“Of course I won the fight,” said Chavez (seen being backed up by Vera in Al Applerose photo) after the fight. “He was fighting dirty.”

For most of the 10 rounds Vera was the fighter making the action and Chavez was the counter-puncher. Three judges saw it in favor of Chavez.

Vera did most of the punching in the first round. He used double jabs and some combinations against Chavez, who was constantly on the move. A couple of left hooks from Chavez found the mark but did no damage. Meanwhile Vera’s jab was connecting and several combinations found the mark too.

Chavez continued moving away in round two and allowed Vera to take the initiative. Several combinations from the Texan landed but did not hurt the bigger Chavez. Again, Vera was making the fight and much more busy than Chavez.

Round three saw Vera continue to make the fight, especially with his busy left jab followed by combinations. Chavez landed a counter right flush but it caused no damage to Vera who smiled every time he was hit by Chavez.

Vera ate a left hook and stood motioning with his hands as if to ask the crowd why Chavez’s vaunted left hook didn’t do anything to him in round four. Chavez then unloaded some gruesome right hands and another left hook that probably won the Mexican fighter the round.

Chavez seemed to be looking for the big punch (as in the Chris Farina-Top Rank photo) and though he landed a few, it was Vera who was out-hustling him with combination punching in round five. A four-punch combination from the Texan scored and a left-right combo tagged Chavez well. A perfectly placed right cross by Chavez score big but was it enough to win the round?

A sneaky right cross by Chavez connected solidly and slightly wobbled Vera, who shook it off and continued to pressure the taller fighter in round six. Chavez landed a few more rights and a left hook but Vera never stopped pressing forward. A combination by the Texan made it interesting, but it was Chavez’ round.

Vera was winning round seven easily when he got cocky and allowed Chavez to connect with a left hook flush. Vera shook momentarily and Chavez tried to follow up but couldn’t. It was a close round to score. Both connected with blows but Vera added some scoring jabs too.

Good round for Vera in the eighth as Chavez seemed to take his foot off the pedal. Vera fired combinations at will while Chavez looked for that home-run punch. Left uppercuts and left hooks landed for Vera as the Mexican fighter looked a little tired.

Vera shortened his punches and began firing combinations, including multiple uppercuts. Though Chavez was never hurt by the blows they were scoring as Chavez looked for the big blow to end the fight. He may have felt he was ahead on points but many of the fans saw it as a close fight.

The final round saw Vera open with a jab and also score with a three-punch combination. Then, Chavez fired a double left hook, a left uppercut right hand combination and a right hand. Vera then began to play around a little and that seemed to give the round to Chavez.

When the scores were read many expected a victory for Vera, but instead it was Chavez who was given the unanimous decision;  98-92 by Gwen Adair, 97-93 by Marty Denkin and 96-94 by Carla Caiz. A shockwave of derision rumbled through the crowd, except for the die-hard Chavez fans who seemed relieved by the decision.

“I definitely won the fight,” said Vera. “We had a game plan and I stuck to it.”

Chavez was confident that he deserved the fight, especially in light of the low blows, head butts and other alleged infractions.

Art Pelullo, the president of Banner Promotions, which promotes Vera, said he wasn’t peeved by the one card that saw it 96-94, but the other two cards were in his opinion out of order.

“First, you want to see the right guy win,” said Pelullo. “But that judge who scored it 98-92 didn’t watch the fight. She seemed to have her scores already made.”

After the fight Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. said he had his son winning the fight, but admitted it was a very close fight. “I don’t judge with my heart, I judge with my head,” Chavez Sr. said. “I had Julio winning five or six rounds for certain.”

Vera said he could only give Chavez three rounds.

“If you look at the stats you can see I landed a lot more punches,” said Vera. “I had a feeling something like this was going to happen.”

Other bouts

Karim “HardHitta” Mayfield (18-0-1, 11 Kos) started slowly but caught his rhythm against Utah’s Chris Fernandez in round four when he floored him twice. The fight resumed with Fernandez hanging on stubbornly and full of fight until round eight. Mayfield fired a left hook to the body and Fernandez slumped to the floor and could not get up. Referee Ray Corona stopped the fight at 2:59 of round eight for a knockout win for Mayfield, who brought hundreds of fans from San Francisco.

Las Vegas contender Diego Magdaleno (24-1, 9 Kos) breezed through Edgar “Trash” Rio Valle (35-16-2, 25 Kos) after 10 rounds in a junior lightweight bout. Magdaleno had lost a world title bid this past April and changed training camps from Las Vegas to Indio, California. Though he won every round according to the judges, Magdaleno was not satisfied. “I was very rusty in there,” Magdaleno said.

Indio’s Gabino Saenz (11-0-1, 8 Kos) erupted on Dominic Coca (8-5) with a left hook that sent him to the canvas. Coca got up but was under fire from Saenz. A Saenz double right wobbled Coca and referee Lou Moret jumped in to stop the fight at 2:27 of the first round for a technical knockout.

Mexico’s Daniel “Galeno” Sandoval (33-2, 30 Kos) out-worked the ultra-defensive Richard Gutierrez (26-12-1, 16 Kos) after 10 rounds of a junior middleweight match. Sandoval won by unanimous decision in a very tedious fight.

Jose Felix Jr. (25-0-1, 20 Kos) blew out Ghana’s tall Joseph Laryea (11-9, 10 Kos) in the first round in their lightweight clash. The fighter from Los Mochis attacked Laryea and caught him with a left hook and right hand. Laryea did not beat the count at 2:37 of round one.

Jose Ramirez (6-0, 4 Kos) unloaded early against Denver’s Daniel Calzada (8-9-2) and kept it going for all four rounds. Calzada and Ramirez showed good chins but it was Ramirez’s speed that proved the difference. All three judges scored it 40-36 for the former U.S. Olympian Ramirez, a junior welterweight.

Oscar Valdez (7-0, 6 Kos) knocked out Jose Morales (7-5-1) of Denver at 1:57 of round two of a featherweight bout.


-Radam G :

The gift came to JCCJ, the Son of a Legend, because the Texican was smiling, laughing and hot dogging. Da Cali crooks hate that. They like a hustling, plain-faced pugilist getting down with da gitdown [sic]. The C-crooks believe that: "Smiling faces -- SMILING FACES -- teeelllll LIES!" They were busy watching BV's face instead of his blasting-and-smashing mitts upside JCCJ's cranium and torso. The moral of the bout: They are to rob a smiling, clowning face in Cali, USA. So wipe the smiles off your mug, or they will cheat squash ya' like a Texas bug. Hehehe! Holla!

-spit bucket :

Did anyone think Vera's punches were low? They looked about perfect to me and they hurt Chavez (not enough sit-ups in the gym, perhaps?)

-SouthPawFlo :

Robbery...... Chavez lost... He got out worked in Every Round.... Chavez might be ok if he decides to dedicate himself to the sport, but his Daddy's name is only gonna carry him so far.

-The Shadow :

Did anyone think Vera's punches were low? They looked about perfect to me and they hurt Chavez (not enough sit-ups in the gym, perhaps?)
No, it's a character flaw. It's pretty obvious that whenever he throws a fit, he usually gets his way. He was just getting punched and wasn't liking it at all.

-SouthPaul :

Those punches weren't all that low. He was wearing his trunks Oscar De la Hoya like..damn near just below his chin.

-DaveB :

Chavez had everything in his favor going into this match so why not cheat and give him the win too. He will be toast if he competes at 168. Good job by Adonis Stevenson of getting out of that division to avoid Ward, stupid move by Chavez of going into to that division to face Ward.

-jzzy :

Another snow job by Arum and his minions. This guy Chavez is blowing what could be a lucrative career. He's lost more respect and much of his fan base and will eventually get hurt unless he dedicates himself. Time is running out.

-amayseng :

sorry Radam, chavez got that gift regardless of what Vera did or didnt do. that **** was done before the bell rang to start round one. good showing by Vera, POOR showing in every single regard by Chavez jr, attitude, boxing ability, everything. Chavez jr is that spoiled brat at school no one can stand, and for good reason. the worst thing about last night (despite Vera not getting the nod of course) is that i was NOT even surprised when they read the scores....

-brownsugar :

Chavez brings in too much money to be derailed by a relative no name like Vera... But it may be too late for Jr....I think even the Mexicans are losing patience with this guy...too many empty seats. For what its worth Vera should received the UD himself...without a doubt or controversy

-Hop :

Good showing by Vera,
Chavez jr is that spoiled brat at school no one can stand, and for good reason. [U]the worst thing about last night (despite Vera not getting the nod of course) is that i was NOT even surprised when they read the scores[/U]....
What a dead-on post, A-May. No need for me to even write the one I was going to. What a CRYBABY JCC Jr. was! I'm a total un-fan now. [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/332w3ux.jpg[/IMG] Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Saturday Night

-amayseng :

What a dead-on post, A-May. No need for me to even write the one I was going to. What a CRYBABY JCC Jr. was! I'm a total un-fan now. [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/332w3ux.jpg[/IMG] Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Saturday Night
i respect anyone who steps in through those ropes and gets down... however, how can you respect anymore than that for Chavez jr, the guy takes no pride in his craft. no matter the craft, it is hard to respect any man who takes no pride or shows no self respect and dignity. plus the guy has been caught cheating and skipping post fight tests. wow, chavez sr was the pride of Mexico and his son is the very opposite...... as a father myself, one dreams of nothing worse as far as raising a son into a man

-Radam G :

No "sorry" needed. I concur that the Son of a Legend got a gift. Christmas is a couple of months off. And the C-crooks wanted to keep up with the SC-crooks and holla a paid, early gift for the reported birth of Big Poppa God's Son -- Baby JC. It's a crooked world out there. I told y'all a million-times plus that one of my late, great godfather -- Music man Tiny Tim -- said that: "Boxing is like a banana, CROOKED!" And it makes almost everybodeee and dey momma go apesyet [sic] every time it rears its shady, seedy head. Hehehe! Holla!

-Matthew :

While it was not the worst decision I have ever seen, I thought Vera did enough to win (or get a draw at the very least). I did not see Chavez as the winner, and I certainly did not see him winning 8 rounds. As soon as I heard that scorecard announced, I knew what was coming. It looks like Gwen Adair filled out her scorecard in advance. As much heat as C.J. Ross has taken for her scorecards in Pacquiao-Bradley and Mayweather-Alvarez, she is certainly not alone when it comes to questionable judging. Even the usually reliable Marty Denkin had a bad night. I feel badly for Vera. The guy fought his tail off, and now he has to swallow this bitter pill. I hope HBO brings him back for another good payday; he's earned it.

-Carmine Cas :

Jr is a straight up b*tch either way you cut, he looked like Lebron in there crying to the ref I'm glad the ref didn't buy into his bs Obviously daddy helped in a big way but Uncle Bobby def influence those crooked arse cards Does Jr even like boxing or did his daddy force him into it?

-Hop :

I have always had
genuine respect for the best in Mexican boxers and Mexican-style boxing (whether the fighters were from Mexico, or were Mexican-Americans). I'm talking about the likes of Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera, Salvador Sanchez, Johnny Tapia, Bobby Chacon, Michael Carbajal, Genaro Hernandez, Diego Corrales, Abner Mares, Leo Santa Cruz, and several others. I'll include De La Hoya and Julio Cesar Chavez, Sr. -- though I admit I was never a fan of those two [U]to the extent[/U] that most are (which doesn't mean I have no admiration). Speaking
"generally" (please understand), I think Mexican fighters are the hardest to get down (KD), and show the courage and ability to endure punishment that marks out true warriors. I've also felt that they tend to be some of the least-complaining boxers, at least while in the ring doing their business. I say all this because I don't see how any proud Mexican would root for or be a fan of Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr., I really don't. To me he is the
"opposite" of the proud Mexican stereotype. What a spoiled baby he was Saturday night. What a whiner. I think he knew right well he had lost and was already beginning his excuse-making campaign immediately after the fight, rather than taking his loss like an honorable man. Boo-hiss. A poor representative of a heritage that has made an incredible contribution to the history of boxing. At least that's my 2?.

-The Shadow :

Hop, you're not being stereotypical by saying Mexicans are durable. Everyone knows they can take whoopings like no other and never, ever quit. Watching European cards with prospects, they would frequently bring in various Aztec jabronis who would take beatings like you wouldn't believe and just come forward. I think tenacity is in their blood. They just refuse to quit. Chavez Jr. is just a pampered, spoiled little primadonna. That's all.