Sugar Shane Mosley & Anthony Mundine In L.A.

LOS ANGELES-Deep in the heart of the downtown area, where refurbishing is taking place daily, hometown hero Sugar Shane Mosley and Australia’s Anthony Mundine met Friday afternoon to let the world know about their pending clash.

Mosley, the former lightweight, welterweight and junior middleweight world champion meets Mundine, the former super middleweight, middleweight and now interim junior middleweight world champion on Oct. 23. The junior middleweight match will be held in Sydney, Australia and promoted by Millenium Promotions, in association with Golden Boy Promotions.

“I’m more comfortable at welterweight, but I can do junior middleweight,” said Mosley, 41, inside the L.A Brewing Company located on Broadway. “He’s a little bigger than me, but you know me, I can fight bigger guys.”

Mundine, a former rugby great in Australia, is now considered by many one of that country’s greatest prizefighters. That’s not enough for his liking.

“I feel I’m the best athlete ever,” the 38-year-old Mundine said, adding that includes American athletes of yesteryear too. “Bo Jackson only played team sports. I was in a team sport but then I went into the most difficult and dangerous sport of all, boxing.”

It’s been a long-time goal of Mundine to enter the American market where big money and worldwide recognition go together. He knew he needed someone of Hall of Fame caliber like Mosley to place him into the American consciousness.

“A win over Mosley will open up a lot of doors,” Mundine says.

Mosley recently took apart Mexico’s Pablo Cano this past May to prove that he’s far from over in the welterweight world. Can he beat a Devon Alexander or an Adrien Broner?

But this fight takes place at the junior middleweight level and Mosley has Golden Boy’s backing for this fight.

“Shane has always fought the best,” said Raul Jaimes, of Golden Boy Promotions. “He put on an amazing performance against Pablo Cano.”

Now Mosley gets Mundine. Both fighters are fighting for that doorway to bigger fights.

“I’d like to fight Canelo,” said Mundine, who defeated Rigoberto Alvarez two years ago. “But I can’t think about that. I’m focusing on Shane.”


-james pena :

great past champion in sugar shane hope he really will not stick around to much longer

-gibola :

Can't stand Mundine but style-wise he is a nightmare for Shane. This will be a repeat of Shane's struggle with Sergio Mora - only worse. Mundine on points in an unwatchable fight. Why fight this guy Shane?

-amayseng :

shane struggles when going up in weight to fight, his power doesnt carry over.. he should just stay at ww

-brownsugar :

I'm blocking the channel this fight is being aired on.

-The Shadow :

Mundine looks huge! Shane walks around at 165 btu Mundine looks at least 175. But then again, Mundine came down from championship competition at 168. Either way, I don't like this matchup. Looks like another Mora or Winky Wright affair. Although I hope Shane can bust him up and go fight back at 147 again.

-SouthPawFlo :

Shane took this fight for the 7 figure payday... This fight can set up bigger fights for both men, Shane says he's 100% healthy and 100% motivated... We'll see how this one turns out....

-Carmine Cas :

Merp, that's how I feel about this fight

-the Roast :

Its a payday Shane cannot pass up. He said he would fight at welter but then this came along. I don't blame Sugar Shane, first and for most you gotta pay them bills!!!!

-brownsugar :

Its a payday Shane cannot pass up. He said he would fight at welter but then this came along. I don't blame Sugar Shane, first and for most you gotta pay them bills!!!!
And Trophy wives ain't cheap either.