Get Ready For Mayweather-Canelo “All-Access”

Chasing shadows.

That’s an apt and poetic way of putting what Robert Guerrero dealt with in the ring against Floyd Mayweather on May 4 in Las Vegas.

Narrator Barry Pepper offers that assessment of Floyd’s work in the first episode on Showtime’s All Access-Mayweather vs. Canelo series, which drops Saturday night, at 10 PM, to accompany Showtime’s fight card, topped by an Abner Mares-Jhonny Gonzalez fight. Here is a video teaser, put together by Showtime.

The All-Access is meant to whet appetites for Mayweather’s second bout of 2013, this one against the Mexican hitter with model-level looks and a sturdy frame which has carried him to a 42-0-1 ring record.

The two are shown above, in a Richard T. Slone illustration.

Canelo is shown sending Austin Trout to the mat, for the first time in his pro career, on April 20. He is described as “the face of the new era,” but Mayweather (44-0) begs to differ. “There’s only one name that counts,” counters the 36-year-old Mayweather, with typical bravado.

The show cameras have and will follow the fighters for three weeks, up til fight night. We will see tidbits of insight into their lives and discover surprising morsels, such as that Canelo apparently has a fondess for shoes. “I like shoes, too much,” he allows, in a hotel room, shirtless. (Yes, many frames of the film will appeal to ladies and fellas with an eye for a well crafted face and physique.)

Footage from the Times Sq. outdoor presser is shown. Then Floyd hustles to a G5 on a tarmac. Canelo too is seen, enroute to another stop, DC. We check out a clip from the Grand Rapids hypefest, and Canelo sings, a lot worse than Manny Pacquiao, on a flight.

“We in Mexico, they better not throw no urine on me,” cracks Floyd before the Mexican presser.

Mayweather and promoter Oscar De la Hoya make nice and (feign?) geniality during the tour, and Oscar admits that he still has some negative feelings for Floyd from their own tangle, back in 2007.

Canelo, too, shows an edge, when Floyd runs late for an appearance, and the Mexican notes the perceived disrespect.

In LA, Oscar gets off a winner when he refers to canelo as “boxing’s biggest star” while Mayweather and advisor Leonard Ellerbe chuckle.

“Emeffer, I am boxing,” Floyd says in his gym while he whacks a bag, and dismisses the same patter others have tossed out, that they have the skills and strategy to take him down. Next, we see Uncle Roger holding pads, and Papa Floyd talking about his role as head trainer, for the second straight fight. “Now, we’re on the same page,” says Floyd, with none of the rancor which helped spur drama and interest for these sort of documercials in the past.

In Mexico, Canelo, who is the youngest of seven brothers, works out, before he’s to head back to Big Bear, CA, where he is apparently punishing sparring partners that a few have exited rather than take such punishment for money. He says he was a brawler, and fought as far back as kindergarten, when he was teased for his freckles and red hair. He shut them up then; can he now, against the master craftsman Mayweather? He turned pro at 15, we are told, and we see footage of him causing foes to crumble. Pepper terms him a “natural fighter” and Canelo says, “This is my time to beat Floyd Mayweather.”

Back in Vegas, Floyd doesn’t seem awed by Canelo’s apparent confidence. He is bubbly in the gym, talking smack, taking on a newcomer, Will Clemons, who enters the ring aka The Dog House, at the Mayweather Gym ring. They spar for seven rounds straight, with no break, though we aren’t allowed a peek, by order of Mayweather.

Floyd takes in Mickey Bey’s fight against John Molina, and is a bit deflated some when Bey gets stopped in the tenth and final round. He grits in his teeth and addresses some of his Money Team fighters, cluing them in that not every fight will be a win. Not theirs, anyway…

Canelo is seen offroading, on trails and on a beach. Then, he takes a gallop on a horse, on the Mexican coast, with his brothers. He has sparred with some of his brothers, in the gym run by his trainer, Chepo. In fact, he spars with brother Rigo while the camera rolls.

He then tells us he got a lady pregnant, when he was sixteen, and a baby girl was born. He says he doesn’t like that girl to be on camera, but that he adores her. “She’s made me a more disciplined man,” he says. He is a bit sad that he must leave her to get to camp, he says.

Floyd then hits the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame, where he gets an award as Male Fighter of the Year. Floyd thanks the champions that came before, showing some humility that pops up more than casual observers might think.

To close, each man leaves viewers with an optimistic take on their chances Sept. 14. Can I get a show of hands, in our Forum, from those who like Canelo to upset Floyd?

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-jzzy :

Canelo is really a middleweight trying to make 152. This will take some of the steam out of him especially in the late rounds. He's never really been a pressure fighter and that's what's needed to beat Mayweather now. I think Money's ring smarts and footspeed will be the difference but we have to give Canelo the puncher's chance.

-leon30001 :

Sounds deathly dull, frankly. Especially Mayweather's humourless schtick. Seen it already, many, many times. Next!

-SouthPaul :

Rarely does Floyd say anything interesting or profound on these "reality" shows and this one was no different. Lots of corny cliche sound bites coming from his side. Barf.

-brownsugar :

You are correct in the context with which you describe the show SouthPaul. My enjoyment comes from the many small details that may be used as data to synthesize an informed forecast of the impending result. Because the more I look at the different aspects of the fight the less inclined I feel call Floyd the winner out right. Swagger factor - both Alvarez and Mayweather score 95% Ambience - The Vibe around Alvarez camp is all business, with Canelo in charge and utilizing the latest in sports accoutrements and fashion.. Don't know how effective it will be but Alvarez gets some serious style points for sports fashion. (Boxing Chique') Mayweathers' camp is packed with on lookers and peer pressure... with Floyd being at the pinnacle of performance hierarchy. Although I don't know what to make of Floyd going 21 minutes of sparring with someone whom nobody knows behind closed doors. The whole activity went down playfully like some type of gang initiation ritual. Alvarez = 82% Floyd = 87% Then finally there's the INTEL Factor. The Alvarez camp looks worry free... no mention of weight issues While Alvarez is apparently ripping combinations on the heavy bag efforlessly . This implies Alvarez is healthy, fit, and ready. On the other hand Floyd is making comments about saving his hands..which does bode well for Floyd because Alvarezs' jaw bone looks more dense than a slab of granite. And Floyd had difficulty hurting welterweights ... could this be a significant factor ? Alvarez 90% Floyd 76%

-SouthPaul :

Brown Suga' staying true to form... Bringing out the thinking juices in us TSS boxing brethren. Good stuff. Here's my dilemma, though, from a purely boxing fan stand point .. I dislike Floyd's WWE script. Sickens me (I respect those actors and athletes but I can't stand wrestling on that level) but the business side of myself ... I love how he's created this massive money making product of his. Anyhow, back to the show.. I feel like I am being used to promote his fights when I respond to the obvious silly ****... so I am going to resist the the urge to detail my thoughts but one thing I noticed in that all access ....Canelo has enough speed to connect with some unexpected shots. Specially if he can use his feet and angles properly (in order to beat Floyd Im still convinced he'll need to be hurt-- it's what you don't see coming that gets to you the most). For the sake of entertainment and wanting to see a competitive bout--- that excites me.

-brownsugar :

Your not being used by expressing your opinion SP...because you have a choice...if its any consolation my grandson felt sickened by Floyd's braggadocious behavior...and begged me not to watch it for the third time.

-amayseng :

boring boring and more boring i almost feel sorry for floyd, he has nothing new to run with its the same ol look at my private jet, my dad, my uncle, hard work dedication, oh snap NO one films floyd sparring even an out of shape slow arse mw with man boobs who amayseng would out point with head gear on..... the narration itself was terrible, the slow boring tone of the narrator reminded me the middle school teacher whos 20 years late on retiring i want to like these shows, they are just disappointing..

-SouthPaul :

It ain't even the braggadocio part that sickens's simply a lame s script overall. A guy who ain't funny unless you're on his payroll. I'd certainly laugh if I were on the payroll, so I totally get why his lackeys find him comical. Otherwise.. Its like a bad parody on his part. Floyd stars as himself. Lmfao. Anyhow, great input, guys...finding something is nothing. Well done. Truly.

-amayseng :

You're right. Floyd isnt funny. I've said it for years. It's embarrassing really. You want my attention show me in detail how hard these guys work down to the T. Diet, exercise, nutrition, rest, rehab, injuries, anxiety. Instead they show 4 seconds on the road, 5 seconds in the gym. Floyd is a great fighter. He has a terrible entertaining personality. It's unfunny and boring.

-brownsugar :

You're right. Floyd isnt funny. I've said it for years. It's embarrassing really. You want my attention show me in detail how hard these guys work down to the T. Diet, exercise, nutrition, rest, rehab, injuries, anxiety. Instead they show 4 seconds on the road, 5 seconds in the gym. Floyd is a great fighter. He has a terrible entertaining personality. It's unfunny and boring.
Much respect to you Amaseng and SouthPaul.. But I'm eating this hype up like a kid in candy land....we'll see if the next show is worthy of your approval.

-amayseng :

Much respect to you Amaseng and SouthPaul.. But I'm eating this hype up like a kid in candy land....we'll see if the next show is worthy of your approval.
i hope so but dont count on it.. these shows are not for the hardcore, they are for the layman who they want to persuade to shell out 70 bucks for the fight.. i will be watching, if i can find a link again that is, if not i wont lose sleep over it...

-brownsugar :

Then I must certainly be the king of laymen Lol. One Mans garbage is another man's treasure.. Already purchased my PPV ticket....and have selected the cuisine, drinks, and sent out the invites...I'm trying not to over anticipate......or get over excited. A Mayweather event is always HUGE at my place... we especially love the AllAccess shows.(or should I say "commercials") I'm even thinking of inviting an Ordained Minister to comfort the attendees if Mayweather is unsuccessful in his junior middleweight title bid....wouldn't want anybody driving off a cliff on the way home.

-brownsugar :

In my humble opinion this episode was very well produced.. Although the show was lacking the voice of Leiv Schrieber.. his absence wasn't even noticeable. The polish applied to the overall look of the show was clearly evident.. except for the footage of Canelo riding a horse shirtless on the beach which looked like a cover shoot for a Harlequin Romance novel...this scene must have been edited for Canelos' many female fans