Wilder Fight Could Be “Last Hurrah” For Sergei Liakhovich

Sergei Liakhovich has lost two straight and is being brought to Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California to pad the record of prospect Deontay Wilder.

No secrets here.

Liakhovich is 37, and lost to Robert Helenius via TKO9 in August 2011, and was stopped out against Bryant Jennings in March 2012. He could have hung up the mitts, but instead, he wants to give it one more go. The man born in Belarus beat Lamon Brewster and took hold of the WBO heavyweight crown, before dropping it in his first defense, against Shannon Briggs. Liakhovich was counted out at 2:59 of the twelfth and final round of a scrap he was enroute to winning on the cards. He could rest on the title laurels and move on to another vocational path, but seeks to prove on Friday night that he still has some worth in the heavyweight realm.

Wilder carries a 28-0 record, with 28 KOs, into the ring, while Liakhovich is 25-2 with 16 KOs. Here is video proof of Wilder’s nasty power.

The Liakhovich-Wilder bout will run on Showtime’s “ShoBox.” The three-bout Golden Boy Promotions program kicks off at 10 PM ET.

Liakhovich’s advisor, the Boston-based attorney Anthony Cardinale, who was instrumental in securing meaningful fights for client John Ruiz, weighed in to TSS about Liakhovich’s chances against Wilder, a certified bomber who still looks green much of the time, but usually overrides that with his pop.

“Here is the thing about Sergei, he is double tough and has vast experience,” Cardinale said. “If he can stay away from right hand bombs (the only real weapon in Wilder’s arsenal) for a few rounds, and frustrate him, there will be openings he can take advantage of. He has to stay out of any fire fights, like when he lost in the last few seconds to Briggs.”

Cardinale said that Liakhovich has been well served working with former three division champion Mike “The Body Snatcher McCallum,” who won his first crown, at junior middle, against Cardinale client Sean Mannion, in 1984.

“I believe Sergei is ready mentally and physically, working with McCallum over the past six months,” Cardinale continued. “We thought he had a fight lined up before this one and he worked a couple of months with Mike preparing for that, so this is in effect his second camp with Mike. They seem to be on the same page. I think his last fight against the kid from Philly, Jennings, was not a true barometer, he was way, way over confident and really coasted the week of the fight, no workouts except runs, and was flat the night of the fight, unable to do what he wanted.”

Cardinale is well known for repping LCN figures John Gotti, Frank Salemme and other notorious sorts in the New England area, and holding the FBI’s feet to the fire, in seeking that organization to admit that some of their agents worked in concert with “Whitey” Bulger, the fabled gangster awaiting his fate in a Boston court-room following 16 years on the lam.

“All that said, this is Sergei’s last hurrah,” Cardinale admitted. “It would be hard to continue with a loss. He knows that and is prepared to fight for his life.”


-Bernie Campbell :

Please Please! Don't Bullsh.. here! This guy is in someones pocket! He fought Nickolay Valuev 1n 2008! Was a quality Boxer, and was completely shut out! Now we all know what a great fighter Valuev was! Why didn't Sergei win one round? He allowed himself to get schooled by a circus freak! As a matter of fact that fight was one of Valuev's pugilistic masterpieces! Shouldn't have happened! Sergie ended Brewsters career! Gave a great fight to Briggs until a "lucky punch"! Slapped Dominick Guinn around, When Dominick Guinn was the Cats pajamas! What the fuh? Found religion, changed his first name! Got flabby! Became an opponent! Fought once a year! Not even competitive against Helenius and Jennings! Something Stinks of fish coming from Belirus! This guy is in someones pocket! He will be less trouble than a sparring partner! Which brings us to Wilder! Do you think we are impressed? How bout bringing in Smil Samil Sam for a go!

-Spinach Chin :

All of Wilder's fights have been set-ups thus far. Golden Boy has him believing he's a KO artist. His grade is incomplete until he gets hit on the chin by a true puncher. Sam Peter should be ready for a comeback fight about now...let's see it.

-Bernie Campbell :

Where the fch is John McCain?

-mortcola :

Wilder is wildly strong and athletic. ANd Liakhovich is a proven underachiever with good talent and a knack of losing when he should win. but there is one thing that makes this different from Wilder's other easy marks: Liakhovich knows how to box. and there is something very different between Wilder and Liakhovich's last bad loss against Jennings: Jennings is a crafty, quick, patient and accurate fighter, while Wilder is WILD - they don't even have a name for the shade of green he is, as strong as he may be. If Liakhovich really wants this fight, he can make Wilder look like an inept amateur. But he has to really focus and not give in to the Golota in him - the little demon on his shoulder who says, don't let this guy punch you, take your nice check and go home. I'm gonna check the DVR now and see if I know what the hell I'm talking about.

-brownsugar :

I believe you know what your talking about Mort...except Wilder is more of a Forrest green than sap green these days... The main problem tonight was Liakhovich is so far removed from his prime even Seth Mitchell would have had a field day with him... The man came into the ring with a look on his face like he was walking the last green mile. Not to take away from the crushing power of Wilder who left his doomed opponent thrashing Wildly and convulsing as if he was being electrocuted. ......And so the glacial progression of Wilder continues...but at least he appears to be heading in the right direction. He's got promise but I'd prescribe another 18 months in the incubator...hate to see him wind up as the U.S. version of David Price.

-amayseng :

Mortcola no worries u are always on point. Bsug is a master of analogies. Bcamp u continue to entertain yet confuse and then entertain me again with each post. Why does Sergei fight once a year ? Why do these boxers fight so infrequently? How do you master and perfect your craft my never performing it? I can hit battin practice all day but what's that have to do with seeing a real 87 mph cutter in the 9th inning down by 2 with bases loaded? Nothing. Game speed is different and Floyd knows this more than ever now being 37. I just don't get these fighters. And how so guys who aren't banking great checks sustain a living fighting once a year? Wilder is green but at least he is a bit exciting until he gets his ears boxed off or knocked out.

-Shoulder Roll Defense :

There is a reason that Wlad has given Deontay such high praise in sparring. He is raw, but athletically the most gifted heavyweight in the division (size, speed, agility, power). He needs a lot more polishing as far as skills go, but his natural attributes are undeniable. How far Deontay goes will depend primarily on his chin in my opinion. If the kid has chin, pencil him in as future heavyweight champion. Skills can be taught, but you are born with a certain amount of power, speed, and punch resistance. Liakhovich had NEVER been stopped in the first round and the fact that Wilder got him out that fast in such a violent matter shouldn't go unnoticed. I would like to see him face Arreola or Mitchell next. He is 27 and could use another 1 to 2 years of development before facing Wlad or Vitali.

-Radam G :

Wilder will be heavyweight champion, regardless. One doesn't need a chin to hold that spot. The late, almost great Floyd Patterson is proof of that. He held that spot twice. And was the first to win it twice for years. One could blow on his chin and kayo him. Hehehe! Holla!

-Bernie Campbell :

The Mob owns Wilder! Look closely about the unsavory element that surround him? It aint exactly Chieffo Dollar! Sonny Liston of the 21st century ring a bell?

-Radam G :

The late, great scare-da-syet-outta-you "Night Train" Sonny Liston never got it on with a Sin City working girl, then whupped her arse because he didn't wanna pay for her services. "Whuppin'-a-working-girl's @$$ Wilder is no Sonny Liston, and the mob would want not a Wilder, the working-girl beater. Holla!

-Bernie Campbell :

Hey Radam, You arnt a Boxing Scholar, Ill tell you that! How old are you man! Its like you go to a basketball game and get all your facts from the guy next to you! Sonny Liston was up for Rape in a Boston Hotel with a chambermaid in 1953! The media tried sweeping it under the rug! Its in the archives! Now you can talk sh.. all you want about a setup! I don't know, this happened before Liston was well known! But don't romantasize these idiots! Anything that's contrary to putting a feather in their hat, your history! How bout that French dude that was head of the International Monetery Fund, he was gonna run for president of France! Guy got carried away with the cleaning lady! He lost the biggest job practicly in the world! Do you think he did it? Was Sonny Liston innocent! Why do these jerks get carried away with themselves in Hotel's! Must be the friggun atmosphere! If Nature calls, go to the club down the corner, wear a fake mustache, or one of those Groucho dohickeys! Give a line of sh.. and tell her she looks just like Halle Berry! Why do you throw everything out the window?Some of these high profile types are completely ignorant!

-Radam G :

Hehe! As I said he never got it on in Sin City. The Bostonian jive was a set up. I'm reminded of Iron Mike Tyson in Indianapolis. I told him not to go near that New England girl. She never sued him in civil court because the whole truth was going to come out. Holla!

-Bernie Campbell :

Radam, You absolutely tak to much sh..! You have family that was on that OJ trial?

-Radam G :

Danggit! Don't be telling my business, B-Camp! The one mestizo Pinay on the Cali jury was a long distant, distant cousin of mine. If I'd had been on the OJ's trial, it would've been a hung jury. I guess that you know who woulda hung it. If I'd have been on OJ's trials in Sin City, it would have been a hung jury too. And I guess that you know who woulda hung it, TOO!. How in da double fudge can a Cali murderer of his wife and her one-night stand be found innocent in Cali, and then a decade and a half later railroaded into guilty in Sin City for stealing his own syet? Hehehe! I guess that is why Sin City is Sin City. For taking back your own syet, there is not an ounce of PITY! WTF! What is wrong with this world that we live in? Sometimes even karma ain't right. Holla!