UFC World Tour Lands in L.A. With Ronda Rousey, Jon Jones, More

LOS ANGELES-A morning crowd of nearly 1,000 fans packed the inside of a popular downtown L.A. nightclub to see an All Star cast from Ultimate Fighting Championship on Tuesday.

Dana White led his heavy-duty crew of mixed martial arts champions and challengers that included Ronda Rousey ( pictured above, in photo from UFC.com), Miesha Tate, Jon Jones, Georges St-Pierre, Cain Velasquez, Junior Dos Santos, Alexander Gustafsson, and Johny Hendricks.

All of the MMA stars greeted and were greeted by the enthusiastic crowd inside Club Nokia in L.A. Live. It was a face to face with many of their fans and the media for the UFC World Tour that’s hitting multiple cities in the U.S. and Canada.

White, the president of UFC, led the conversation and spoke about coming showdowns between Jones and Gustafsson, St. Pierre and Hendricks, Velasquez and Dos Santos and the upcoming television reality show The Ultimate Fighter show which pits Rousey against Tate as coaches, and then in a rematch.

“I have everything she wants in life,” said Rousey of her rival Tate.

Tate was diplomatic and simply said, “She has a way of irritating me. It’s really more of a personal thing.”

Jones received a big ovation when he was announced and was slightly evasive about his challenger to the light heavyweight title.

“He has a very unique style,” said Jones of Gustafsson.

Asked how to beat Jones who is considered by many the top MMA fighter pound for pound, Gustafsson responded simply.

“It’s all about working hard all day,” he said.

It was a hodge-podge of comments and give and take between the fighters, the crowd and the media present.

There were “wolf whistles” for both Rousey and Tate, and several comments by female fans regarding St-Pierre. One woman asked the welterweight champion from Canada if he would take her to lunch on the premise she wanted to discover his diet.

“You would be surprised at my diet,” St-Pierre told the woman.

Hendricks predicted he will pound the champion into obscurity, but he was even more angry about the Olympic Games committee for eliminating wrestling from the next games in Brazil.

“I’d like to sock a couple of the guys for taking it out,” Hendricks said.

Velasquez jumped on the bandwagon and said that if not for wrestling he would not have arrived in the UFC.

“Wrestling has been a big part of my life forever. It’s going to hurt UFC a lot too,” said Velasquez.

Rousey said that she will be traveling to Europe to take part in a motion picture. All that she revealed was that it’s an action movie.

“I’m going to play a kind of ‘kick ass’ kind of chick,” said the blonde Rousey.

It definitely must be a biography.



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