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The best fighting the best is the motto Golden Boy Promotions has been pushing of late, and the fight which was made official on a Thursday afternoon conference call certainly does approximate that desired dictum: Danny Garcia, the 25-year-old 26-0 WBC and WBA 140 pound champion, will put his belts up against 34-2 Argentine Lucas Matthysse, a 30-year-old who in the last six months has conjured heavy-duty buzz as a badass detonator capable of ending a fight at any given time.

They will tangle on Sept. 14, on the undercard of the Floyd Mayweather-Canelo Alvarez event, tabbed “The One,” to be staged at the MGM Grand by Golden Boy and Mayweather Promotions.

“The One just got another one,” Golden Boy's Richard Schaefer said on the Thursday conference call to herald the scrap. He said he wants non boxing fans, the non hardcore, to tune in, and come away with an appreciation for money and time well spent. “I want people when the night is over, when they leave the TV, to say, 'Wow, that was amazing, I can't wait to see the next boxing match,” Scheafer said.

Mayweather Promotions' Leonard Ellerbe said he wants to bring more eyeballs to the sport, bottom line. “You're going to see more of this stuff,” he said.

Scheafer said that Garcia isn't scared of anyone and said those that thought Garcia would duck the bout, have egg on face. The promoter thanked advisor Al Haymon, for okaying the fight, and noted that many felt he wouldn't pull the trigger and risk putting two of his clients into the ring together.

Scheafer said there “wasn't much debate” among the fighters in getting the fight made. This is the most expensive sub-marquee fight ever on a pay-per-view, he also noted. “That's what made this fight take so long (to get made),” he said. He said it would have been easier to put the scrap on another date, and it also would have been more lucrative for his company, but he wanted the fans to be rewarded. He hunted for sponsorship money, and foreign rights money, and other streams, to mitigate the cost.

Schaefer said that the gate at the MGM will come in over $19.5 million, a new record, breaking the gate mark, held by the Mayweather-De La Hoya fight in May 2007, at the MGM.

He said that this fight didn't have to be made, as the card was sold out anyway. But he says the fans deserve stacked cards, and that “the Butterbean days are over.” That was a jab at Top Rank, and the disinclination of promoters, at times, to put together a card filled with compelling bouts, and instead relying on a single marquee bout to carry a PPV card.

A press tour is being worked out, Scheafer said.

Judging by social media sampling, most folks seem to think Matthysse will steamroll young Garcia, who beat Zab Judah in Brooklyn in his last outing. Matthysse, though, hasn't faced the caliber of foes Garcia has, and in fact, lost to Judah, via SD, when they met in 2010. Most agree, though, that the Argentine has improved and is a better, and more confident boxer, since then.

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