Wladimir Klitschko-Alexander Povetkin Fight Oct. 5
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WLAD WEIGH IN LO RES CROP  MG 5520 colored copyIBF/IBO Heavyweight Champion, WBO/WBA Heavyweight Super Champion and “The Ring Magazine” World Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko will meet with WBA “regular” Heavyweight Champion Alexander Povetkin at the SC Olimpiyskiy arena in Moscow (Russia) on October 5.

After extended negotiations an agreement for one of the most eagerly awaited world boxing bouts between two Olympic and reigning heavyweight champions has finally been reached.

For 37-year-old Wladimir Klitschko it is the second appearance in the boxing ring in 2013. In his last fight in May he defeated Francesco Pianeta by TKO 6. The professional record of the 1996 Olympic Gold medalist is 60 wins (52 KOs) with only 3 losses. It will be Klitschko’s 24rd World Championship fight.

Wladimir Klitschko. “I´m very happy that this fight is finally made. The fans around the world are looking forward to this extravaganza between two Olympic Champions. This is the best fight in the heavyweight division and I´m thrilled that it will be staged in Moscow where many Russian and Ukrainian fans have a chance to fill the arena. The atmosphere is going to be thrilling.”

Alexander Povetkin became Olympic Champion in 2004 and holds the WBA „regular“ World Heavyweight title which he won with a point decision against Ruslan Chagaev in 2011. Povetkin started his professional career in 2005, is undefeated and has a record of 26 fight with 18 KOs).

Bernd Bönte, Managing Director of the Klitschko Management Group: “I’d like to thank our Russian partners Andrej Ryabinsky and Vladimir Hrunov for putting together this great match-up. We had long and intense negotiations but both sides were willing to find an agreement and now we can together present the fans around the world one of the best fights that can be made. We were all waiting for this bout a long time but finally here we go. Two gold medal winners, two heavyweight champions, two great athletes – a dream fight”.

For more than two months, the organizer of the bout – Vladimir Hrunov and A. Ryabinsky, negotiated the terms and provisions of the agreements with W. Klitschko’s side.

Vladimir Hrunov: “Strong title holding opponents already means a lot, but we will have to wait until October to see who will end up victorious.”

Andrej Ryabinsky: “A lot of time and effort went into this, but now finer details have been dealt with, agreements are signed and we are looking forward to October and the historic fight between these titans of boxing. We would like to thank our German partners for their cooperation and joint efforts. Together we have done monumental work and managed to come to a mutually workable agreement.”

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Bernie Campbell

What the fch? That's Halloweene time? Anybody that thinks Povetkin has a chance on this need there head examined! Why the delay? Whadda bout Pulev? How come hes taking so long to get in the ring! And as far as Vitali Sh.. or get off the pot! Either you fight that bum Stiverne or officially retire! 40 year old Ray Austin schooled Stiverne before he got in a lucky punch! If you wanted to ask me when I was a little boy whether I wanted to be a congressman in friggun Kiev or Heavyweight Champion of the world, I know what the answer would be!


Is this fight for real?...For some reason I find it easier to believe the story that Jacky Chan actually fell from a 12 story building.

Carmine Cas

Too bad it wasn't sooner


I hope it's a good fight, hell - I hope Povetkin KOs him, but I really don't think it's a competitive fight - it never was. Povetkin is average and I don't buy into him being the second-best heavyweight in the world (excluding Vitali of course). Povetkin's been well protected, had life and death with Marco Huck and hasn't improved in five years - even with Teddy Atlas in his corner. Haye and Pulev definitely beat him in my view, while Fury might do the same. On the positive side at least it's someone who can punch and someone Wlad hasn't already fought. I'd be more excited by Haye-Povetkin or Povetkin-Huck II, but here's hoping Povetkin proves me wrong and gives Wlad a real fight.


Boring. The K brothers need tested. I'm not accusin them but Vitali has past issues of steroid use and these guys are late 30s and 40s and look like Ivan drago body wise Something might be going on. Not that they need it with this hw division.


Boring. The K brothers need tested. I'm not accusin them but Vitali has past issues of steroid use and these guys are late 30s and 40s and look like Ivan drago body wise Something might be going on. Not that they need it with this hw division.
Actually that is a very valid point....I am sure that they train hard and eat right but wars and heavy shots add up...