PREDICTION PAGE: Golovkin or Macklin?

Paul Malignaggi’s advisor Anthony Catanzaro drew some behind-the-back scorn from folks who thought he and his team were crazy for accepting a fight with young gun Adrien Broner.

‘Paulie will get steamrolled,’ was a widely help perception of many experts. He did not, in fact, get steamrolled on June 24 at Barclays Center.

Catanzaro has humbly not gone on an “I told ya so” campaign but perhaps a takeaway should be this: maybe we should listen to and respect his take that much more when we solicit his prediction on a forthcoming bout. Such as, this Saturday’s middleweight clash, between titlist Gennady Golovkin, the heavy-handed native of Kahzkstan, and Anglo-Irishman Matthew Macklin (pictured above, right, with Golovkin, left, and Lady Liberty, in K2/Will Hart photo) who wants to succeed in his third try at a crown, after being rebuffed by Felix Sturm and then Sergio Martinez.

I asked Catanzaro his take on the middleweight tussle, promoted by Lou DiBell and K2, which unfolds at Foxwoods in Connecticut, and on HBO.

“This is Golovkin’s biggest test,” he said. “He’s fighting an extremely hungry underdog, with big fight experience. Macklin has the better resume. Macklin is also a big puncher. It’s an extremely competitive fight. Macklin was robbed versus Felix Sturm and he likes playing the underdog role. It’s a tossup. I’m leaning towards Macklin.”

Readers, what say you? Weigh in, in our Forum! Leave your prediction, including how you think the fight will progress!



-Carmine Cas :

I want Macklin to win, wouldn't be surprised if he pulls it off but I am leaning towards GGG

-deepwater :

I want Macklin to win, wouldn't be surprised if he pulls it off but I am leaning towards GGG
If ggg doesn't blow mack out of the water or beat him better then the rest of the guys have ,then it is confirmed that ggg is not the superman everyone says he is. lets see. I might drive up there for this one. I have ggg but no money on it.

-Spinach Chin :

I dont see the speed or accuracy that people credit Golovkin with. Macklin looks the better fighter, but 14-5 odds don't usually lie.

-amayseng :

Y'all aren't given my dude ggg credit. None. And you will all feel stupid for it tomorrow night. I see something in him. But I won't hate. Not everyone is a scout.

-spit bucket :

3G all the way - too much fire power

-brownsugar :

broner leaning on the backfoot and trying to outwait his opponents and attempts to crowd them when they are trying to get a breather doesn't work for every fighter... it's a one dimensional offense and it's not effective enough for a real boxer like Malignaggi. Mayweather even tried to schooled him on his error and Broner says if it aint broke don't fix it... Broner has the skill to have been first to press the attack in a formidable fashion... like Khan and Hatton did. But I suspect he must be drunk on his own coolaid... he won the fight by a comfortable margin in my book... but I think he doubts his ability to exert himself for 12 rounds.. his image suffered a slight hit... we'll see if he can get his head on straight for the next one............. However GGG is not hampered by "looking good" or getting stuck on a style. he'll adjust second by second in such a way that Macklin will not be able to keep up... GGG's perpetual transitions is a dimension of the fight game Macklin has never experience before..... GGG will own nearly every second of every round for as long as it last. I respect Macklin but he's out of his league this time... even more-so than when he fought Martines.... GGG is skilled enough to not have to circle the wagons until the Knife runs out of fuel like Martinez... he'll make the fight difficult and uncomfortable from the opening bell. GGG has fought much bigger, and far more potent hitters than Mack... and Macklin has far less offense than GGG is accustomed to . but it will be fun while it lasts.

-amayseng :

Agreed brown sugar. Glad to have u back

-DaveB :

I second it being good to have Brownsugar back. Triple G didn't look that good in his last fight but hey you can't look good all the time. I think Triple G cuts up Mack the Knife within seven rounds. Too much of everything for this one to go the distance. If Mack fights like he talks it should be good.

-aljamieson :

Golovkin by ninth rd TKO.

-Carmine Cas :

Well that was quick

-amayseng :

I tried to tell everyone.

-Spinach Chin :

Damn Ameyseng called it, as did Cliff Rold. GGG is officially for real.