PREDICTION PAGE: Malignaggi or Broner?

 Malignaggi-BronerWeights have been made, tempers didn't fray to the point of breaking, and it is all over but for the most important part: the actual fighting.

Please drop your prediction into our Forum, friends, so we can see your level of acumen in assessing a bout that has “experts” at odds. Most are leaning Broner, but some smart voices are saying this won't be easy, and that a Malignaggi victory wouldn't shock them.

After months of contentious trash talking, which took a slightly surprising and novel turn with the introduction of a lady who used to know WBA welter champ Paul Malignaggi, but who now is closer to lightweight ace Adrien Broner, the main eventers took to the scale, made weight, glared and barked at each other, and then sped off to eat with relish and relative abandon.

Malignaggi, who seemed heated at the tail end of the Thursday presser, and left hurriedly, told me Friday he wasn't heated, but that the day before he was in no mood to chat with the media after he'd read a characterization of the woman whose name I won't mention, because I think her introduction into the fray strayed into territory I'm not fully comfortable with, that he deemed inaccurate. “Why should I talk to the press when they're just going to write what they want?” he told me.

Malignaggi was 146.4 and Broner 146.8 at the weigh in held in front of an outdoor crowd at Brooklyn Borough Hall Outdoor Plaza. Both men exhibited the same level of confidence we've seen in the leadup to the clash, which unfolds at Barclays Center and on Showtime, which oddsmakers see being a relatively easy W for Broner.

Broner's trainer Mike Stafford told me he sees his guy stopping Paulie earlier now, because he thinks Broner has an extra edge to him now, and that could go down around the third or fourth round, rather than the sixth.

Broner promised that he'd beat up the Brooklyn-bred boxer, but, being a sport, would “take him out to eat” after that. He said no one should wish him luck, because luck runs out, and boasted that he's the biggest star, and that's why he's getting a bigger check than Paulie.

Paulie said that he looked into Broner's eyes, and saw nerves. “Every time I see him, he flashes this nervous grin,” he said. “He's scared!”

Team Malignaggi seems to have less regard for Broner, with the boxer and his crew all showing the same hearty distaste for a man they think has been aided with an excessive promotional push, someone who is nothing more than a weak Floyd Mayweather knockoff.

All in all, Paulie had a more severe game face on, while Broner seemed chill, flashing his wide grin regularly. He was off to indulge in some Junior's cheesecake heaven after the weigh in.

Bernard Hopkins was in attendance; he's now Richard Schaefer's right hand man, a secret weapon who can massage egos, de-escalate growing beefs. He said the buildup to the fight, featuring the back and forth over a gal, was new to him. He said the heat is good, that usually such vitriol leads to a solid scrap. He greeted new star Adonis Stevenson, congratulated him on his win over Chad Dawson, and began his campaign to manipulate him mentally. “When we fight, and it's not if, it's when,” he told Stevenson, as promoter Schaefer looked on with a jackal-y grin. The promoter said he thinks it's plausible that Hopkins get past his mandatory, which would seemingly once again be Karo Murat, as Sergey Kovalev looks to be locked into a scrap with WBO 175 pound champ Nathan Cleverly, and then fight Stevenson.

Stevenson looked to be eating up this new level of acclaim. He said he'd like a shot at hopkins, or Andre Ward, or Carl Froch.

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-Carmine Cas :

"Jackal-y grin" that's a perfect description of Schaffer hahahaha. Paulie has been trying to get into Adrian's head the whole time, attempting to instill a lack of confidence in him with all this banter. We'll see if it has worked

-Spinach Chin :

PM vs AB aside, Mitchell-Banks 2 is harder to call. PASS!

-Carmine Cas :

And I get to see them live :)

-Radam G :

Bank is going to kayo the ex-footballer again is my call. And Paulie will give Broner problems and be able to chin check him at will. However, Broner will probably get a winning or gift decision still. Nonetheless, because we are double dealing with "the threatre of the unexpected" and seedy corruption, the crooked judges may save face and score a two-or-three-way draw. Holla!

-Shoulder Roll Defense :

I've got Broner by KO or TKO, Banks by UD, and Bika by UD. Paulie is a good boxer, but Broner is on the path to greatness. Holla!

-leon30001 :

Bored of TSS's gossip column now. If I want that I'll read Rafael!

-ali :

In Paulie last fight he couldn't get out the way the right hand for nothing. If he is still has that problem the problem is going to fu$k him up.

-ali :

Mitchell will knock Banks out with no problem banks looked like he didn't even trainer for this fight.

-Bernie Campbell :

Just to give you all a heads up! Malingnaggi has the biggest nuts in boxing! I remember seeing him with very little experience at the time going against Miguel Cotto like a lamb going to the slaughter and giving Cotto a serious issue! He is a 2 time champion in different weight classes! And any fight he was ever in he always mixed it up! Was never fearfull! The friscoe was born and raised in Brooklyn and has always been damned proud of it! In his last fight he fought Cano to defend his title! The crowd at the Barclay were rooting against him, they were booing him. Why would the hometown crowd do that? The guy has always gave 100% to the fans for the last 10 years and he did it with one hand! I cant figure why those clowns at the Barclay would boo him? People got no class sometimes! Maybe he didn't wear the right kind of shoes, or people didn't like his walk up song! Paulie is definitely going into hostile tereritory at the Barclay tonight. A guy from Cincinatti and a guy from Brooklyn! A champion from Brooklyn! And do not disillusion yourself about the rhetoric what the media may portray The Barclay will be full of ignorant friscoes that are paying legal tender to see Malingnaggi be humiliated! I guess that's why Hopkins never had the moxy to fight in Europe! Only Hopkins isn't European!

-aljamieson :

Broner by split decision. 116-114, 115-113, 115-113. Then Broner will do another cheap Mayweather impersonation by saying all the prefight BS was just to sell the fight and that he really respects Paulie the way he respects anyone who gets in the ring with him

-deepwater :

I predict a robbery. I predict the ugly watson crew mugging for the cameras with no shame. I predict banks wins even though he coulda done some roadwork. I predict someone from brooklyn will start something in the stands when the crude cincy guys get out of line. I predict broners ringwalk will suck.I predict stupid a$$ quillen will be talking alot of junk except he is scared of ggg

-louissouthpaw :

Malignaggi has much "experience" over Broner. But that experience entails losing to top tier fighters. Paulie has never beaten a legitimate top tier fighter (I don't include Senchenko). He basically survives against them. And on occasion has failed to do even that. If he runs from Broner all night flicking a jab the way he did against Cotto, the fight will go the distance in Broner's favor. If he sits down and decides to trade, he will get knocked out. Broner is much more physically gifted than Paulie and that means a lot. Speed will be the main factor. IMO Broner has the fastest hands Paulie has seen since his days sparring Jab Judah in Judah's prime in Gleason's Gym. I see Paulie getting hit with some solid (not glancing) shots. If he runs, he survives. If he stays flat footed, this might mark the end of PM's career. For the record, I am a fan of Paulie Malignaggi. Aside from a few incidents involving controversial decisions, where he shot off at the mouth a bit, he is a man of class and integrity. Boxing is better because of him. I hope he emerges from this fight in good health. -Lou Rosenthal

-teaser :

I like bs from him....but i agree with ali....gonna have a "problem" if he is flat footed and getting caught with that right ...not as slick as he was ...gonna have to make that jab do magic to win and tie up lots

-amayseng :

Floyd have paulie the blueprint against the ghost how to deal with a younger walk ya down fighter. Will paulie follow suit?

-DaveB :

I'm going with Broner by decision. Hard to envision Broner knocking out Paulie outside of cuts. I want to see if Paulie can bring the truth out in Broner. I see both guys getting caught flush at times with right hands. I wish Malingnaggi had more power but if he did this fight wouldn't be taking place. Broner's team has confidence in the fact that Paulie can't hurt him. It will be interesting to see what happens if he does and anything is possible. I see Banks winning again against a late career starting Mitchell. But I would not be surprised to see Mitchell win by knockout or decision. How much will nerves affect him? Everything is riding on this fight or at least it will set him back a couple years and he doesn't have too much time to lose. He has balls for taking the rematch. It is basically double or nothing. It should be a good night of fights. I hope no funky decisions get in the way of a good evening of boxing.

-jzzy :

I'd like to see Paulie pull an upset, but it's a question of how Broner carries the excess weight. Paulie should make Broner expend a lot of energy early, then turn up the heat in the late rounds where Broner hasn't spent a lot of time. Paulie deserves to win this fight. Broner's a real punk.

-the Roast :

I'd love to see Paulie upset Broner. I picked Broner by stoppage when the fight was first made but now I am wondering. Maybe Paulie can keep the fight on the outside with a busy jab. There has been so much talk leading up to the bout, PM has to be motivated to give his best performance. This could be his last shot on the big stage. Of course, that's what I said when I picked Paulie to beat Khan and PM got stopped. I will be rooting for Malignaggi but my head says Broner.

-deepwater :

Sure looks like Schaefer is hitting on the tranny next to him ringside. Oscar and Schaefer up to no good again . Hide the blow and woman's underwear .

-amayseng :

I predict a split decision win for Paulie. Broner has never fought a legit ww and Paulie will come in a lean and strong 155. Broner is used to fighting smaller weaker opponents and it will show. This is a guess of course. This fight is really tough to call. Hahahahaha@ deep. That does look like a tranny. Ha.

-Radam G :

Hehehe! Good one, Deepwater! Holla!

-deepwater :

Those damn al Haymon henchman , the no good watsons always angling to get their mug in the camera. Whatever corner the ugly watsons are in expect favors. the ref broke the action to favor bika. The Mexican is fired up. Bika did not win the last round. Shoulda been a draw. Fun fight to watch though . Golden boy are freaks . They were at the green door in Vegas at 7am last year .

-deepwater :

I have banks, looking at corner forget that . The shadow picks Mitchell

-amayseng :

I couldn't believe the ref broke that fight up in the 12th. There wasn't a reason. Bikas legs are shot and all over the place.

-deepwater :

The fix is in on all 3 fights. No points against Broner for a kick to the nuts or a spinning elbow behind the head. No points. Bika was knocked out exhausted on his feet and the ref broke it up. Remember it's the little things that the shadow makes happen.

-amayseng :

Broner Gould have had 3 points deducted. 1kicking paulie in the nuts. 2. Uppercut on the break. A hard shot. 3 hitting in the spine/ Broner wasn't active enough. I had it for paulie. But will be wrong.