Mikey Garcia KOs Juan Manuel Lopez In Round Four

Dallas – Mikey Garcia needed just four rounds to demolish brave warrior Juan Manuel Lopez in front of 5,605 rowdy Lone Star State fight fans at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on Saturday night. The bout was broadcast live by HBO.

The fight was originally scheduled for Garcia’s WBO featherweight title. However, Garcia was unable to make the 126-pound limit so only Lopez would have been able to come away champion. It was not meant to be. Garcia’s weight advantage seemed to carry the day.

The rangier Garcia (seen finishing off Lopez in Chris Farina-Top Rank photo) established his jab in the first. Lopez seemed incapable of making his way inside without getting his head snapped back by it. Lopez, a southpaw, countered by shortening his own jab up and following it with hard, straight lefts. The round was close.

Garcia fed Lopez a steady diet of lefts and rights from a distance to open the second. The hard-hitting Puerto Rican was forced to cut the range and he paid the price for it. Garcia landed a scintillating straight right hand right down the pipe to put Lopez down to the floor. JuanMa made it up to his feet and through the round without taking any more significant damage.

It would not last.

Round two went to Garcia. He landed clean, hard shots all throughout the three minutes. Left hooks, straight one-twos; Lopez could offer little in return. Garcia seemed bigger, rangier and just too physical.

Lopez dipped but didn’t spill off a Garcia hook at the start of the third, so he tried good old-fashioned machismo to even the score. It didn’t work. Though landing shots of his own, he appeared to play right into Garcia’s trap. A hard right hand started things for Garcia in the center of the ring, and he finished it with a brutal left hook. Lopez landed flat on his back hard, but bravely rose to continue before the count of ten. Referee Rafael Ramos had seen enough though. The fight was wisely halted at 1:35 of round number four.

“We practiced the same thing over and over in camp: jab, step-back, right-hand,” said trainer Robert Garcia after.

Stablemate Brandon Rios, who watched the bout from ringside, echoed similar sentiments.

“I knew Mikey would box. He waited until JuanMa came forward to do his damage,” said Rios. “He used his left hand to get work in, but we knew the damaging punches would come from the right hand. The strategy was to lure him in with the left and do the damaging blows with the right.”

So said the fighter, who said afterwards he may be heading to the junior lightweight division.

“I just used a right hand to get it done,” said Garcia. And that he did, though it’s a shame he did not get it done on the scale beforehand.

Before the main event, fast-rising lightweight prospect Terence Crawford (21-0, 16 KOs) dominated tough guy Alejandro Sanabria. Crawford was just too slick and strong for Sanabria. It appears he just might be the real deal.

Crawford made Sanabria miss in the first while landing stiff jabs and long straight rights over the top. In the second, Sanabria missed wide with an uppercut but bashed hard to the body of Crawford before getting picked off down the stretch. In the third, Sanabria was stunned and sent reeling before gathering himself enough to make it out of the round. The ever advancing Crawford seemed to be on his way to a quick win.

Crawford impressed again in the fourth. He alternated landing crisp hooks and uppercuts with making his opponent miss wildly. Crawford was being aggressive offensively but responsible on defense. It was solid stuff.

Crawford unleashed his offense again in the fifth. Sanabria found himself up against the ropes with Crawford on top of him with his punches way too often. The end was near.

At the beginning of the sixth, Crawford unfurled a crushing left hook which floored the unsuspecting Sanabria. He hit the deck hard and did not recover.

“He kept blocking my jab,” said Crawford. “So I faked a jab and threw a short, hard hook. I felt the power go up my arms.”

Sanabria felt it, too. He was counted out by Referee Laurence Cole just fifteen seconds into the round.

“I feel like I can do anything in the ring,” said Crawford. He may be right.



-DaveB :

Lopez doesn't move his rock. His balance is bad and his weight is over is so far over his front foot like Jones said so that he cannot defend against the counter. It was just a matter of time from the opening bell. Mikey Garcia is definitely the class of the division. Not much more to be said here.

-teaser :

juanma is done like dinner ...no defense and fighting bigger guys who can hit is a recipe for brain damage...take the money and get a new job

-SouthPaul :

There aren't enuff bottles of SHOUT stain remover to discard the bullshit that went on at the scales . Robert Garcia to be watched closely ----- Good trainer ---- but with suspicious.

-the Roast :

That was a train wreck for JuanMa. I think 95% of us picked Garcia by KO but I didnt think it was gonna be that easy. What the hell happened to JuanMa? Was he never that good in the first place? Ruined by the two Salido fights? Garcia fougt well, did what he had to do. He was always two steps ahead of Lopez. Utter mismatch. Hey Radam, explain to me if you will a shift punch. What is that exactly?

-Radam G :

Roberto Duran was the greatest shift puncher of all times, followed by the inventer Bob Fitzsimmon, with Aaron "Hawk Time" Pryor and Marvelous Marvin Hagler nearby. A shift punch is when you throw the straight, slightly switch stance and hook or straight off the same hand. For instance, a right-handed fighter becomes slightly southpaw while hooking off the jab. Maybe you can google "shift punch" and get a better explanation, or just holla at boxrec about types of punches. Holla!

-Carmine Cas :

Ended just as I thought, just a little sooner lol. I missed the Crawford fight dammit

-ali :

Hang em up fam

-gibola :

I feared that Juanma might be shot. He is. He shouldn't fight anymore and his corner and management know it. No power, balance or chin. You've been a warrior Juanma but it's time to hang 'em up. This wasn't a fight it was an execution. Crawford was very impressive, if Broner had stayed at 135 I'd have liked to have seen that fight. Sadly Crawford v Vasquez or Abril will be dull as dishwater. Crawford v Burns would be a good matchup but Crawford would have to go to the UK and accept challenger's money. I fear Crawford and Mikey Garcia - good fighters that they are - don't have that many attractive options. All the good fighters are up at 140-147lbs.

-SouthPaul :

ROBERT GARCIA & HIS CHEATING BOXERS! June 15th, 2013 By Pedro Fernandez RARE AS THEY ARE BOXING HAS ETHICS! San Francisco, CA- Even boxing, dubbed by the “red light district of sports,” has a creed, an obligation. If it were verbal the mantra would be that a boxer makes the contracted weight. Before you say that I can’t address such a subject with conviction, I made the weight 52 times, from 88 to 147 lbs. STARVED, DRAINED, NO MATTER, YOU MADE WEIGHT! Although there were many an occasion when I struggled, starved, got light headed, wanted to give up, but I never did and always made the stipulated mark on the scale. With the exception of welterweight (147), from the beginning and 88 lbs. to my snagging four Golden Glove titles at 139 (then jr. welterweight) I had to parse myself. TRAINER ROBERT GARCIA SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! The intent of the prior verbiage put forth is not to blow my own horn, but rather to lay a foundation for the gyst of this piece, that being trainer Robert Garcia is making a mockery of fighters making weight. Need I remind you that it is a trainer’s responsibility to insure he delivers a well conditioned and prepared athlete to the scale at weight. DURAN PAID FOR*WEIGHTY ISSUES Having trained with the king of “gaining and losing” weight, Roberto Duran, who always made it even if it meant his losing 25 lbs. in less than two weeks. That being said, Mikey Garcia NOT making weight for the Saturday encounter with Juan Manuel Lopez is in my mind an indictment of the ethics of trainer Robert Garcia,*or lack thereof. HISTORY SAYS GARCIA FIGHTERS LACK DISCIPLINE! In 2011, a Garcia client, Brandon Rios failed to make the contracted weight of 135 lbs. for a WBA 135 lb. encounter with John Murray. Rios, slated to meet Manny Pacquiao in November in Macau, won here with a TKO 11. This same Brandon Rios, again trained by Robert Garcia doesn’t make weight one year later for another WBA sanctioned 135 lb. affair with Richard Abril. The end result with Rios getting the nod was one of the worst calls (scoring wise) in recent boxing annals. PATTERN UNFAIR TO FIGHTERS & FANS ALIKE! If you couple those two violations of the boxing ” creed” with the fact that Robert Garcia’s brother Mikey Garcia, the reigning WBO 126 lb. titleholder coming in at 128, then what you have here is a pattern of a trainer skirting the rules. This adds further credence to*my claim that Robert Garcia is throwing dung in the face of the sport and those who sign to face his fighters. GARCIA’S DISRESPECT FOR GAME & FANS Having been at this probably longer you have been alive, I can tell you that in the last 30 years, that’s three decades, I cannot remember*ANY trainer having had fighters NOT make weight on three seperate occassions. In closing, the capper on this issue is that Robert Garcia actually “flipped off” the system of making weight when Rios didn’t make the cut for Abril, as he left and came back heavier than he was an hour earlier. VIDEOTAPE*OF*GARCIA ADMISSION With the smile of Robert Garcia still etched in my mind when questioned about Rios coming back heavier rather than lighter,*what was obvious is*that the Oxnard, CA resident was making light of he and his client skirting, if not breaking the*creed of combat sports in that we make the weight! Don’t fine the fighter here, sanction the trainer! Pedro Fernandez

-Radam G :

P-Fern, I dig what you spit! But the game is full of bullsyet. JuanMa had a choice -- pride out or prize up. He smartly did the latter. Bytching will never bring that pride, because everybodee and dey momma are on a money ride. Don't hate Robert G! He is just playing the game as it is played. There is no fairness amount thieves -- just honor. That honor is to pay, play' stay and get paid. Holla!

-The Good Doctor :

There aren't enuff bottles of SHOUT stain remover to discard the bullshit that went on at the scales . Robert Garcia to be watched closely ----- Good trainer ---- but with suspicious.
I actually think his training is suspect. Outside of Mikey his record recently has been downright bad. He had Donaire looking like a fool against Rigondeaux, he let Margarito get disfigured twice, Rios has been hammered by Abril, and Alavarado. In each of the fights listed above (especially the Donaire) you could easily see his fighters had no game plan or strategy.

-Radam G :

Danggit! Is this the month to hate da Gs? Holla!

-riverside :

I actually think his training is suspect. Outside of Mikey his record recently has been downright bad. He had Donaire looking like a fool against Rigondeaux, he let Margarito get disfigured twice, Rios has been hammered by Abril, and Alavarado. In each of the fights listed above (especially the Donaire) you could easily see his fighters had not game plan or strategy.
Good point Doc, Papa Garcia is the main man behind Mikey, Robert is the work horse in Mikey's camp, the other fighters you mention, Robert is the man, Papa doesn't get involed. Eduardo felt some Burden in feeding Fernando Vargas to lions, he felt he could of guided him better.Now Eduardo will protect and guide Mikey unconditionally, that why Mikey was two lbs heavier at the weight in, I'm gonna hit mikey up!! and see if he was really sick or papa felt he need the extra weight to absorb and get off the canvass from a JuanMa bomb.

-Radam G :

Papa G is a very wise original G. Yall better recognize! He knows the prize. Holla!