Adonis Stevenson KOs Chad Dawson In First Round

hbo-boxingIn the main event of HBO's Boxing After Dark, Chad Dawson took on Adonis Stevenson, coming up from 168, in a light heavyweight scrap from Montreal's Bell Centre. We wondered if Adonis' power could make itself felt on the vet Dawson…and it sure as hell did. A left hand sent Dawson down and he got up, but the ref didn't like the look of his eyes and he halted the fight in round one.

A jab froze Chad, and a left on the ear put him on his back. He said he was OK, but he was swaying and the ref said no mas. The end came at 1:16, for a man Michael Buffer called a new star of the sport.

When the hammer dropped and Dawson was finished, you had to think of his trainer-manager Emanuel Steward, who died last year, but who thought highly of Adonis. Here's what Manny told me in April 2012, in one of my last conversations with him: “Adonis is dangerous all the way through. We got some kind of weird-ass guy here, one of these stamina freaks…There's nothing like knocking [emeffers] out. That's what made Mike Tyson special. I train all my fighters to go for the KO. But they have the stamina in case it doesn't happen.”

Stevenson afterwards to Max Kellerman said this is why he gets avoided. He told Max that Steward had told him he'd KO either Dawson or Tavoris Cloud if he got the chance to fight either. “It's a dream come true,” he yelled, as he dropped to his knees. He said he'd like to unify at 175 against Bernard Hopkins and also would like a crack at Andre Ward.

“Sugar” Hill, Emanuel's nephew, said this win was like Hilmer Kenty's first title win. He said we can expect more wins from the Kronk crew.

Dawson afterwards said he didn't see the punch coming. Max asked him if he came in at 100%. He said he felt fine coming in. “He caught me with a good shot,” he said.

Jim Lampley asked Andre Ward if he thinks Dawson was lessened by the beating he dished out. He gave props to Adonis. Ward said Adonis has options. “He's definitely a player in both divisions right now,” Ward said.

The WBC light heavy champ Dawson (age 30; 31-2-1 NC-1, 1 ND with 17 KOs) was 173 1/2 pounds, while Stevenson (from Haiti; lives in Montreal; turns 36 in September; 20-1 with 17 KOs) was 174.2 pounds.

Stevenson, Jim Lampley told us, had been been imprisoned for deeds committed against women while working for an escot service in Canada. He was in jail for two years, he explained, but realized the errors of his ways when he found the gym. He turned pro at age 29, and was a protege of Emanuel Steward, who died last October.

Dawson, we heard, did his tenth trainer switch in 11 years; he's with Eddie Mustafa Muhammad now. He said that he was weight drained in his last fight, when he dropped from 175 to 168 to get his bum kicked by Andre Ward.

He got rolled over by a bus when it was mentioned that Dawson was busted telling a radio interviewer that HBO basically forced him to fight Ward lol, which the HBO crew established was not so. The bus came back for more, in the form of Stevenson's left hand.


-amayseng :

That's why you don't drain down wen u have nothing but muscle to cut. It diminishes the CNS. That was a crazy bomb landed tho. But chad is done for good. Poor guy.

-the Roast :

A Champion should be allowed to go out on his shield. Dawson may have been stopped a few seconds later anyway but as a Champion he should have been given the chance to grab/clinch/hold/Trinidad nut shot. Let fighters fight. Dawson was most likely cooked but come on this boxing not ping pong.

-Radam G :

Ditto the Roast. Dawson should've been given a chance to continue the dance. Holla!

-amayseng :

Guys chads eyes were frozen and he couldn't walk forward he's was using rhe ropes to maintain his balance. I'm all for destructive knockouts but no reason to chance getting a man ruined for life. Chad had a frozen state in his eyes. He was disconnected from his senses.

-ali :

Agree give him a chance but at the same time I don't have a,problemwith the stoppage 50-50 call btw Dawson is DONE!!

-Radam G :

Dawson is not done. He got caught with a single shot. That jive happens. But he is far from being a Vivian Harris, or a back-in-da-day Kelcie Banks. Dawson will probably bounce back and may just get a revenge fight with "Superman" Stevenson, and go on to win a belt at the made-up weak-division of cruiserweight. Holla!

-deepwater :

Dawson = jermain Taylor . Dawson should of stepped forward instead of stepping back . That card put me to sleep , awesome showtime card would wake me back up.

-amayseng :

Agree give him a chance but at the same time I don't have a,problemwith the stoppage 50-50 call btw Dawson is DONE!!
First u say give him a chance but also say he is done. If he is done from one left hand why subject him to further damage?

-SouthPaul :

Last night was for John Scully. Chad's a disloyal asshole. Him always looking half alseep, half disinterested plays more a factor in getting zapped out than going up and down in weight. Chad is the sloth of boxing.

-Radam G :

Wow! The BIG PAYBACK! Karma is a bytch bad -- or is that a "Chad bytch" -- I mean bad bytch. Hehehe! SuperBad Chad will be back, lad, and that may be sad. But I ain't mad. Do what makes cha glad. At the end of livng, it is still one life that you've had. Holla!

-bigstinkybug :

-amayseng :

He never had that killer instinct. Now he'll have doubt about his chin. Done.

-Carmine Cas :

Dawson always had focus issues in and around the ring, I think he's a very talented fighter. I hope he bounces back, as for the stoppage Dawson made it to his feet, should he have let to fight on, maybe but his eyes weren't saying that. He prob was out of it or he also could have given up. Either way the ref's number one job is to protect the fighter, and that's exactly what he did

-Carmine Cas :

And I've said this before, I would love to see Stevenson fight Ward