RINGSIDE REPORT Matthysse Blasts Peterson, Devon Wins in AC

002-Matthysse-vs-Peterson-IMG5-19-2013Some of Washington DC traveled with Lamont Peterson up to Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, but their feverish support was not enough on Saturday night, as Peterson succumbed to the punching power of Argentina’s Lucas Matthysse in a third round TKO loss.

The two met in a non-title, welterweight catch-weight (141 lbs) bout, broadcast by Showtime, which promised fireworks as soon as the fight was announced.

Peterson (31-2-1, 16KO) began the first round using his jab and movement to establish space. Matthysse (34-2, 32KO) used the pressure and aggression he is known for while trying to find his home run shot.

In the second Matthysse (140 lbs) continued the pressure and Peterson (141 lbs) complained to referee Steve Smoger about being hit in the back of the head. A solid left from Matthysse caught Peterson’s attention and dropped him. Peterson rose quickly and answered Smoger’s eight count. The DC native landed a left of his own to end the round.

At the beginning of the third round Matthysse slipped to the canvas after a wild miss left him off balance. Peterson continued to box and had some success by landing an uppercut. In the next exchange a powerful left hook put Peterson down just as he was landing a left of his own. He rose on wobbly legs and Smoger cautiously allowed him to continue. Matthysse continued his attack and knocked Peterson down and into the ropes with a vicious left. Smoger had seen enough and waved the fight off at 2:14 of the round.

Peterson left Boardwalk Hall still a world champion at junior welterweight, but Matthysse continued to establish his presence as one of the most exciting and dangerous fighters in boxing.

In the co-feature Devon Alexander (25-1, 13KO) of St. Louis, successfully defended his welterweight title against the game but overmatched Lee Purdy (20-4-1, 13KO) of England.

Purdy, a last minute replacement for countryman Kell Brook, failed to make 147 lbs at the weigh in and therefore could not win the title with a victory. While Alexander could not lose his title, a victory for him would count as a title defense.

It was a mismatch from round one onward as Alexander’s speed, power, and skill were too much for Purdy, who took the fight on four week’s notice.

Round after round played out the same way as Purdy would cover up and move forward while Alexander would tattoo him with combinations up, down, and all around.

After the seventh round Purdy’s corner threw in the white towel signaling their man was done. Alexander earned the TKO victory and probably looks ahead to a significant and challenging fight.

Haroon Kahn (2-0), younger brother of Amir Kahn, was featured in a four round bantamweight swing bout against Vicente Medellin (0-6).

Kahn made short work of his opponent by putting Medellin down first with a right hand and after the eight count a crippling body shot that ended the fight at 57 seconds of the first round.

The exciting Shawn Porter (21-0-1, 14KO) of Las Vegas met tough Phil Lo Greco (25-1, 14KO) of Canada in a ten round junior middleweight contest.

Porter (150 lbs) established his speed and superior skills in the first round. Lo Greco (150 lbs) wanted to engage but realized he could pay the price for it.

The first several rounds found Porter using his jab to set up multiple combinations with Lo Greco trying to hold and tie him up.

In the fourth round Lo Greco taunted Porter and asked him to quit the fancy stuff and slug it out. The referee cautioned Lo Greco for his language and Porter continued to box his way.

The sixth featured some good back and forth action on the part of both fighters. Porter’s superior skills were clearly in evidence though.

Near the end of the eighth Porter knocked Lo Greco down with a good right hand. The bell sounded before the referee finished his eight count and Lo Greco made it back to his stool.

In the final round a hammering shot from Porter put Lo Greco down again. He rose at the count of four and spent the rest of the round holding while trying to survive.

Porter got the unanimous decision with scores of 100-89, and 100-88 (twice).

The District was also represented by light heavyweight Thomas Williams Jr. (14-0, 10KO) who scored a unanimous decision over Sacramento’s Otis Griffin (24-13-2, 10KO) in an eight round bout.

The undercard’s first televised bout featured 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist Anthony Ogogo of Britain (2-0, 1KO) making his U.S. debut. The middleweight prospect faced Edgar Perez of Puerto Rico (5-5, 3KO) in a six round bout.

Ogogo boxed his way to a unanimous decision with scores of 60-54 (twice) and 60-53.

Earlier in the afternoon lightweight Anthony Peterson (32-1, 20KO), Lamont’s younger brother, defeated Dominic Salcido (18-5, 9KO) when Salcido could not continue because of a broken nose.


-Radam G :

Roids up your arse and a crooked quack saying you have "Low T is to no avail. For long that boat will not sail. For a pugilist of fair play will drop punches on you like hail. If not for boxing, you will be in jail. And wouldn't be release even on bail. Matthysse have sent you a urgent letter, and you really need to read that mail. Truth and justice will always find a way. Deceit about being on dat syet, ain't worth feces in a golden pail. Holla!

-amayseng :

Alexander power????? Who wrote this? What power? No punch teqhnique, No hip rotation, not back foot rotation , no front foot pivot with hooks, All arms, All flash. Alexander is a hoax. He has a punching bag walking in front of him all night. Waste of time. Hey Alexander quit grunting like a bitch with every punch. My Lord. Why's he grunting? He's not even a hitter. I'd like to see Matthysse beat Garcia , Knock out khan at ww and the fight Floyd next May. Who's in?

-Radam G :

I'm in on Da Lou grunting. But not fighting Money May EVER! For Matthysse, Money May is far too crafty and CLEVER. Holla!

-Carmine Cas :

Yeah Mayweather is too advanced for Matthysse, he might no be a one trick pony but Lucas only has a puncher's chance against Money. Bring on Garcia!

-amayseng :

I agree I favor Floyd against Lucas heavily but I'd like to see Lucas get the payday and opportunity seeing as he's been robbed and undeserving of some drama. No one at ww can challenge Floyd except for PAC. Lucas would at least make a better account than Ortiz and ghost.

-Carmine Cas :

Pacquiao would give Floyd problems for the first couple rounds but once Floyd adapts, that's all she wrote. Floyd still has the slickness, mobility, and foot speed and that is one of Pacquiao's kyrptonites

-ali :

Amayseng Matthysse DIDN'T GET ROBBED!!! Robbed is when u clearly win and don't get the decision come on brah!! They were close fights that could have gone either way I personally had Judah and Alexander winning there fights with Matthysse but if Matthysse would have won I wouldn't have said they got got robbed both fights were close.

-amayseng :

Robbed because of the paydays that were stolen from him. Look at how much more money with bigger fights and championship fights he would have had the opportunity with. That my friend is being "robbed". That's money he could have made.

-ali :

Pac got robbed against Bradley Roy Jones in Soul Korea got robbed sweet pea vs Chavez Sr was a robbery not Matthysse fights against Alexander& Judah.

-ali :

Amayseng Alexander didn't get a big money fight after his win against Matthysse and Zab didn't either he fought Veron Paris. Yeah they probably made a little more money then he has since then but it ain't like they got a fight with Pac or Mayweather