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Oscar-De-La-hoya-canelo-alvarez-floyd-mayweather5-17-2013Oscar De La Hoya told TSS that he's with the rest of the boxing world, that he'd like to see Floyd Mayweather glove up against Canelo Alvarez in his next fight, in September.

I asked Oscar (seen on right, with Canelo before Austin Trout fight, in Gene Blevins-Showtime photo above) this afternoon what the latest is on negotiations to make a scrap between the pound for pound ace and the Mexican phenom Canelo. Will it happen?

“I hope so, it's a fight the whole world wants to watch,” he said in a phoner, after we talked about his trip to the TV upfronts in NYC. “If anyone can do it, it's Golden Boy.”

And what of the talk of a catchweight, we heard Floyd Sr is saying that fight would have to take place at 147, and Richard Schaefer indicated that's BS….

“Floyd Junior is a competitor, he wants the best,” he said. “I don't see an issue of not making it at 154.”

But, if Team Mayweather said it's 147, or no deal, would and could Canelo make 147? “No, no, his legs are so thick, his neck is so thick,” Oscar said.

Even making 152 would be a stretch, he said.

He does expect Canelo to stick around junior middleweight for awhile, though, and said that he doesn't see him jumping to 160 in the near future.

Readers, I want your take. Should Floyd ask Canelo, who is a light heavyweight on fight night, to make 147? Will he? Or will Money take the bout at 154? That'd make sense, considering some of the guff he's given Manny Pacquiao for doing catchweights, right? Weigh in, in our Forum.

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