PREDICTION PAGE: Mayweather or Guerrero?

005MayweatherandGuerrerofaceoffIMG 9048The banging of the drums to hype the event has almost died out. Shortly, it will be time to answer the questions that have arisen in the last couple months. Did jail and domestic drama take something out of Mayweather? He now features bags under his eyes; is he a bit burnt out? Will he show his age, and have his reflexes slipped? Or is he still the ace pugilist who can solve any style, a man whose dedication to craft and desire to cement his legacy as one of the all-time greats makes his 36 years of age irrelevant?

Can Guerrero do what no other pros have done? Does he have the skills and style to be the guy to hand Floyd his first loss? He seems fired up, and believes God has chosen him to knock some humility into Floyd…if the first couple rounds don't go well for the California-based boxer, will his faith slip, and will he go off the rails? Will he employ a mauling, brawling style, or use his fresher legs to try and outbox a man who doesn't move his legs as he did a few years before?

Readers, offer up your prediction on Mayweather-Guerrero. I know you'll do so with your characteristic intelligence and insight.

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