Three Days Before Fightnight on Mayweather-Guerrero  “All-Access”

It is three days before fight night, the narrator Common says on the fourth installment of Showtime’s “All Access” prior to Saturday’s Floyd Mayweather-Robert Guerrero fight in Las Vegas.

T-shirts are being printed up, ladies parade in a pool, and Mayweather does some roadwork in the program which debuted Wednesday night on Showtime.

Floyd says he likes seeing his face on billboards, but that is now normal. We hear that about 250,000 people will come to Vegas for the fight and about $100 million will be generated, from hotels, cars, rental cars, food, etc.

We see Floyd talking to a little boy at his gym. The boy says he wants Floyd to KO Ghost quickly. Floyd says it’s sometimes better to take your time, so the job gets done right. “If you rush, you tend to stumble,” he explains.

Floyd says he’s a “student of the game” and we see him do pads with Uncle Roger. “I always gotta outdo the person that’s on my left and the person that’s on my right,” he says.

Floyd says he thinks Guerrero still weighs 159 and is having a hard time making weight. He said if the weigh in was today, he’d make weight, as the scale tells him he’s 148 plus a few ounces. “My weight is always made,” he says.

Next, we see co-managers Bob Santos and Luis De Cubas go shopping for food for Ghost. They say Ghost will make weight.

Ruben Guerrero says his son Robert is good at 147, is strong. The boxer says everyone uses the “Ghostbuster” line and they all lose. He mocks Floyd for getting manicures, “like my wife does.” Father and son watch tape of Floyd vs. Cotto. Santos says Ghost is multifaceted.

Next, Floyd gets makeup, and says he will go to the Hall of Fame as one of the best. He does a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated, and says his brand is “huge.” He says boxing is a hobby, strangely, after talking about how he has eat, slept, lived and breathed it for the last 17 years. He then jokes that sex, junk food, partying and strip clubs make a great fighter.

The boxer is moving towards promoting, and we see fighter J’Leon Love say that joining Team Floyd has opened up a new world for him. Same goes for Ishe Smith, who beat K9 Bundrage for a title six weeks ago.

Floyd talks about the need to transition, to the next phase, to promotion and says he’s building that up. Take that, 50 Cent…

Then, Guerrero is seen signing gloves for a charity, The National Bone Marrow Registry. A bone marrow transplant saved his wife Casey’s life, for the record. Ghost says that Floyd used to be a gentleman, but then it flipped. He says Floyd brags too much and could inspire people, but instead turns them off. “He’s truly blessed, to be in his position,” Ghost says, so he wants to beat Floyd and be a good role model, and inspire.

Ghost says he’s coming to win, not just make a payday, he insists. Ruben puts tape over an image of cutman-hand wrapper Rafael Garcia, who works for Floyd, and calls him a piece of excrement. Garcia had taped over Ghost’s face on a poster in a previous installment of All-Access so Ruben got heated.

We hear “Started from the bottom now we here/Started from the bottom now the whole team here” as Floyd presides over a barbeque. “This is the Money Team picnic slash barbeque,” he says.

He notes that his dad is enjoying the company of a “young broad.”

“That’s a dime for him, my dad’s sixty,” he says.

At Floyd’s house, him and his main squeeze Miss Jackson do a video dance game and he goofs around on her. “I want to go down as one of the best fighters ever,” he says.

At the Guerrero house, a more modest residence, Casey collects the kids to visit daddy. The boxer says seeing them helps him focus, because he knows he needs to provide for them. Casey says she’s nervous, with the fight a few days away. She gets teary talking about him getting punched. “It scares me when he gets punched and stuff,” she says, sniffling. “I don’t know why I’m crying right now.” It is the most touching moment of the show and reminds us of the emotional toll that is inflicted on those that love those who take the blows int he ring. They deserve our respect and empathy on fight nights, don’t they?

The gang sees dad on a billboard and that’s a hoot. We see Robert hugging the kids. Casey says he will be champion and “pound for pound king” come Saturday. before, she had said that she knows he will do well.

Ghost does “The Jim Rome Show” and does his last workout in the gym. Ruben wants red gloves, he says, because he “doesn’t want the blood to show too much.” We assume he means Floyd’s…

Uncle Roger says Robert has a “better chance of going to hell than effing with Floyd.” Floyd says in the ring, it looks different than people suspect it will be. He’s faster, and has better defense than people think.

To wrap up, we see images of both men counting down to fight night and narrator Common says that with age comes wisdom and the ability to properly handle the rigors of an immense promotion. “God don’t choose a certain side,” says Floyd, in contrast to Guerrero’s repeated belief that he thinks God has chosen him to represent. “Out with the old, in with the new,” Ghost says. “I think fighters need to come up with a new gameplan,” Floyd counters.

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-Radam G :

I think the Cali Ghost Dad is sending out a sublimical message about those red gloves. See, the tweeny-and-adolesent Radam G clearly remember the young Ruben "Rudy" Guerrero being a loud-mouthed trash talker, who used to get double-fudged up in the gym. He got KTFO about 25 times-- just off the top of my head -- in gym wars that I recall that he would start. OMFG! His pro record was 0-7, with six of those seven losses being by vicious KAYO and CUTS! Nowadays, he might be having lashbacks that his son is going to get bloody -- especially around the nose --like (he) the Ghost Day did back in da day. The now (beetle) Cali Ghost Dad became known as Rudy, the rednosed reindeer, because his nose bled some much. True story! Absolutely no bullsyet. Ddv, put on your memory cap. Even a small, underage Asian kid -- hanging out with the 1984 U.S. Olympic Team -- kayoed this CGD in a sparring session back in da day. Holla!