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003 Robert and RubenThe final press conference to hype Saturday's return to the ring for Floyd Mayweather, and his first fight in his massive deal with Showtime, unfolded Wednesday afternoon. And it was the father of challenger Robert Guerrero, one Ruben Guerrero (seen in above photo, on the right, next to son Robert), who stole the show.

Oscar De La Hoya spoke, after Richard Schaefer introed Leonard Ellerbe, the MGM boss, and Showtime's Stephen Espinoza. Oscar in Spanish talked about Cinco de Mayo and how pumped he was for the fight.

Then Ruben got the mic, and went off. He referred to Floyd as a “woman beater,” and said his son would beat up the woman beater. He said Floyd probably learned about his methods from his father, Floyd Sr. Floyd bowed his head a bit and shrunk in his seat. “We're gonna beat that woman beater,” the father screamed. He indicated that he didn't care for Floyd talking trash about his son, calling him a hypocrite, and didn't think it was cool that Floyd had an altercation in front of his kids. Oscar looked uncomfortable and tried to get Ruben to zip it.

Earlier today, a story ran on Yahoo which touched on Mayweather's altercation with ex Josie Harris. Harris told Yahoo her side of the scrap which landed the boxer in jail, she said because she took exception to him downplaying the incident publicly. It is not known whether Ruben Guerrero was referencing this fresh material or not.

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Ellerbe then introed Floyd, as the “best fighter ever.” he didn't take the bait and reference Ruben at all. Floyd said, “The media, you guys did a helluva job.” He thanked others for doing a great job, and said as always, he wants to give the people a good show. He too didn't fire back at Ruben.

The two fighters did a staredown and then for some reason Jose Sulaiman pried them apart.

Steve Farhood then interviewed Floyd. He asked about Ruben's tirade. Floyd said he's older and wiser and “if I did or didn't do a crime, I did my time.”

The fighters, not the fathers, have to fight, Mayweather continued. He said he wanted to be classy, and thus not get into a mudslinging match with Ruben.

Floyd then watched as Floyd Sr and Ruben yelled at each other. He reiterated that the fight is between the fighters, not the fathers. He said he didn't know the gameplan for the fight yet, but he wanted to execute it on Saturday.

Robert then talked to Farhood. He laughed, and said his dad “is not all talk” so it's good that there was plenty of security pleasant. He said he was relaxed and that the hype and hubbub wasn't getting in his head.

I actually appreciated the injection of energy into the proceeding. It looks as though some delicate souls were offended by the tirade but I think Ruben was just speaking his mind, and he has every right to do so. Could it actually hurt his son, if Floyd saves up a bit of enmity and dishes it up at the MGM? Maybe so…

Your thoughts, readers. Was the Ruben tirade uncalled for? Classless? Or a breathe of unfiltered air that was needed?

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