Garcia Too Strong and Sharp For Judah, Wins UD12

002 Garcia vs Judah IMG 8138They wondered if the head would be there with the talent, if Brooklyn-born Zab Judah would be in the right frame of mind to take the junior welter titles from Danny Garcia in Brooklyn at Barclays Center on Saturday night. The skills, no one assumed those had left the building, but the psyche, that was up for debate.

At the end of twelve rounds, we knew the head was on straight and the heart was present, big time, but still, it was Danny Garcia who had his hand raised in Brooklyn. Judah won something of a moral victory, making it interesting late, with a superb tenth, but Garcia, too strong, got the nod. The scores were 115-112, 114-112, 116-111, for the Philly fighter.

Garcia, to Jim Gray,  said after Judah was the craftiest he's ever faced. He said Zab took away the jab, to his credit. He said that the bad blood present in the lead-up evaporated. He's fine with fighting the Matthysse-Peterson winner, and he thinks Peterson will win it.

The 35-year-old Judah, ex junior welter and welter champ,  entered with a 42-7-2 NCs mark, while Garcia was 25-0 entering.

In the first, Garcia’s right hands won him the round. Zab was cautious and defensive.

In the second, Judah landed a couple sharp lefts that got the crowd going. He ended the round on an up note.

In the third, it looked like they were on even terms. Garcia looked to land the right, and wanted Zab to drop his guard. Zab was pretty sparse with his volume and the crowd wanted him to be busier.

In the fourth, Garcia was the busier man. His right to the body came again and again and Zab moved a lot to avoid conflict.

In the fifth, a counter right clipped and hurt Zab, who had to weather the bad buzz. Garcia hurt him twice in the sixth, and made Zab do a dance off a right hand. In the seventh, Zab righted himself. He kept away from the right though he didn’t have much luck landing his long left. Garcia defends better than many give him credit for.

In the eighth, Zab went down, off a right hand, on his bum, at 1:16. His left eye was now bloody.  He stayed on his feet and the ninth was more even. Zab had good luck in the tenth, off a left counter and later a lead left. Danny was backing up and holding. The crowd was delirious. Garcia was backing up some in the 11th, but Zab was a bit spent. Both men showed fatigue in the 12th, though Garcia’s power rights took the round. We went to the cards.



-Radam G :

Expected results on both world title bouts. Holla!

-amayseng :

Zab fought well considering being hurt a few rounds. He finished strong and was resilient. He had Garcia Hirt in the 10th, was unable to go for the kill In the 11th he let him off the hook although still winning the round. Garcia is a tough dude. His dad could be well respected if he learned to behave like a man not a prick. Could u imagine all Zab could have accomplished with an elite trainer his entire career???

-SouthPaul :

He fought extremely well considering those mid rounds! The old emotional lion represented himself well. And Danny Garcia? Force to be reckoned with. Can you imagine him vs Ortiz? Josesito Lopez? Berto? Pacquaio ? Boxing hardon!

-brownsugar :

I said Garcia was a better quality fighter.. But not that much better. Its evident that Judahs' change in beliefs, lifestyle and rededication to the sport benefitted him greatly performance by Zab since he fought Cotto. Zab put Garcia in place I never saw him go. And Garcia held on for the win Great fight.

-ali :

I love Zab and he didn't go out like no bitch I will give him props for that but he still pissed me off. I don't understand why it took him so long to get going Garcia was throwing that lead looping right hand why didn't he time it with his left cross. Garcia is soild but he's never going to be a elite fighter I just don't see it but at the end of the day he still has his 0 cuz he finds a way to win

-amayseng :

Ali I was yelling for 12 rounds for Zab to use and throw the right hook Either leads of off the jab or feint. It was there. Plus his left hand would be protecting the chin from garcias looping right. Wtf?!? He used it once in like the 11th and buzzed Garcia. This is where your trainer comes in and Helps u adapt during the fight!!! Right hooks and lefts might be diff outcome.

-ali :

Amayseng your a million% right if he would have done that he might be the 140 champ.

-the Roast :

Fight of the night last night on a night chock full of good fights. Blood everywhere, knockdowns, you gotta love it! Just when I was thinking, "same old Zab" Zab rallied and put a scare in Garcia. Got to wonder why Zab didnt let that left go earlier. Garcia did well to pile up rounds early. Alot of heart shown by both men. I'd like to see a rematch but Danny has nothing to gain so I'm sure he'll move on.

-SouthPaul :

Agreed that it was fight of the night. The shot of the night? When Arreola got dropped. Dead on the button --- he was definitely seeing stars and light bulb punch flashes. Then shortly after the blood gushing nose as he sat on his stool wondering how he'd fight on. Excellent drama.