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003 Floyd Mayweather 0808“This is a religious guy, but he had Marilyn Monroe on his wall in his house, he be contradicting himself,” says Floyd Mayweather to open the third episode of Showtime's All-Access docu-mercial, ahead of his May 4th clash with the man he's branding a hypocrite, Robert Guerrero.

Money says he has seen a few clips of Ghost and dismisses him as a “flat footed fighter.” We then hear the “Ghostbusters” theme, resulting in a nice little royalty check for Ray Parker Jr.

“Who you gonna call,” Floyd says as he walks around his gym, and we hear Common doing the voiceover work. (Sorry, my friends, will be a Liev Scriber devotee till the end of days).

We see the man who mops the Mayweather gym and Floyd says he surrounds himself with the “right team.” We see Rafael Garcia, cutman, and cousin DeJaun Blake and Nate Jones, ex pro who wears a body-pad and lets Floyd whack away at him. He says he's peed and pooped blood from taking Floyd body shots but the big paychecks help.

We see Ghost's dad Ruben, who told me he used to do streetfights for fun, and that his signature move, a kick to the groin, ended many a fight. But he quit that, he said, as his kids were getting older. He said if given the proper training and such, he would have been a superb pro fighter. Ruben says to a crowd that “we're going to do it for all Hispanics.”

Robert then gets a haircut. He says about the media grind that it's part of the job. He says he will get another cut before the rematch with Floyd, after he beats him.

Ghost at media day says he's calm even though he was getting hammered for having a gun at the NY airport, and we see a pastor blessing him. “This fight you will flat out win,” says the pastor-pundit.

“God is Great” the boxer's t-shirt reads.

Floyd says fighting Floyd gives foes a name, which is good. He says fighting him got the Dancing With the Stars gig for Victor Ortiz.

Money says you have to hustle haaard to sell a PPV event. Floyd says his dad will be lead trainer, and Roger will be there too. Floyd says the media twists words, and tries to stir up problems between Sr and Roger. “I don't want my dad and my uncle Roger to have any problems,” he says. (He says dad is “one of the greatest trainers in the world,” whereas in the past he has said Roger is THE BEST, so there's that, for the record.)

We then see Floyd's fiancee getting prettied up. Miss Jackson says they have a “mutual understanding” but not an “open relationship.” She says she doesn't care about the strip clubbing and the girls that are around him. During this camp, they haven't seen a lot of each other, and they are trying to make it work.

Miss Jackson says they are just regular people in a relationship, even if there is fame and money everywhere. They ride bikes, and Floyd says that's peaceful at night. Good wholesome fun, nice to see. She says they are like two little kids. They bet $5,000 on who will get back to the house first, she loses, she pays him, and he gives the money back. He says they “bump heads a lot” but they love each other.

Next, Ruben wakes up everyone for morning run. Robert runs and says that he has heart, not just hard work and dedication.

We see Guerrero losing to Gamaliel Diaz in 2005, because his new trainer John Bray tried to focus too much on power punching, he says. But Ghost, who was with Joe Goossen for a spell before Bray, brought back Ruben and they've been together since, because Robert threatened to quit if Ruben wasn't involved. Guerrero destroyed Diaz in the rematch, for the record, with Ruben at the helm.

We see that Floyd will throw an “All White Appreciation Party,” to signify the end of camp. The boxer says having dad back will help him tighten up after his “D plus” effort against Miguel Cotto; he says he took too many shots, and dad has been upset because he's been taking too many shots. “For the next 30 months, my dad is the man for my career. That's who I started with, that's who I wanna finish with,” Floyd says.

Back in Gilroy, CA, Ghost's son Robert plays baseball, while dad is away training. Wife Casey says the kids miss dad a lot, as does she. Robert does a video chat with the family. He says maybe his boy will attend Stanford, and that boxing will pay for that. This is why sacrifices are made, he says.

At the white party, the Money Team showers adulation on the boss, and they boogie. Ghost says Floyd exalts himself too much.

Ruben says there will be no jabbing, that it will be a toe to toe rumble on May 4. “From what I've seen, he's just a very, very dirty fighter,” Floyd says of Ghost. “There's nothing sharp about his fight game, but he's here, he's the guy that's in front of me, so we'll see what he brings to the table May 4.”

Readers, what are your takeaways from this episode? See anything to change your view of the fight? What about Ruben's statement that his kid won't jab, that he will rumble. Good idea or bad?

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