Floyd Mayweather Day Again

LAS VEGAS-Maybe it was more restricted, or maybe it was simply access to Floyd Mayweather’s media day was unnecessary, but fewer reporters appeared at the Las Vegas boxing gym located in Chinatown on Wednesday.

Flanked by some of the biggest bodyguards seen since, well, since Mayweather (43-0, 26 Kos) fought Juan Manuel Marquez. The fighter known as “Money” entered the gym to the spectacle of a couple dozen cameras and video recorders with the usual readiness before a big fight.

It’s Mayweather time.

Mayweather, 36, faces Northern California’s Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero (31-1-1, 18 Kos) on May 4, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. More than a few experts recognize the speedy prizefighter as the top professional boxer in the world today. Some expect another humdrum victory and others expect Mayweather’s toughest fight to date.

More than a few reporters asked who Mayweather will fight next and if he would consider fighting Saul “Canelo” Alvarez should he beat Austin Trout this Saturday in San Antonio.

“My focus is the guy right in front of me,” said Mayweather, who remains undefeated since becoming professional back in 1996.

For almost two entire decades Mayweather has journeyed from the 130-pound junior lightweight division to the current 147-pound welterweight division that he defends against Guerrero. He’s also captured the 154-pound junior middleweight division and could easily venture into that realm too. But first things first.

“I’m just trying to be the best that I can be,” Mayweather said at the media day with cameras rolling and microphones shoved up to his face.

Throughout the years Mayweather has said publicly that he seeks to retire undefeated with a rack of championship world titles to show and iconic victories over the best prizefighters in his era. It’s a huge task but one that he’s comfortable chasing.

Standing in his way is a 30-year-old southpaw boxer-puncher who also moved up multiple divisions from 126-pound featherweight to the current weight class with a number of captured world titles along the way. It’s perhaps the most dangerous fight Mayweather has entered since fighting Oscar De La Hoya in 2007. In that fight he won a split decision victory after 12 rounds and that remains the closest battle that he ever entered.

But he relishes the attention.

“I want to make a legacy as the greatest fighter who ever entered the ring,” Mayweather said.

Beating Guerrero will definitely add to that legacy should he emerge victorious.




-Radam G :

Wow! Ever since Money May whupped the cross-dressing Big Money O, many scribes keep scribbling that every opponent is the "perhap the most dangerous fight" since that affair. "Dangerous fight" comes with the terrority of the hurt bitnezz. They are all dangerous fights. Dangerous ain't nuffin!' A fighter worth his salt expects that and worries less about it. Driving a car is on the whacked-out, tore-up American streets is more dangerous. I hit a big-arse hole in the street the other days. WTF! Fix these damn Cali streets. Hehehe! The Cali [humbug] Holy Ghost can be as dangerous as a wild animal, but Money May will tame him or just boxing kill him. Money May can be beat with fighting, not with dangerous or with CHG bytch begging Jesus to help him or with a mob of Jesus freaks hating and criticizing nasty-@$$ Money May for his raining on phat-@$$ booties of da working girls dancing on poles and shaking what their mommas gave 'em. Hos need to be paid too. Hahaha! Jesus Forgive 'em. Dat some bad Bs! And I like what I sees [sic]. Forgive sinning me. I'm down with O-P-P! Yall know me! Holla!

-Carmine Cas :

This is a dangerous opponent, Mayweather and his team are underestimating him, they think he's going to just come and try brawl. Guerrero can do it all; box and fight plus he's young and his prime. I give merriweather props fighting a legitimate opponent at welterweight in a while.

-jzzy :

Floyd's paucity of quality and quantity of fights the last 5 years will always disqualify him as THE best ever. During this time frame, he was in his physical prime so he squandered the opportunity to cement his legacy. Now, at 36, with declining speed, legs and reflexes he has entered the danger zone of boxing when alot of great fighters succumb to the quest to recapture their youth, always a losing proposition.

-Radam G :

I believe the Cali (humbug) Holy Ghost is another cherry-picked joke. Like Vicious(less) Vic Ortiz, he will choke. Money May has already gotten in his head, and is going to peck and poke. Easy work. Don't buy the "most dangerous fight" hype. Holla!

-brownsugar :

I remember stealing Cherry's from Mr Smiths farm across the street when I was a kid. The flavor of a natural cherry tree grown unfettered by genetic modification, or mass produced in depleted chemically nurtured soil was worth the risk of sneaking past Farmer Smiths sleeping hell hounds.. to get a taste of heaven itself. Floyd picked a Cherry all right But Guerrero is really an Olive pitt dressed in drag. bite down on it and instead of getting a blast of the tangy sweetness of a cherry. All you get is a mouth full of broken teeth. Floyd won't have time to work out his brilliant countering strategies, and brilliant ring generalship, on legs that circumnavigated the world of boxing one time too many. trust me,.. he'll be gutting it out every second..reverting back to streetfighter mode.... while praying for deliverance in the corners. if he's lucky, and he truly has raised the level of his prefight training for this fight... maybe, just maybe ... he'll eake out a win by the skin of his teeth. Just 2 more weeks left...

-Radam G :


-Radam G :

Wow! Danggit! It must be an aswang in San Tony, Texico messing with me. WTF! My whole 200-word post above disappeared. Forget Team Canelo. You don't scare me with optical illusions. I'm put my money my on the man-eating Trout. Holla! [I am on the wrong thread, anyway. Darn Team Holy (humbug) Ghost are culprit.]

-amayseng :

What's the point of coming Ito this forum with the agenda of just trying to bully and verbally attack a certain poster? It's pathetic. Keep it boxing. Have a take an dont suck.