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Donaire Rigondeaux final PC 130410 002aWho do you like, fight fans? Do you see the Filipino-American superstar Nonito Donaire having his hand raised at the end of the night in NY, or will the Cuban defector Guillermo Rigondeaux, an amateur legend, get the nod at Radio City Music Hall, and on HBO?

What sort of fight will unfold? Will both men wait for that perfect opening for a few rounds, or will a firefight break out from the get go? Can Rigo find a home for that slingshot left hand? Will Donaire be able to touch Rigo with his nasty hook? Do you suspect that his jab will play a large part in piling up points? Will Rigo concentrate more on defense than offense if he feels Donaire's power early on? Some shots that usually work for Nonito (seen above left, with Rigo, right, in Chris Farina-Top Rank photo) likely won't against the crafty Cuban; will he be able to shift gears, find things that will work?

Drop your pred in our Forum, fight fans and do remember to check in over at BoxingChannel.TV for prefight and postfight coverage, in addition to TSS.

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