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CelebsAtDonaireVargas,bob arum, top rank, showtimePromoter Bob Arum weighed in with TSS about the shocker shot across the bow sent by HBO, the news that HBO would not for the foreseeable future buy any fights put together by Golden Boy.

“You have to understand that HBO has their own reasons for doing business with any outside entity, and why or why not they've elected to do I don't know. It's just speculation on my part but I'm happy we're a major supplier to HBO and if we deliver fights like last Saturday's Bradley-Provodnikov fight, we'll continue to be a major supplier. I can't shed any light on the specifics, I don't know the reason. But HBO making an announcement like this is very, very significant. I don't remember anything like this happening. I do remember companies refusing to do business with specific entities but…”

So, what will the ramifications be for the fans? “I don't think there will be any ramifications for the fans,” said Arum (seen above with Manny Pacquiao and Juan Ma Lopez in 2010, by Hogan Photos), before switching gears. “I think fans will get a better product on HBO than they have been getting. They won't be saddled with a lot of fights that make no sense. I'm sure HBO will have great, compelling fights and I'm sure Showtime will have some.”

So, is the door shut on Top Rank from bringing product to Showtime?

“To be very honest nobody other than Golden Boy has provided fights to Showtime (recently),” Arum said. “As far as I'm concerned Showtime does not exist. We haven't done (a promotion) with Showtime since I think Salido-Juanma two year ago. It's not for lack of trying, they won't even take our calls or anybody elses.”

Note: I alerted Showtime about Arum's comments and they chose not to comment.

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