Floyd Mayweather Spars With Jim Rome

MayweatherShowtime Hogan3Sports talker Jim Rome invited a boxer he termed “one of the most dangerous men ever to practice the sweet science,” Floyd Mayweather, to his “Jim Rome on Showtime” show, and peppered the pound for pound ace with ten questions.

Rome in a segment which ran Wednesday night introed Floyd as “maybe the best pound for pound fighter ever” and told us that the 36 year-old would be fighting on May 4th, against Robert Guerrero, on Showtime PPV.

Rome started off by asking Floyd his favorite word. “Loyalty,” he answered, blowing off the easy choice, “money.” I wondered if 50 Cent was watching and what he was thinking.

Next question: what other wall hanging, besides suede, is “ballin?” Gator would be good in Rome's crib, he said.

He has screened “Training Day” in his home theater more than any other, he said next. Then, Rome asked what Floyd wouldn't eff with. “A married woman,” he said, to hoots and chuckles. “Good policy, good answer, good policy,” Rome said. The Missus K9 gyration sensation wasn't referenced.

Next up, Rome asked what NBAer would make a good boxer. “Kendrick Perkins” said Money.

If he didn't fight, what would he be doing, Rome asked. Hopefully he'd have an MBA from Harvard.

Biggest he bet ever won, and lost? $1.1 or 1.2 mill as biggest winner and “probably a million” was the biggest loss.

Rome repeated an old MMA quote. Could Floyd dominate in UFC? He said he didn't know too much about MMA and that he'll stay a boxer.

His finest moment in the ring? The first title win, against Genaro Hernandez.

And his first celeb crush? Floyd surprised by citing Ola Ray, who appeared in Michael Jackson's Thriller video.

Then, Rome asked about the Guerrero fight, and said Ghost has said Floyd has declined. Floyd said all 43 foes had a lot to say, and that we'd see on May 4 what will be the truth. Floyd plugged the fight and told fans to buy it on Showtime PPV.

All in all, it was an easy sparring session with Rome. I've probably seen Rome about three times in my life, once way back when he got into with that QB, Jim Everett. I was surprised to hear Rome lay the smack down on all superstar athletes as potential frauds during a quick hits segment to start the show, and then segue so seamlessly into a more genial softball tosser. He has a talent for showing different sides of himself as a performer, I will say that.

Readers, what did you think of the outing?